Top React Native Component Libraries Every Developer Should Know

Top React Native Component Libraries Every Developer Should Know

People's everyday lives are increasingly reliant on apps. App-centric lives have resulted in firms generating low-cost, fast-to-market apps that everyone can purchase. As a result, React Native is becoming more popular as a cross-platform app development tool. Partnering with React Native Development company for app development is a good option for starting a new business. React Native, a JavaScript-based framework for Android and iOS apps can be mainly considered open source.

React Native component libraries is a significant time-saver when working on a new app. We've all heard of React, a JavaScript toolkit that helps developers create user interfaces for websites and mobile apps. It has a slew of components you may use right away in your projects. Components in React need to be often styled to suit the platform's rules while being built. With React Native, you'll have a solution. Using React and the inherent capabilities of the target platform, you can create mobile applications easily.

What does React Native mean?

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React Native is a JavaScript-based mobile framework. It enables iOS and Android application development, which are natively rendered. Using the same codebase, you can construct applications for several platforms. The open-source version of Facebook's React Native was made available in 2015. In a few years, it rose to the top of the list of the most popular tools for mobile app development.Instagram and Skype are some of the top examples functioning successfully with React Native software. React Native's worldwide success get attributed to a variety of factors.

Using React Native, firms can write a single line of code and leverage it for iOS and Android applications. It saves a significant amount of resources and time. It comes under the category of a JavaScript library called React. The framework enables the react native developer to develop robust mobile applications.

How does React Native Works?

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To create the app's user interface, React Native uses JavaScript. React Native, in contrast to other frameworks, does not depend on webviews. It depends on the native platform's actual authentic content. Native views and components are available along with API access to OS-specific functionality, an asynchronous communication bridge between JavaScript and Native components. Although JavaScript and native code are separate programming languages, they can interact easily.

What is the purpose of React Native?

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You may hire a React Native development agency with a proper amount of experience in this sector. All customer-facing apps do not have intricate designs to generate a competitive edge in the React Native world. It is mainly done without relying on OS-specific capabilities like AR or VR. Using React Native, they can get developed more quickly. Using React, you can build your app, which can work on all mobile devices.

Some Top React Native Component Libraries

Ant Design- Web Component Library

Ant Design is a React component library with native UI components and a design language. It's free and open source. It's only been around for a few years, but it has created quite a reputation with over 8,000 GitHub stars. More than 160 components are available with native functionality that runs on Android and iOS devices. Using its style guide, developers can easily create applications for all major platforms.

UI Kitten

To create React Native applications, developers can utilize the UI Kitten toolkit. For example, you can use the library to develop an online corporate widget to maintain social network communication. UI Kitten has almost 3,000 GitHub users and 8.4K ratings. Using its theme-based design, you can use it to build engaging applications. It can help you design stunning and unified app interfaces. These React Native Toolkit modules may help you get started fast with Reactive Native app development.


With this framework, you don't have to develop React components for numerous platforms over and over again. React Native application development is mainly used to build components with adjustable attributes. There are no restrictions on the inclusion of third-party native libraries. More than 13,000 stars on Github for NativeBase, which is open-source and free. Additional features and screens raise the price of the themes considerably. There is also a web-based version of NativeBase. By utilizing the same JavaScript framework, you can give the app the appearance and feel of a native app.


In 2015, Facebook launched Nuclide, a React Native IDE, to meet its client's needs. Nuclide provides built-in debugging, hack development, and Javascript development. Native React developers can alter their app's functionality in real-time using Nuclide. As an open-source project, anybody can use it at no charge. Nuclide has features like in-line mistakes, auto-complete, jump-to-definition, and more.

React Native Maps

Using React Native Maps, you can easily create your custom map components for iOS and Android applications. The library's components include Callout, Circle, Geojson, HeatMap, MapView, Marker, Polygon, and Polyline. With these components, you can create various experiences for the user on the map. Leverage the most recent version of React Native app development services to take advantage of the same.

React Native Elements

The react-native-elements library is the fourth most useful React Native component library. Elements for React Native include a collection of open-source components for several platforms. Using the packages provided by React Native Elements, you can be easily guaranteed a consistent API. It's no wonder it has 17,000 stars on Github.

The bundle offers pricing, badges, overlays, dividers, and search bars tailored to specific platforms. They're easy to use and offer a great deal of customization potential. Proposals are often specified in one place, making it easy to update or amend individual components. React Native Web is a React Native add-on for web-based apps. It connects with React Dev tools and enables the rapid development of JavaScript-based user interfaces. Thanks to this feature, you'll be able to use the same codebase for your React Native mobile app development services and web projects. Twitter, Uber, and Flipkart use it because of its built-in accessibility and RTL support.

Nachos UI

You can use Nachos UI with any JavaScript or React Native project using its 30+ ready-made components and 1,900+ stars on Github. Since no component has to get styled, this is a huge time saver! A simple import from one component to the next is all it takes to get things started quickly and easily. Choose and import a component you like from the Nachos UI kit and begin working on your project's customizations. One of the features of this open-source, community-driven software is Avocode. Avocode is a full-featured tool for sharing and inspecting designs created in Photoshop and Sketch. Using it for web-based applications is now possible with React Native for the web.

How can AIS Technolabs help in React Native development services?

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AIS Technolabs is one of the best organizations to avail of react native mobile app development services. Our experts acquire complete knowledge and skills from designing an attractive UI to creating cross-platform apps from iOS, Android, and other applications. Also, the experience of our developers in the React Native API library would help you to achieve the targeted result in no time. Our developers work as per the industry trend and facilitate a relevant solution. So, you can approach our team to get the best services in the industry.


There is enough room in the Native react ecosystem for you to anticipate and develop new ideas and put them into action. More than databases, libraries, management tools, and the backend are part of a larger ecosystem. React Native now supports technology-specific components, including push notification tools, animation tools, etc. To give you an idea of what React Native frameworks are, we've compiled a list of the ten most excellent libraries and developer tools for cross-platform app development in 2022. It shows how React Native development services are getting increasingly popular. Several companies out there can be thus employed based on their portfolios and past works.


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