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Master React Native: Avoid These Top 10 Development Mistakes

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The fact that the industry has matured to the point where it is now comparing Native and React Native development isn't driving the demand for react native app development among developers. The demand is also fuelled by the framework's frequent updates, which keep it up to date.

However, this desire can only go so far. Developers will eventually have to learn their way around the development process on the ground level. Particularly in terms of comprehending and avoiding React native app development blunders that can degrade the user's experience and talents.

10 Such React Native App Development Mistakes Are Listed Below

Estimation Error

There will be several reusable components, but other layouts are also possible. In truth, the structure of an application page on iOS and Android might be drastically different. It is also a good idea to estimate the layout of the validation. When developing a React Native app, you can expect to write more code and develop a hybrid project with Cordova. Similarly, when building a Web app, make sure to test all of the backbend endpoints. As you will be handling the app's logic, everything should be properly coded. You should be familiar with the database structure and relationships between the entities.

Redux Store Planning That Isn't Up To Par

Codes From External Modules Are Not Read

Codes From External Modules Are Not Read

External modules are a common way for developers to save time. It simplifies and speeds up the process, as it comes with documentation.

On the other hand, modules frequently break or fail to perform as expected. That is why developers from react-native development companies should analyze the code and consider the step to be one of React Native's best practices. It enables you to find out what's wrong with the module and how to fix it.

Inside The Render Function, There Is A State Change

The datastore of the component holds all of your data, and the view is produced based on state. It then uses the data storage to get a new state and displays it on the screen. If you directly alter the state, the lifecycle is thrown off, and all prior states are corrupted. As a result, apps may behave strangely or even crash. It will also cause you to lose track of the states across components, forcing you to write bespoke code instead of using React. You'll also end up with an unmanageable codebase and a large app.

Console Log Statements Can Turn Out To Be A Hurdle In React Native Mobile Development

Console log statements are beneficial. They even assist with troubleshooting the app's operation. But what happens if the log statements are left in the app?

If you retain the render methods and logic inside, especially those that are asynchronous, this can become a severe problem, as it might cause a bottleneck in the JavaScript thread. As a result of all of this, the application slows down. React Native application development services can help you deal with it.

Boosting React Native Performance Using Stateless Components

With time, it has become more prudent for developers to employ pure components while working on react native mobile development.

It is beneficial for complicated UI apps because it reduces render operations. The reason for this is that it has a life cycle method called shouldComponentUpdate that performs a superficial comparison and then determines whether re-rendering is required. When the parent component re-renders, the stateless component re-renders as well. In the case of pure components, re-rendering occurs only when a change in the states or props is detected.

A Lack Of Optimization Images Created With React Native Development Service

The optimization of pictures in React Native apps should be a top concern. It assists in resizing photos locally, uploading them to cloud storage such as S3, and retrieving the CDN link, which may subsequently be delivered using API.

Avoid Writing A Unit Test

Writing unit tests will cut down on the unnecessary drama that arises when an app is first released. It not only makes the development process go faster but also improves your app's reputation. Developers can access different portions of the apps separately, thanks to a well-documented unit test. To ensure trouble-free operation, always test each component at the appropriate point. App developers can also detect errors early in the development process and fix them without disrupting the overall process.

As a result, rather than putting your app's fate in the hands of consumers, it's a good idea to test its functionality before releasing it.

Protocols Are Not Being Followed

You could make a massive mistake if you don't follow the basic React App development protocols. As a result, developers and designers must always adhere to industry best practices. You get the react-native best practices that developers must follow using React Native. The overall development process will be hampered if developers do not follow conventional protocols. As a result, developers and designers must adhere to and follow the established norms at all times.

Ignoring the structure of the project

The project structure should never be overlooked or dismissed by developers. In general, they should devote more time to learning about the project. If they do not do so, the long-term consequences could be disastrous. As a result, a well-structured project framework is a must. Developers can also aim to incorporate effective project architecture with React Native development.

Final Takeaway

While there are only ten mistakes, there could be a number more. Making as few mistakes as possible should be your ultimate goal as a developer. Even programmers with ten to fifteen years of experience make blunders.

It is recommended that you do not commit to the creation of a React native app. It can be accomplished by enrolling in a professional course or partnering with a company that prioritizes training and development of React Native App Development abilities.

As a result, going back to the basics and starting over always appears to be positive. Given this, partnering with a mid-size company that will focus on your learning will always be preferable and profitable in the longer run.
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