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What it takes to build a tik tok clone app

Quick Summary

Nowadays, TikTok video sharing app has become most popular among all the entertainment applications. There were a huge number of people using this app around the world before it was banned along with other Chinese apps in counter-attack for the way China handled the Coronavirus pandemic. Some of those users spend most of their day watching the videos on TikTok and also creating their own videos.

The immense popularity of TikTok has resulted in several requests about how to create a TikTok like app and also what is the cost of creating such an app for creating short music videos.

Here, you will find an estimation of cost for building TikTok app and all the other features required for creating such applications. You will find a tech stack for making Apps like TikTok. A lot of people look for TikTok clone alternatives to build short video apps.

How Does TikTok Work?

It is a platform that helps users to make the short videos and then share them with the other users. It also possesses unique features that enables the users to edit the videos after creating them as it has many different types of editing effects and filters.

In addition to this, it also helps the users to show their talent and share the knowledge with a large audience. TikTok has divulged all the related information about the videos. Let’s know more about it.

How was the “For You” page created by TikTok? Several factors are analyzed by the system such as device, user interactions and account settings. Depending upon this information, individual content is recommended for each user by TikTok.

There are other ways too to personalize the content on TikTok. The users need to select the categories in which they are interested. If the user did not select any specific categories, the application shows the most famous and popular videos.

However, the users have the right to show disinterest in any video. For doing this, they need to tap on ‘Not Interested’ by long pressing on the video.

Important Points

  • TikTok has around 800 million active users from all over the world.
  • TikTok has been downloaded and installed around 2 billion times on iOS and play store.
  • Based on research, it is found that it is most popular in youngsters. The standard age of the TikTok users is between 15 years and 25 years.
  • Most of the users spent around 50 minutes in a day on TikTok.
How does tiktok work

How To Make A TikTok clone app?

To make an app similar to TikTok, it is very important to have the necessary features. At the initial stage, it is advised to build an application with the basic functions and then add up new and advanced features.

It may take a lot of time and involve huge expenses to make a TikTok clone. In fact, you can develop an app with only the basic features and launch it. This will enable you to get the feedback from the users and you will be able to decide about the features to be developed further.

The TikTok Features are Divided into Basic and Advanced Types

Basic Features of TikTok

1. LogIn and Signup

In order to post the content, the users need to sign up. It must have several options to sign up such as social network, phone number and Gmail login.

2. Edit Profile

The users must be able to customize and edit their profiles. They should be able to modify their username and profile pictures, etc.

3. Upload Videos

What are the ways to make a TikTok app clone a success? The way to post the videos must be easy and fast. Hence, the sharing options must be considered beforehand.

4. Effects and filters

TikTok enables the users to add several effects and filters. Thus, it is very important to incorporate such features in the TikTok clone. In this way, you will be able to attract more users.

5. Video Editing

The users must be able to edit the video Editing on the application. Some of the basic options like speeding up the video, flipping, etc. There could be an option to turn on the beauty mode. It will make the user’s skin more fair and smooth.

6. Hearts and Commenting

TikTok allows the users to like the video and also comment on it.

7. Sharing

In order to gain more users, sharing options is a good feature. It allows the users to share their videos on other social media networks. In addition to this, TikTok also connects the profile of the users with other social media networks.

8. Notifications

It is very essential to give a feature of push notifications. The users need to know the likes, comments and other updates on their videos. Normally, the notifications are implemented by Apple Push Notification Service and Google Cloud Messaging.

9. Admin Panel

Multiple functions are provided by the Admin Panel like delete, edit and block users. It also helps to count the posts of a particular user and provides data about new users.

10. Exciting Features to be Added Later

For launching an app, only the basic features would be enough. More unique features must be added to the application if you want to gain more users. If you begin the development of TikTok app, you may implement the following advanced features of TikTok.

11. Video Preview Before the Registration

TikTok enables the users to have a look at some of the popular videos before signing up. However, the users cannot like or comment on the videos before they sign up.

12. Real-Time Analytics

This feature allows the users to see the live broadcasters and viewers on the app. Also, it also helps us to see the count of likes and comments.

13. Location-based Content

In this feature, the app shows the content posted by other users in the same location. This is a unique feature that you must keep in mind while developing apps like Tiktok.

14. Augmented Reality Filters

This feature has become the most popular one these days. It allows the users to change the colour of the eyes, hair, add dog’s ears and flowers over the head, etc. It is very essential to incorporate this feature in the TikTok clone that you develop.
Tiktok features are divided into basic and advanced types

Steps of Creating a TikTok Clone

  • Market Research : You must conduct a detailed research about the market and know about your target audience.
  • Demographic Profile : You must know the average age, location and the kinds of devices the target audience uses. It would be better if you know the way how reliable internet connection they use.
  • Trends : You must know about the latest trends for building a video app like TikTok. You must know their views about what makes them download the app, what issues they are facing in relation to privacy and security of the app, etc.

Technology Required for Creating TikTok clone App

AI technology is required to develop a TikTok clone. AI algorithm supports TikTok's complete platform to understand tags. In this case, Amazon S3 and Google cloud storage can also be implemented. Languages like Kotlin and Java are enough to develop Android apps. However, Swift is a useful language for iOS app development.

Innumerable apps are being uploaded everyday on play store and app store, and many of them are rejected and removed because they violate the guidelines in some way or the other. And from the rest, only 2% become successful.
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  • Let's Dicuss

How Much Does it Cost to Design a Tiktok Clone App?

The cost of designing and developing a Tiktok clone app depends on several factors such as design complexity, application platform, resource requirements, and more. The best way to calculate an app's cost is to monitor and multiply the number of hours needed to develop, features required, and the platform.
You have two options, either to buy a ready to go tiktok clone script and customize it to match your exact requirements or get a unique app built from the scratch with distinctive features. Just give us a call in case you want an interactive TikTok clone app and we shall be glad to assist you.
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