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Search Engine Optimization is an essence for businesses seeking to rank on the first page of Google. Did you know that 70% marketers find SEO to be quite effective compared to PPC. You need to improve your SEO strategies to acquire higher rankings for generating organic leads. Moreover, a majority of individuals who search up a query on Google do not go past the first results page.

Taking this into consideration, in this article, we’ll be shedding some light on 7 search engine optimization tactics that will always work for websites regardless of their industry.

7 SEO Strategies That Will Never Be Outdated

Synonyms ranking technique

We know that Google's algorithm is constantly trying to contextualize the meaning behind the search query. Here's an example for you to understand this better. When you search for "SEO Consultant," the search results that pop up are "SEO Services," "SEO Expert," and "SEO Company." This is because the meanings of these words are quite similar.
If you use synonyms or words that are somewhat similar, it won't make much of a difference because the algorithm will take its broader or contextual meaning. This way, the synonyms that you use should be an association that you wish to make. The only explanation for this is that whenever you search up a query, Google tries to answer that instead of considering the actual wordings of the query.

Update and Republish content

Updating old content is as important as publishing new ones. Fixing problems with old content such as broken links is mandatory to stay relevant since you must have invested a lot of time in curating that content. Moreover, Google penalizes you for having too many broken links. Therefore, it would be best if you fixed them regularly.

Optimize Google RankBrain

Google has introduced the RankBrain algorithm, a machine learning algorithm that measures how the users interact with the search results. Due to this, optimizing RankBrain is increasingly important other than keywords and other search engine optimization strategies.

The question that arises now is how to optimize your website for RankBrain?

The most important thing you need to do to optimize your website as per RankBrain is to improve your click-through rate. Google RankBrain prefers websites that get a lot of clicks on the search results page. The algorithm interprets this as this search result is liked by people, so let's boost it. However, if your website has a poor click-through rate (CTR), the algorithm will drop your rankings drastically.

One of the easiest ways to improve your CTR is by adding a number in your title and meta description. In an analysis of 11 million Google search results, it was found that sites with more dwell time (making the viewers stay on your site for long) ranked higher than websites with poor dwell time. Therefore, you need to improve your Bounce Rate and Dwell time as well.

Using Influencer Marketing

Organic searches play a major role in increasing traffic. For instance, if you get 80 comments on your blog post, it is considered quite successful. Hence, it is very important to consider organic search results while working on Search Engine Optimization.

One way to increase traffic organically is by using Influencer Marketing, one of the most common marketing techniques these days. The moment influencers share something that you create, your credibility increases. This, in turn, increases traffic on your content.

Remove Anything That Slows Down Your Website

No one wants to visit a website that is slow in displaying results. Most of your visitors will not return if they have a bad experience on your website. The reason is that slow-loading pages frustrate the users, and they might quit even before the website loads completely.

For maximum Search Engine Optimization, you need to remove anything causing your website to slow down. It could be some plug-in, link, or media file. Check thoroughly what is causing the problem and fix it as soon as possible.

Even if the website is working just fine, it is always good to clear the clutter, i.e., remove the unnecessary items from web pages. Doing so will surely help in the optimization of your site.

Use images

Most people search Google images to find relevant pictures, especially if your target audience is situated in the United States. According to research, over 20% of all U.S. searches are done on Google images. Hence, inserting images in your content and knowing how to optimize them for SEO is mandatory.

To use images effectively, you should use a high-quality image. Also, make sure that the image is relevant to the keyword. Furthermore, the images should be compressed because large images reduce the loading speed of your site.

Build & Maintain Website Authenticity

Expertise, authority, and trustworthiness are used to measure the reputation of your brand. It is necessary to maintain these qualities because established, trustworthy, and authentic websites are ranked higher by Google.

To get ahead in rankings, you need to build trust amongst your visitors. You can do so by asking your customers to leave comments on your site and increasing your social media presence. These comments can be related to your product reviews because customers always check reviews before making a purchase. For example, if you were to buy a router table, you would, of course, check its reviews before buying it.

Bottom Line

There are a multitude of factors businesses and individuals need to take into consideration to leverage the power of SEO. Besides on-page SEO, several off-page SEO techniques are crucial as well. We have listed a few strategies above that are most likely to remain valuable in the coming years.
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