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Why and How: Building Games with Unity for Ultimate Success

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Unity 3D is one of the most trusted game engines in the world. It is widely used in the game development community for 2D and 3D game development. It is a simple and powerful tool to build games on a strict budget. It is a free tool that increases its popularity immensely. In this blog, you will find the advantages of using Unity for game development and how to hire a Unity gaming company to ensure development quality.


Game engines play an important role in the development of a game. They help a game designer to bring out a more immersive experience in gameplay. They help them build scenes, give more definition to the characters, add graphical elements, integrate sound, artificial intelligence, and so much more. In short, they add more scope to the game development process.

There are many types of game engines available on the market, but Unity 3D is widely trusted. It is one of the best software products, as it offers a more integrated development environment and a readymade suite of visual development tools and reusable software components. The tools help in improving the experience of the user, as well as the game designers, as they can build quality games in no time. The tool helps in turning a complex task look very easy by reducing the manual task, eliminating repetitive tasks, and more.
What is Unity 3D used for?

What is Unity 3D used for?

Unity 3D is a feature-packed game engine. It offers amazing ease to developers for developing high-end games. It comes with cross-platform usability, which reduces the development cost and time. While the name suggests it is a popular tool for 3D game development, it is equally popular and useful in building 2D games.

The tool comes with a built-in visual studio; also, it uses C# scripting API for the development. Since C is one of the most common languages, the development becomes more convenient for programmers. You can also use JavaScript as a scripting language. Furthermore, you can use MonoDevelop as an IDE as a visual studio.
Why choose Unity for game development?

Why choose Unity for game development?

Programmers love to work on Unity 3D. It comes with outstanding features. Here are a few benefits of unity game programming.

Platform Support

Game development depends largely on the game development engine. The Unity game engine is highly preferred because it has extended support for about 27 platforms. This gives more scope to the developers and allows them to get as experimentative as possible.

It allows easy sharing of the developed app between various platforms such as PC, Web, and mobile. The deployment is less time-consuming and effortless. Furthermore, the tool offers agile development of games and enables speedy prototyping. It also helps in constant releases and helps in the speedy development of games.


An integrated development environment is a software application that facilitates a developer to develop a software program. It includes tools such as source code editor, automation builder, and debugger. Some IDEs also contain a compiler or interpreter or both.

Unity 3D has a text editor that is provided by the IDE. It allows you to write code. But a developer must not confuse it with a code editor, which is a totally different thing. The integrated development editor supports JavaScript and C# for scripting. It becomes fairly easy given they are the two most commonly used languages in the game development community.


Developers just love the animation tool of Unity 3D. It offers high-quality audio and visual effects, and it is supported by the engine to make the development work easy. It provides absolute convenience when developers are building games for multiple platforms. The visuals are adaptable on various screens and devices, and without any distortion or compromise, the image quality is at par.


Documentation comes very handily when you are making any changes or iteration in the code. Good documentation is always a primary factor when selecting a tool for development. It makes it easy for developers with fewer skills as it makes the development work easy to understand. Documentation is a map-like thing that allows you to understand the entire code layout.

Unity3D has very easy-to-understand documentation. It provides details and includes the explanation of every small topic. This helps a big team working on game development and improves their experience. Using the code illustration, they can understand how the program is functioning and how to use it for different types of development processes.


Debugging is a process that refers to detecting and removing existing and potential errors in a software code that might hinder the experience of the application. Debugging is used to find and resolve bugs and defects in the program.

Unity3D offers you easy debugging and tweaking. It is a very efficient tool, and because all the game variables are visible during the gameplay, it allows the developer to debug the game at runtime.
How to Hire The Best Unity Game Development Company?

How to Hire The Best Unity Game Development Company?

The quality of development depends largely on the efficiency and expertise of the development team. You need people that are truly passionate about developing games of various varieties and people that understand the various aspects of game development. You need people with skill sets and experience. Here is how you can hire a unity game development company.

Unity Game Development Technologies

Unity game developer should be an expert of C# and JavaScript. Some other technologies that are equally important for the developer to know are C++, Python, and others related to graphics.

Your unity game development team would consist of professionals with various skill sets. It includes 3D modeling, audio, animation, UI/UX, and visual arts. Modern technologies should also not be ignored, such as augmented reality, mixed reality, virtual reality, etc. These modern solutions would help you improve the gaming experience of your users.

Finding Unity Gaming Company

Game development is not the work of a single developer. You need a team of 25-30 professionals, depending on what type of concept you have and what your timeline is. If you want the work to get finished faster, the larger team would be deployed to speed up the development work. Also, if the game is for multiple platforms, it would increase not only the development cost but also the time.

Coming back to the finding, the game development team would require you to develop a plan first. Once you have listed everything in detail about the game, features, solutions, etc. its time to reach out to the developers; here are your options:

  • Game development communities such as TIGSource, IndieDB, Develteam, etc., have a large pool of game developers.
  • An online freelance network such as Freelancer, Upwork, GoodFirms, etc.
  • The good old way of searching Unity game development company on Google.

Factors that affect the development

Development in India is three times less expensive than in the USA and UK. You can find talented developers in India easily. They are trustworthy, sign an NDA with you, and provide you long-term support.

Hiring a freelancer or having your very own in-house development team comes with various challenges. First, freelancers take a hell of a lot of time in development, and they outsource most of the work to someone in their network. This means you lose control over the development process, and thus, the quality is not guaranteed. Most importantly, the delivery of the product is not guaranteed, and the dependency on a single resource is huge.

Next, having no development knowledge and having an in-house development team is going to be a very risky decision. You will not be able to guide them, and it is a huge investment. Plus, you have to vet every professional who leaves you no time for other important things. It is too laborious, time-consuming, risky, and expensive.

Hiring an offshore game development company is best as they have all the important resources in-house. Usually, development companies hire the best professionals. The screening process is very strict, and you get to work with professionals. With advanced infrastructural capabilities, good reviews/ ratings, and game development experience, you can hire the right partner for you.

Wrapping Up

Unity3D is one of the best game engines, and you have made the right decision by choosing it for your project. If you are looking for an offshore development company, consider AIS Technolabs – a top-rated Unity gaming company with experienced professionals. We also provide you 30 minutes of free consultation, which comes very handy in evaluating our expertise and scope of the development work. Find pre-vetted developers at AIS Technolabs today by clicking here.
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