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In the digital era, the popularity of the real-time apps is increasing at a rapid rate. Real-time features for mobile apps are a basic need of every application at the present time. Node.js development can be used for real-time application development.

What Do Real-time Apps Mean?

Real-time apps let the user experience activities that are occurring in instantly or real-time. It has many functions in regards to this scenario. The best examples of Real-time apps are instant messaging, online gaming and chatting, eCommerce transactions, video conference apps and online gaming.

Some Common Applications of Real-time Apps Include

Real-time Notification Delivery

The real-time notification is the major factor when it is about increasing user involvement. Now, it is difficult to find a single app that does not provide the real-time notifications.

Real-time Tracking

The real-time tracking is an important scene in taxi booking apps like Uber and Ola Cabs in which a user can track the location of the taxi. Moreover, it is also playing a vital role in food delivery apps where a user can track the live location of the driver.

Live Streaming

After the popularity of social media, real-time live streaming has become a point of interest. Instagram and Facebook platforms are good examples of live streaming.

IoT Devices

For IoT devices, the real-time feature is an important factor. The secured data by the sensors concluded in IoT gadgets are processed and transmitted.

Need for a Node.js in real-time apps

As a set of libraries Ryal Dahl launches the Node.js which is used to run on top of the V8 engine. JavaScript codes are allowed on the server by Node.js. Along with an open-source JavaScript runtime, it is a cross-platform that works on the server-side. This simply means instead of running the JavaScript code on the browser, one can simply run it on the computer machine.

The event-driven features and non-blocking I/O are available in Node.js. This helps in implementing apps with good speed and scalability. The basic elements of Node.Js are Libuv, V8, C-ares, Zlib and OpenSSL. The Top Node.js development company is really important for real-time apps.

It also offers two-way connections constantly to the apps like forum, social media, and stock exchange software. Speed and scalability are the two major concerns and many developers opt for this technique. This pushes the rise of the Node.js development in the technological profession.

Merits of Node.js in The Real-time Application

Data Sync

The Node.js technology enables the use of non-blocking I/O features. With this concept, the data transmission between the client and the server could be made quickly.

Scalable and Fast

Node is a JavaScript-based program that pulls the application faster like JS. The application can simply deal with several client requests which have a single-threaded model and event loop.

Event-based server

Real-time apps deal with many real-time users. The Node.js development supports for the response that rely on the event-driven server. It assists in the non-blocking functions.

Module-based Functionality

Node.js enables the developers to avail the maximum advantage with less coding effort. There are individual modules on which developers need to work and this cut down the complexity.

SEO Friendliness

SEO is a basic requirement for any website in today’s time. To win the SEO, there should be an integration of the node in the app development tech stack. It hikes the engagement and offers more visibility in the site. So consider Node.js development integration for gaining the ranking on the search engine result page.

Sharing and Reusing

With the help of Node.js, developers could reuse the library code package and share the same on multiple projects. Thus, it helps in saving time and brings out more productivity in the work.

The high-end performance is an important matter for the app ranking. Moreover, the user experience and high speed are also playing a vital role in the ranking.

Proxy Server

A Node is a good option if there is a need for intermediary admins. A developer requires adding 20 line codes to enable Node.js server to act like a proxy server. The app will become ideal to help in streaming data from different sources.

Developing Cross-platform Application with The Node.JS

There are two platforms to write cross-platform applications with Node.js. These are Electron and NW.js which make it easy to develop desktop apps with Node.js, using some code lines from the web app to create a desktop version. The Node.js development company is providing a clear roadmap for implementing the real- time app.

The best part is that there is no need for deep knowledge of programming languages like C and C#.

Most of the Node.js tools are cross platforms so the need for a specific machine to write, build windows or Linux apps is not at a high priority.

Node.js for the Real-time Chat App Development

To develop a real-time chat application in Node.js, you have to focus on the following factors:


It is an open-source, back end framework and free which enhances the functionality of Node.JS. With this platform, a dedicated Node js developer can easily get a better organization of the coding. By adding Express.JS, one can route the application in a better way along with all the essential features of Node.JS.


Socket.IO is a J S library. For real-time app development, it uses WebSocket protocol. It works for both server-side and client-side that enables the interaction between server and web clients. This enhances the bi-directional strategy.

Warping up

Node.Js will provide you with amazing offers when you implement the gaming application or real-time app. If you think that real-time concept is not necessary for your app then you have to rethink it. Soon or later you have to add it in your development process. Node.js development is proved to be a boon for real-time applications.

Node.js is a good choice for the back end developers. Considering the above features, Node.Js will never regret that it provides an excellent user experience and a smooth approach.
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