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Wordpress website development and its many features like custom development


WordPress is among the most popular and reliable web development platforms in the digital world. For many years, it has offered viable solutions to businesses and individuals. According to data, 1 out of 5 websites is developed using WordPress. Mostly, small enterprises, start-ups, bloggers, and individuals prefer developing their websites in WordPress.

It is useful for developing software and blogs particularly due to its system of updating and modifying themes and design elements. Hence, it offers great flexibility to the users. With time, WordPress development evolved to cater to the requirements of the current digital ecosystem. After new updates, it has become a great web development tool that anyone can use to build web applications.

The tool is no longer limited to blogs and websites. In fact, it has launched many new features that complement existing features and support development activities.

Here is a detailed analysis of WordPress development.

What is WordPress Tool?

  • WordPress is a free and open-source content management system that was launched back in 2003 by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. The interface of the tool and WordPress coding design both are user-friendly, plug & play, and highly customizable.

WordPress development is based on PHP and MySQL which can be used to run websites and blogs.

WordPress basic concept includes-

  • HTML/CSS to create a website
  • PHP/MySQL elements to create dynamic content
  • Plugin-based architecture to perform various tasks
  • Multiple setups to design and develop domains and subdomains

  • Other important aspects are-

  • WordPress post enables website owners to write and publish blogs or other content on the website.
  • Custom post types allow you to define custom posts for the product or geographical data or any other type of content you may need that does not fit into posts or pages
WordPress is the most popular blogging tool. At present, it is running 60 million websites approximately. Because WordPress is considered the best development platform due to its broad ecosystem, open-source platform, interface, plugins, and easy navigation.

Benefits of Using WordPress for Web Development

WordPress is considered the best platform for developing websites. It is a go-to platform for designers and developers who opt for online website building platforms. However, there are many other hidden benefits of going for WordPress development. So let us reveal some of them.

1. Flexible and Inexpensive

WordPress is flexible and easy to understand. It quickly accepts change and offers customization as well. You can do everything in WordPress whether it is adding new pages or changing the look of your website. It will help in executing all tasks with the same efficiency. Moreover, WordPress is free to use. You do not have to buy anything except the hosting server for your website.

2. Hassle-free Installation

WordPress tool is available in the form of ready-to-install web applications. It is easy to purchase and install. In WordPress, you can easily deploy an entire website including configuration and design.

3. Mobile-Friendly and Responsive

Most people are browsing the internet from their cell phones. That’s why WordPress development is mobile-friendly, responsive, and supportive of all platforms and devices. WordPress makes it really smooth to integrate the structure of a mobile site into the structure of the main site.

4. Higher Rank on Search Engines

The biggest benefit of developing a WordPress site is the potential to rank high on search engines. WordPress websites rank above others for their targeted keywords, metatags, and meta description. Apart from it, on WordPress, there are a variety of tools and plugins available for optimizing content for SEO.

SEO optimization and relevant content provide value to the reader. This translates into more traffic, leading to better ranks on SERP (search engine result pages). Moreover, a well-optimized WordPress site will have structured data attached to its pages. It generate valuable traffic and conversion.

5. Best Platform for Bloggers

Since its launch, WordPress has been a widely popular platform for bloggers. Giant IT industrialists also use it to
run their blogs due to its ease of updating content, presentation, and maintenance. For uploading your blog, you can simply go to the new post, use its features, check readability and apply SEO tricks. Then simply upload it. Anyone can learn to upload a blog on WordPress.
Exclusive features of wordpress

Exclusive Features of WordPress

These are exclusive features of WordPress that segregate it from other development platforms. These features make WordPress development as easy as a cakewalk!

1. Easy Navigation

WordPress code design is hassle-free and uncomplicated. Because it is open-source content management which means that anyone with basic knowledge of coding and design can develop a website, upload content, perform SEO and make changes.

For WordPress web development, you can hire anyone like your friends, business partners, or novice developers. It is so easy to use and navigate. Even inexperienced developers can also create the needed website that will serve the purpose of your business efficiently.

2. Themes and Templates

WordPress themes and templates play a huge role in the popularity of the platform as they are available for everyone free of cost. These themes and templates are available in various formats. They add extra designs, and layers and offer a customized look to the website while keeping the backend the same as before.

You can easily design a website. You can also change the current website’s design, layout, and content without hiring a website developer. WordPress.com offers many themes and templates that are useful for web design and development. Moreover, users can also find many other themes on WordPress’ official website and other designer sites.

3. Pre-Installed Plugins

There are 58,870 plugins available on WordPress. These plugins can be used to design your website the way you want to. Some of the most popular plugins are-

  • WooCommerce for eCommerce websites
  • Jetpack and Sucuri for security
  • Yoast and All-In-One SEO for SEO
  • Page Builder by Site Origins for Page Building
  • Ninja Forms or Contact Form by WP Forms for contact forms development
WordPress features don’t end with this list. Many other useful features are available for WordPress development.

4. Customization

WordPress is a powerful platform for web design because it functions on the open-source LAMP stack. It is easily customizable and can be implemented on any platform while keeping the look and feel of the website at par with the quality. You can customize themes, add a custom code to your site, design the website, attach new plugins, and do many other things.

5. Community Developers

With the support of community developers and fellow users, WordPress updates its software regularly and releases security alerts for both plugins and themes. WordPress uses PHP scripting language so front-end developers can easily tweak codes as well as develop their own themes and plugins. Moreover, community support in WordPress development, allows users to create their platforms and support them in understanding technical tasks.

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Bottom Line

WordPress is a cost-effective solution that enables you to focus on growing your business, community, and brand. It is backed by a strong community of developers and publishers who trust it for creating some of the largest and most complex sites on the web. You should definitely hire a WordPress development company India to get your next website developed in WordPress.
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