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The food delivery business is growing more than any other digital business nowadays. With everyone stuck at home, it is natural that the desire to eat unique delights has only increased. Zomato clone apps are a perfect solution to gratify your taste buds and do a profitable business out of them. Read this article to know how to make a Zomato clone app and all the ways you can make your food delivery business a success.


Food Delivery apps are currently the most considerable hype in the market. With the pandemic situation, decking up to go to restaurants is no more an option. The mantra to live by this era is to be comfortable at home and order some good food through a dedicated food delivery app.

Nowadays, with a new business coming up every other day, starting a Zomato clone app has more probable success than any other.

Zomato is no doubt one of the pioneers of food delivery apps, but with the help of the right food delivery app development company, you can take your Zomato clone app to that level as well. Have patience and keep reading the article to explore this topic and the ways to set-up a business out of it.

What is a Zomato Clone?

So, what exactly is a Zomato Clone app? Like the name says, a Zomato clone app is a food delivery app like Zomato with all its features and more enabling the customer to order food efficiently whenever they want. Zomato clone app is more effective and provides better features with faster delivery options than other food delivery apps.

It is difficult for a business to function effectively without a good website or a high-tech advanced app in this digital era.

A Zomato clone app can be quickly developed by anyone with a food delivery app script. All the work is already done, and you have to just execute it. The users don't have to know programming or app development, so the ready-made Zomato clone app scripts are already available. AIS Technolabs is the best solution whenever you need clone apps. For Further details regarding this, get help from any of our zomato app developers, and get guided properly.

Now let’s explore quickly the basic features that should be present in a Zomato Clone App.

Must-have Features for Zomato Clone App

Here are Some Features that Every Zomato Clone App must have.

Contactless Delivery

People are more comfortable with contactless delivery. This is a primary reason why the popularity for food delivery apps is higher than restaurants. Contactless delivery allows the customer to order and have their food at their doorsteps in a few taps. Customers should be able to opt for this option on every Zomato clone app. If the customer chooses this option, the delivery personnel is notified immediately, and the whole food delivery process is completed without the need for any physical contact. Not only is this efficient for both the service provider and the customer, but it also increases the base of trust between the two. The provision of cashless payment is one of the essential requirements for enabling this feature.

Customization of Orders

Just like a customer can customize their order as per their choice in a restaurant, the food delivery clone app should allow them the option to do that. Customization of orders requires one on one customer-company interaction. The company attends to the specific needs of the customer. For example, customization may include the options of adding or removing a particular element from their food order like Pizza toppings or the addition of extra spices, etc.

It is highly beneficial for the business to have a customization panel on their app.

Pickup Confirmation

Pickup confirmation is an essential feature of a Zomato clone app. In this feature, the delivery person or the food delivery service provider receives the package from the restaurant and sends an image confirmation to the customer about receiving the order. This gives the customer the reassurance of their package being in safe hands and helps them predict the time in which the food will reach them. If there is any unforeseen circumstance on the way of the delivery, the customer gets notified about it as well.

Live Tracking

Live tracking facility is one of the essential features of food delivery clone apps. It allows the customer to track the delivery personnel from the restaurant to their provided location. It lets the customer know that their food is being safely delivered and prevents any scenario of misrouted or wrong directions.

With the Zomato clone app scripts of AIS Technolabs, you will get exclusive live tracking features on your app and avail complete satisfaction of your customer. For more assistance, contact our zomato app developer, to help you.

Special Instructions

Stores can get special instructions about the order through the Zomato clone app. From instructions regarding delivery to customization in the food, the customers should get all the options available. Special instructions include instructions about the address of delivery, or eco-friendly services, the addition of cutlery or dips and drinks, etc.

Flexible Payment Options

Flexible payment is a primary feature of any food delivery app. The customer should be availed to pay in any form they wish to, from online transactions to cash payments. Flexible payment options are essential to enable contactless delivery. It makes the entire process of food delivery more precise and compact.

With the food delivery app script of the best food delivery app development company, you can get the feature of flexible payments quickly. Allow your customer to pay in any way they want and increase your business. This will get your company good ratings as well as more and more traffic.

Why Choose Our Readymade Zomato Clone?

You might think that making an app is tough, and one cannot do it unless one is technologically versed. But you are wrong. With the best provisions of the food delivery app development company AIS Technolabs, you will get the readymade, fully functional Zomato clone app scripts that will allow you to continue with your business smoothly.

Take a look at the reasons why you should avail of our services.

Bug-free Support

We assure you that our Zomato clone app is entirely bug-free. Just like you, we also care about the satisfaction of our customers. Therefore, we guarantee that our readymade Zomato clone is fast, user-friendly, and easily understandable even for a novice. We offer real-time availability without any troubles, allowing the customers to book their orders whenever and wherever they want.

Our app is completely safe and can be easily accessed through mobiles or tabs. Don't worry about getting interrupted by technical problems in the middle of your orders, and enjoy treating your soul with delightful goodies.

100% Customizable

If you do not want the Zomato clone scripts that are already present, you can choose to modify them any way you want. Complete customization of the app is available to turn it into anything you want. Buy the Zomato clone scripts from AIS Technolabs and contact us if you need any custom features. We are an app development company that provides well-crafted user-friendly apps to start your new business.

Native iOS and Android Apps

Our Zomato clone scripts are used to develop apps fit for both Android and iOS. We provide both Android and iOS friendly apps for easy mobile use.

It takes an experienced and trustworthy app development company to provide all these desired features. Henceforth, at AIS Technolabs, we will offer you with proper technical guidance and assistance, thereby answering all the queries you have in this regard. This will help you to provide a boost to your business, thereby getting your app-built for both iOS and Android.

White Label Solution

White label solution can be defined as the process in which one company makes the raw product, and the other company sells it under its name. In the digital marketing world, this process is growing more and more every day.

Hence, acquire our White label solutions by letting your customers know about our services. On the other hand, you can also buy our Zomato clone app script, and we will help you make it your own. Customize your app any way you want by adding all the desirable features. Gain the complete confidence of your customer and boost your business in every way possible.

Get your food delivery app script from us at affordable prices and sell it by your name with the best features in the market.


Unlike other app development companies, AIS Technolabs is highly cost-effective. Buy the Zomato clone script from us at significantly fewer prices and make it your own. We provide all app development services, app testing, apps for both Android and iOS, and app launching services. If you choose to build this app independently, you will probably incur much more expenses than if you choose our services.

We are a foolproof app development solution for everyone who wants to launch their own food delivery business.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, your best solution to make a Zomato clone app is AIS Technolabs. We are a well-established food delivery development company that makes clone app scripts for budding businesses. You can customize your apps as per your requirements and make your food delivery business the next big boon of the market. With this detailed guide to building Zomato clone apps, start your new business today.

Next time you have an extensive food delivery business app idea, the food delivery clone scripts of AIS Technolabs are here to bring that into reality for you.
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