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The Taxi Dispatch software solution has taken the taxi market by storm. Everyday, more and more users are prefering to choose an online cab booking app like Uber for travelling comfortably to their destination. Armed with a Cab booking software, taxi owners are found to earn more than their traditional taxi business counterparts, as it helps them to optimize their driver resources and time in a better way. Hence, businesses and entrepreneurs look forward to getting a taxi dispatch software developed. AIS Technolabs is one of the leading cab booking script development company. We offer our services to start-up companies and business owners by incorporating advanced features in our taxi dispatch app solution and help our clients widen their businesses across the globe. A taxi mobile app can make life easy for the business owners, passengers and the drivers. If you are planning to develop a custom taxi app like Uber, then you must have a glance at the taxi software solutions that we provide and give us a chance to collaborate with you.

Let us look at some of the positive ways your business will be benefited with a cab booking software:

1. With increase productivity of the business, the monitoring and executing of booking requests gets easy.
2. Better operational efficiency by push notifications for cab drivers and passengers
3. Improved Quality-of-Service (QoS) by streamlining booking process on the fly
4. Flexible payment options and integration with multiple payment gateways, makes cab booking easy

Taxi Dispatch App Solution Overview

Our company is committed to design the best taxi dispatch software solution for Android and iOS platforms. Our Taxi app is divided into three main parts — Passenger app, Driver app and Admin Panel. We provide a user-friendly interface through which the user is allowed to choose their pickup and destination location.

Important features of our Taxi Booking System :

User Registration. The passenger can create an id and password the first time he logs into the app through the login page and get registered with the app.

Driver Rating : Once the journey of the passenger ends, he has the facility to rate your driver and provide feedback.

  • Book a Taxi : Booking a taxi involves a number of sub functions as explained below
    Set pickup Location
  • Show available/online drivers with vehicle info
  • Select Suitable vehicle (Type/Model)
  • Estimate of Fare (per Min/Miles)

Trip History : The user can view his travel history for the current day or for days together whenever he wants.

Live Routing : The passenger gets to see the route he is taking once he boards the cab, till the end of the journey

Promotions/ Free-ride : Repeat passenger receive free ride coupons from time to time as a gesture of customer loyalty. Promotional messages are also sent to him in the form of email or text messages.

Favorite locations: This lets the passenger pin his favorite locations like his home and office and other places.

Key Benefits of a Taxi Dispatch Software Solution

A taxi dispatch app has multiple usage. It lets passengers easily book their journey to their preferred destination and enjoy hassle free travel. It is good for the drivers as they don’t have to go looking for work around the town or wait for customers to hail them. This way they can earn more money. For the business owners, it means better managing of their driver pool. They can dispatch a driver to his nearest customer,as soon as he gets free and keep a tab on a host of things associated with the taxi business. Our team of skilled developers try to build a quality app, covering all your requirements.

Our Taxi app is regarded as the best in class due to the following reasons

Easy to use

The app is really simple to use. With few taps on one’s mobile phone, the user can book their cab in minutes

Easy registration

The user or driver need to register only the first time he logs into the app. Subsequently he is logged in automatically when he taps on the app icon and his location details are captured by the underlying software.

GPS Integration

The location and position of the cab can be easily monitored through the inbuilt GPS system. It also lets the passenger know, the route he is taking on his journey. The system suggests possible routes to the driver, if the path to the destination is unknown to him.

Flexible Payment options

The passenger may not worry anymore if he doesn’t have cash at the end of the journey as
multiple payment options are available like payment through cash or credit.

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