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The IOT vehicle tracking system combines vehicle movement data with software that gathers conclusive data for a detailed vehicle location analysis. IOT based vehicle tracking systems can be used for locating any vehicle. The information about the vehicle can be accessed on integrated maps or customized software.

The IOT vehicle tracking system is simple to use, accessible from mobile and has a user-friendly interface. It can also be integrated with a range of electronic devices like smartphones and tabs. The IOT based vehicle tracking system is a software solution using which the user can access where exactly the vehicle is located. Even if the vehicle is moving, it can provide an accurate location.

AIS Technolabs provides one of the best solutions for the IOT vehicle tracking system software. We develop IOT vehicle tracking system software with aims at providing all the essential services in one application. Our advanced solutions can be worked on any tracker and runs without any hurdles on any device.

iot vehicle tracking system

We also incorporate different functionalities on our developed software, which make it user friendly and easy to use. We can deliver several IOT vehicle tracking systems as per your specific needs. Our only principle is to make the perfect solutions possible for our customers. Our experienced design and development team produces the vehicle tracking software truly matching your requirement.

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Highlights Of

Iot Based Vehicle Tracking System

White Label Branding

AIS Technolabs delivers the IOT based vehicle tracking system with white label branding, which enables you to promote your brand & company using the product. If you’re looking to start a telematics business or have a big fleet and want a tracking network, we’ll have our white label solution that meets your needs.

Multi-Language Support

Language is the primary concern for everyone when running any program or application. When the application language is not known to you, it is harder for someone to access it without a language option. We can develop our IOT vehicle tracking system with many language choices for the users.

Open for Customization

Various customers have different demands on different scales, and we understand that requirement. We provide complete flexibility while developing our IOT based vehicle tracking application and make sure to deliver the solution according to your particular need.

Tracker Independent

Our smartphone and web-based applications for monitoring and management are free of any interference. We will design our IOT based vehicle tracking system in such a way that it runs on any trackers and has no performance issues at all. Our vehicle tracking systems’ versatility and accessibility make us the best IOT vehicle tracking application provider in the market.

Multiple Map Integration

Several MAP tracking services can be integrated by us, including Google Maps, Open Street Maps, HERE Maps, and Bing Maps. We make sure that we integrate the map to help in better addressing, navigation, and other useful features to satisfy user needs.

API Integration

We provide our clients with on-demand API Integration within applications. We can integrate our IOT vehicle monitoring system support with push and pull API. Our platform is entirely compliant with any form of API, as requested by our client.

Advanced Technology

AIS Technolabs uses advanced technologies that offer the best convenience for our customers while using the IOT vehicle tracking system.

Ensure Safety

Our top priority is always privacy and data protection. Our backend team, therefore, works tirelessly to ensure its security and reliability.

Scalable Platform

Our framework’s versatility enables the seamless incorporation of any technological enhancements or adjustments without impacting its performance.

24x7 Support

Our support team provides 24×7 technical services. We are always ready to help our customers. We focus on delivering the best solutions to the customer and zero downtime for our software.


We develop our IOT vehicle tracking system by keeping the user convenience in mind. Our advanced solutions are easy to install and operate.


All vehicle tracking systems developed by us are cost-effective and provides the best return on investment.

Ais Technolabs

Custom Vehicle Tracking System Provider

Developing the IOT based vehicle tracking system is not easy; it needs an in-depth knowledge of the API, device integration, and much more. Hire an experienced, qualified, and system specialist vehicle tracking software developer from AIS Technolabs.

You would be in touch with an expert team of developers who would provide you with the preferred application solution according to your requirements. Our developers keep themselves engaged with innovations and pursue innovative ways to deliver solutions matching the market demand.

We deliver a unique vehicle tracking system for complex requirements. Since mobile technology is moving faster, our design and development team keep themselves updated with the latest developments. We take maximum care while delivering any solutions right from the design layout to the software’s speed.

We ensure that our developed software can easily be integrated with any existing system and do not create any issue with the quality and performance of the existing systems. Select us for the IOT based vehicle tracking system development as we mix speed and knowledge to deliver excellent solutions.

iot based vehicle tracking system

Core Benefits Of Our
Iot Based Vehicle Tracking System

Efficient Driver Management

Utilizing IOT based vehicle tracking solutions, your drivers, their paths, and current state of the cars can be obtained immediately.

Using our solutions, you can get reliable information in real-time mode. The drivers can also generate reports of their entire movement using our software, which also boosts the efficiency of your operation.

Best iot vehicle tracking system
Top iot based vehicle tracking system

Full Control Over The Movement Of Vehicle

Specially designed IOT-based vehicle tracking software allows you to maintain control of the crucial assets for moving stock.

This function will significantly enhance customer support. Also, this software helps you track your car’s exact location, which ultimately increases control over your business.

Optimization Of Resource And Reduction Of Costs

Vehicle tracking software enables you to monitor your fleet. It also optimized routes and provided detailed information on fuel use, driver behavior, engine idling, and other indicators.

All this information can contribute to reducing your costs and risk. Our IOT based vehicle tracking system provides the best return on your investment.


Do you provide a vehicle tracking system for different industries?

Yes. We do provide IOT based vehicle management systems for different industries, be it travel, construction, logistics, boat tracking, etc.

What are the devices using which I can track my vehicle?

Our IOT based vehicle tracking system supports all kinds of devices, be it mobile, desktop, or tablet. We can also develop a mobile application for you, using which you can track your vehicle.

How much time does it require to develop an IOT vehicle tracking system?

The time required to develop an IOT vehicle tracking system varies from case to case. In the case of standard requirements, it doesn’t take much time, and we provide readymade solutions. In the case of customized needs, we share a detailed timeline with you before development.

What is the cost of development for an IOT based vehicle tracking system?

The cost of development for the vehicle tracking system depends upon the individual requirement. We prepare a detailed cost sheet before the development of the solution and share it with you for approval.

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