Mobile App UI Design

Enhance the Experience of Your Mobile Apps. After you have created a web page for your business, your job does not get over. Through a general web page design, you can help your web page get access by the users only from the PCs or laptops

In today’s context, it is being seen that the number of persons accessing the Internet through the mobile phones or the tablets have far exceeded the number of persons that are accessing the web through the traditional computer sets and the laptops. So, to reach out to more number of consumers you need to take adequate measures so that more and more people are addressed through the online mode.

Make your
pages open with ease

The mobile internet users can be addressed through the sites being made compatible for using through the smartphones and tabs. The ease with which the different sites get loaded on to the mobiles is dependent on the Mobile UI Design. The mobile ui design must be developed with the help of an expert designing company. At AIS Technolabs, we have mastered the art of Mobile UI Designs which make your mobile apps and pages open easily on the mobile phones.

The navigation from one page to another is rendered very simple with the help of mobile UI, and there is little time taken for this changeover. The user feels no difficulty in the overall usage of your sites and apps on the mobile sets. The user feels very comfortable in using the pages due to a proper mobile app ui design creation.

Mobile Interface Design

For the creation of a Mobile App UI design, there is the need of in-depth understanding of the behavior of the users. Our designers have been in the field of App UI Design for a long period. We know exactly what the users are looking for. We will first of all have a sitting with you to have a thorough understanding of your business proves.

This will enable us in instilling the right elements for the creation of an intuitive user interface for your mobile apps and sites. The user will find it quite easy to operate the app. There will be no trouble even for people who are not that gadget savvy. The mobile interface design will allow the users to interact with the web pages without any difficulty.

Major features of Mobile UI

A good user interface has the following features that are very helpful for the user:

  • Makes it very easy for the user to use the phone apps
  • Creates a conducive look of the smartphone page
  • The navigation from one page to another becomes quite simple
  • The time taken for the loading of a page is not very long
  • It is user-friendly. A novice in smartphone usage should be able to use it smoothly.
  • The feel of the site is not at all different from that of the main computer web page that is accessed through the traditional modes of PC and laptop.

Mobile UI Designer

We are a mobile ui designer of considerable experience and can create the UI designs that will enhance the use of the customers. The display of the mobile phones or the tabs is comparatively smaller than that of the traditional computer sets or the laptops. We take care that the feel of the use of the apps or the sites is not affected due to the smaller display sizes of the screens. We ensure that the main objectives of the Mobile UI for ensuring a hassle free and lively experience of accessing the web pages and the mobile apps by the user are achieved.

Additional Punch Elements

During the creation of the design of the apps and the user interface, we include the different necessary elements that can enhance the feel of the usage of the site or the app. It is seen that when these elements are included, there is no interference in the functions of the actual site or the app.

Our process of UI design

We maintain innovative processes that are followed during the designing of the smartphone UI. It can create a positive impact on the performance of the business. The process we generally follow is delineated as under.

Understanding of your needs

Before we go for the designing of the application and the related graphical user interface, our team has a meeting with your IT persons to understand your business process and what the expectations you are having from the creation of the app.

Functions are analyzed

All the functions that would be incorporated in the app are analyzed thoroughly. It is seen that all elements have been properly inserted so that the business objectives are achieved in totality.

Pattern of the GUI

The creation of the final look is done depending upon the design of the prototype. This is prepared in the beginning to understand the feel of the usage of the apps.

Testing of prototypes

The client is made to use the prototype and understand the feel of the app or the site. If there are suggestions for improvement, we do so after receiving the feedback.

Making prototypes

A prototype model is made with the basic architecture in place. This is helpful in the overall checking of the operation of the mobile app.

The flow process

Only after understanding the requirements thoroughly, we can make the structure of the flow of the information.

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