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Uber for Couriers

Finding a reliable and affordable courier delivery service is a tedious task for people. So, the courier service like uber provides preferences to the people to hire courier services and get their articles to their doorstep. In addition, Uber for Couriers App comes with an advanced web console that manages all transactions of the courier app like uber.

Features for Users in the uber for couriers app

  • Live Geo-Tracking
  • Change/Cancel Booking
  • Review System
  • Social Media Login
  • Search by Category
  • Integrated Wallet Option
  • Booking for Scheduled Time
  • Delivery Personnel’s Availability Toggle
  • Delivery Personnel Profile
  • Email Notification
  • Stripe Payment Gateway
Features couriers app
Features courier app like uber

Features for Courier Provider in courier app like uber

  • Work History
  • Real-Time Tracking
  • Accept/Reject Request
  • Security Code
  • Profile Setup
  • Caller Identification
  • OTP Verification
  • Update Job Status
  • SMS Authentication
  • Dispatcher Availability Switching
  • Capture Signature

Features for Admin in courier service like uber app

  • Advanced Analytics
  • Verified Providers
  • Set Delivery Personnel’s Range
  • Responsive Web Panel
  • Custom Product
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Item Description
  • Billing Administration
  • Heat View in Admin
  • Referral System
  • Status Updates
  • Product Detail & Description
  • Promo Codes
Features for Admin in courier service like uber app
courier service like uber

Our Enthralling Role

Our uber courier service app enables entrepreneurs to provide courier services to the people in the geographical location. Our principal was to deliver an exceptional uber app script app that is helpful for the clients to attract more customers. Our courier service like uber app’s Proficient designers build Uber for Couriers App with specific features and provide an outstanding business-ready solution that acts as a Multi-Purpose Software. Even, we guided our courier app like uber clients with latest features, advanced technologies, and added in the uber courier service app as well. Apart from this, our developers add a real-time tracking system with inbuilt Google map function for the courier service like uber app.

Using Advanced Technologies for uber courier service app

  • Node JS
  • Redis
  • Mongo DB
  • Angular JS
  • Socket.io
  • Native Apps
  • My SQL
  • SSH Access
  • Mbstring
  • PHP
  • OpenSSL
  • Tokenizer
  • Ubuntu 16.04 and above
  • Firebase
Advanced Technologies for uber courier service app

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