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This is the second level of basic piano theory. While emphasis will be on developing skills in music theory, a basic understanding of the principles of playing the piano will also be acquired.

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Fulfil Your Musical Dreams with the Piano Learning App

In today’s fast-paced world, devices like laptops and smartphones have become human’s favourite playground. From shopping to gaming, there are thousands of online applications to match your curiosity. Music is not far behind.

Now with our piano learning app, learning music has become extremely easy. Learning piano with the help of this app is fun. It lets you discover melodious piano arrangement specially tailored to your level. This is an all in one piano app which helps you learn piano really fast.


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    Skips & Steps

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    On keyboard

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    On staff & keyboard

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    Harmonic & Melodic Intervals

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    Number of Half Steps

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    Spelling Game and Music Symbols

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    Note Duration

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    Minor Pentatonic Scale

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    Ear Training (unison, 4th, 5th, 8va)


Why is This App Super Cool?

The designers of this music learning app have taken extra efforts to ensure a smooth interface. This app is available in the play store as well as the apple store. The application is very well integrated and runs without any glitch across all the platforms. Here are some extraordinary features of this online piano learning app

desktop version
Skips and Steps

One of the basic steps to learn piano is to understand the notes. The steps and skips feature help people understand the interval between notes, thereby building a clear understanding of the instrument.

web version
On Keyboard

The keyboard is very simple and has extraordinary features to make learning enjoyable. You can practice whenever you want with this virtual keyboard. The keyboard layout is very simple and is very easy to understand.

mobile version
Musical Symbols

Learning about musical symbols is already half the battle won when it comes to learning piano. In this app, you will find everything about the different musical symbols.

Explore the World of Melodious Music

A melodious tone is always very pleasant to the ears. Nothing can be more soothing than the music coming out of a piano board. Our piano app is the best thing you can use for garnishing your musical skills. Download this app and learn piano at a blink of an eye.


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