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CSGO Flip Coin and Jackpot

This is trading and gambling platform for Counter strikes games assets. Games like flip coin, Lottery, Coin flip, roulette, Jackpot can be played here. A user can see the trade items in his personal dashboard.

CSGO Coinflip

CSGO Coinflip:
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CSGO Coinflip game is amongst the easiest forms of CSGO gambling. It is very basic and entertaining game to play. Our dynamic team of creative professionals develops coinflip csgo games that are outstanding in quality and performance. Our developed CSGO Coinflip creates an exciting world of entertainment for the gamers.


  • Login for users through steam API. (Steam API Integration)
  • After user login all inventory items will show to the user and they can trade.
  • First they will give their items to trade bots. (Deposit button)
  • And the items that they gave to us will gather in skin pool.
  • Winner will get picked as per the game logic and skins that he/she put in jackpot.
  • Setting page which will ask to set trade offer URL for user.
  • Admin panel to handle min and max value for trading.
  • System bot to set the possibilities of a winner according to the skins and game logic
Requirement Gathering


  • Discuss and examine the game thought with you
  • Refine the idea to develop the game even more lucrative for you
  • Detail out the better parts of the game
  • Create and agree upon the last need document
  • Finalize and set the project perspectives

Game Design

  • Select the accurate style of design for the csgo jackpot games
  • Plan initial draft for the game design
  • Finalize game design
Game Design

CSGO Jackpot Games:Our game development process

Our skilled game developers have come a long way in developing CSGO Jackpot Games. This is an extensive method that incorporates the dedication of our experts in gaming industry. Our game development process includes:
Game Development
Game Development
  • Code and develop all the game assets
  • Deliver the essential draft of the game, including basic game play and arts
  • Work further on the game, using your feedback
  • Build Level Design and the UI elements
  • Integrate all parts into a singular, stunning unit
Final Delivery
  • Integration of the impressive number of elements
  • QA and Testing
  • Submit the Final Game
Final Delivery

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