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Painting App

This is totally new concept for Painter who love to draw. User can create their picture and can also create video for their drawing .While user will draw on the screen the app will instantly do the video encoding. User can share this video to other user to show their drawing talent. It’s contain features like:


  • Record and playback.
  • Optimized video format
  • Recorded video will instantly save to the camera roll
  • Pause the recording session to add some partially complete “drawings”
  • User can also add stopmotion frames in video
  • Select colors for background papers and user can even change them
  • Two modes how to move pencil/eraser around.
  • ptimal presets for brush sizes, intensity levels.
  • Highquality brushes that perfectly match different backgrounds.
  • Simple UI design with single toolbar having full functionality
  • Adjustable eraser, all pencil’s settings have the same effect on the eraser
  • Compatible with iPhone 3GS and later. IPod touch 4th gen

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