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Uber for Handyman

Uber App for Handyman is beneficial in many ways, such as complete all odd jobs at home, saving time, and being stress-free. Handyman App provides the well-designed seamless interface and fantastic templates to customers and Handyman. Uber for Handyman script helps the customers to find handyman services in a hassle-free way. The Admin Panel Dashboard of this app is very helpful for the clients to handle their Handyman and customers requests and entire business efficiently.

Features for Users

  • Invoice
  • Booking Details
  • Live Geo-Tracking
  • Instant Chat
  • Advance Search
  • Stripe Payment Gateway
  • Schedule Appointment
  • Responsive Web Panel
  • Change/Cancel Booking
  • View Handyman Profile
Features for Users for Handyman App
Features for Service Provider

Features for Service Provider

  • Work History
  • Geo-location
  • Accept/Reject Request
  • Review System
  • Caller Identification
  • Transparency
  • Separate Dashboard
  • Handyman Availability Toggle
  • OTP Verification

Features for Admin Panel

  • Categories and Subcategories
  • Verify Login Details
  • Pricing Choice
  • Legally Protected
  • Banner Ads
  • Set Handyman’s Range
  • Heat View on User’s Request
  • Check the number of Requests and Bookings
Features for Admin Panel
Our Flourish Role

Our Flourish Role

Our dedicated Uber developers build Uber for Handyman app with modern tools, advanced technologies, better workflow, and extensive customization. We develop furnished app with appropriate safety features for both the service providers and consumers. Our main challenge was to produce a user-friendly Handyman App, which is quite transparent and easily accessible for everybody in the world, both locally and globally. We also simplified all the job acquiring the services of the handyman and overall their service standards to accomplish all the requirements of the customers.

Technology Stack used for Handyman App

  • Linux Operating System
  • PHP Laravel
  • NPM: 3.10 and above
  • MONGODB : v3.2 and above
  • NGINX : v1.4 and above
  • NODEJS : v6.4 and above
  • Ubuntu 16.04 and above
  • Firebase
  • ExpressJS
  • Socket.io
  • MVC
Technology Stack used for Handyman App

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