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Whenever some great idea concerning building an app strikes you, it’s quite natural that you are keen to shoot it out, intending it to run on almost every device. But is this the right way to go about the task? In most situations, it is usually better to build an application on one platform first and not multiple.

So, which one to select? Android application development or iPhone application development!

The answer to this question depends on the extensiveness of the scenario. Hence, I would like to address this question considering all aspects and then focus on both platforms to clearly bring out their usability.

Android Application Development vs. iPhone Application Development

The Demographics

Currently, Android has the biggest global platform share, with specific prominence in lower income regions and developing nations. As compared to this, iOS users usually have higher income, more engagement, and spend more on each application. This data indicates that there are more android users as compared to the iOS users.

The Revenue Model

As per a survey in 2017, the iOS apps earn more revenue than the Android app, making iOS more valuable to the users.

The Release Cycles

Another point of comparison between the two models is their release cycles. Although Android is open source, still it is locked by various OEMs and carriers. For this reason, the iOS is ahead of Android in terms of release cycles or adoption rate. As per data collected by the latest survey on, more than 95% of iOS users use the latest version while less than 20% of Android users are using the latest version. This implies that iOS can focus on newest versions of the operating system that reduces the development and testing cycle times.

The Features

Since Android is an open source operating system, there are aspects of Android like Cyanogen Mod that give developers deeper access to the operating systems. For instance, a few years ago, there was the rise of home screen replacement including Aviate or Facebook. There were even applications built with custom ROM. These and more such reasons confirm that there are certain applications that may be prepared only for Android.
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When to Choose Android Application Development First?

When your target audience focuses mainly on Android, particularly in developing nations and certain segments of urban areas, it is wise to use Android application development first. It is also of use when you are customizing an aspect of the Android’s operating system that is not accessible on the iOS system. This might be a situation when you need to select a hardware that the app needs to run or when you wish to avail complete control over all software and hardware elements. But just remember one thing that Android does not iterate faster, while Apple has comparatively faster approval time.

When to choose iOS Development First?

You may use iPhone Application development first based on your target demographics. Most of the developers today first prefer developing applications on iOS first and then move over to the Android development. But this is a viable option only for those who are proficient in developing applications on this platform. If you want more media coverage and more presence on the press, then iOS is the best way to go. Hence, if you are making a retail app or if you wish to generate more revenue from your application, then iOS application development is the best way to follow.

The Best Approach

While Android offers easy reach to a broader audience, the audience of Apple is more loyal and engaged. The best approach is to first begin with any one of these and then move on to the next platform. Once you have perfected in one approach, you may consider shifting to the next platform. If you have data that shows the critical success of your application on one platform, then targeting the audience of next platform is instantly going to enhance your total customer base and will boost the credibility of your application.
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