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Fantasy Cricket apps have been a significant attraction in the fantasy sports market in recent years. Also, fantasy cricket app development requires some intricate details and critical design elements that you need to keep in mind to provide the best experience to your users. Having your app now is easier than ever using the best-in-class fantasy cricket app developers from AIS Technolabs.

It isn't a surprise that the advent of Fantasy Sports has changed the gaming industry to a whole new level. To be honest, fantasy cricket app development has been an evolution that made the gaming industry that 'monetized' the 'fun' of playing games as we, the commons, are aware of it.

The popular fantasy cricket app developers made the "Business of booming” meme real, and Dream11 is the industry's pioneer. They were the ones who made use of the raw excitement, curiosity, and increasing value of the fantasy sports sector way back in 2008. So, are you sure you want to play some of your cards, and aces? Hopefully yes! But it's not all easy as for your part, the fantasy cricket app source code should be not less but more captivating, engaging, and profitable both for you and your users.

To help you out with your endeavour of fantasy cricket app development, and to understand better, follow the steps below towards making the next big name in the industry-Fantasy cricket app.

What is a Fantasy Sports App?

Fantasy sports apps allow the users to play their favourite sports, be it cricket, football, or any other game of their choice, in real-time. They are not real sports but a virtual field of gaming, where they can build their teams and choose the stakes. In return, the users get real prizes, win cash, and much more, just like in a real sport.

What are the Types of Fantasy Sports Apps?

Some of the most popular categories of fantasy sports apps include:

Daily & Weekly Games : The daily and weekly events let the players create teams every day or every week and earn points and prizes.
Score-Based : The users can opt to earn points or prizes based on the scores of players. They predict the player's score, place bets, and if the prediction comes to be the same, they earn a point or a prize.
Drafts : These games are played in the best-case scenario manner. The players get to choose how they want the game to go, and it is processed in the named fashion.
Leagues : This is the most common game style. The players compete in leagues similar to those seen in real life. They get to choose their squad, then let the favourite players score to help rack up points quickly to get real prizes and cash.
These are the most common types of fantasy sports that may be integrated into a mobile application.

The Basics of Fantasy Cricket App Development

Extensive Availability Across Platforms

To have an eager and always active user base, you need to have both a website and an app available. By giving your consumers a choice between two capable platform alternatives, you'll be covering a considerable portion of the spectrum without much loss.

Devising a Legit Monetization Plan

Ads are by far the most effective monetization method to increase the user base and get revenues. To get revenue-generating ads on your site, all you need to do is write a few lines of code.

You can also make the app a paid service, but it is a bit of a no-no as most users seldom agree to pay a fee to use an app. You can also use affiliate links and advertise in-app purchases to entice a usually thrifty user base to spend some money.

Laying the Foundation

Finally, you must choose an appropriate foundation for your fantasy sports platform. You can develop a responsive web app or a native cross-platform app for Android, iOS, and even Windows and macOS.

You should take account of your budget, target demographic, and monetization strategy. You also finalize the kind of services you want to provide to your consumer base too.

Fundamentals You Need To Do Right

Users always want a seamless, clutter-free, and easy-to-use application, whatever be the purpose. To make a good impression, you need to make some things right from the get-go itself:

Easy Registration and Login :

The process of registering and logging in should be as straightforward and quick as possible. You should simply ask for the essential information, such as their email address, name, and phone number. You can also significantly speed up the login process by enabling one-tap social media logins.

Home Page :

Your landing page should be straightforward in design and allow for easy access to other pages on your website or app. It should be clutter-free and responsive. You should always opt for a simple and minimal design that only includes necessary tools and aesthetic components.

League Info :

You should employ minimal infographics for your users. There are a number of ways it may assist individuals to learn about new leagues, the cost of joining them and the appropriate contest regulations.

User Dashboard :

Your website or app should have an easy-to-access and grasp dashboard. It should be clean, minimal, and visually appealing. It provides easy-to-understand infographics that provide valuable insights on prizes, reward points, and bonuses. It also provides a wealth of useful data, such as past transactions.

What is the approximate cost of developing a fantasy cricket application?

The cost of developing a fantasy cricket software is based on the following:
  • The platform (Android or iOS)
  • Complications that might arise during the fantasy cricket app development process
  • The variety of features and services you might want to add
  • APIs from third parties
  • UI/UX components
  • The size and location of the fantasy cricket app developers
  • The number of hours put into the development of the fantasy cricket app source code.

How is the Global Fantasy Sports Market?

The widespread popularity of fantasy sports, commonly known as the sector of the world's fastest-growing industries. Here, the market is recently expanding at a rate of 13.2 percent each year. It is predicted to hit the $33.2 billion mark in 2025, which is impressive considering that only a fraction of enthusiasts spend money on the games.

In the last several years, the Indian market has grown at a breakneck pace as well. In five years, the industry has nearly tripled in size. Revenues are expected to exceed 16000 crores, and the number of active users is estimated to reach 150 million by 2022.

Bottom Line

Although difficult, this is not an impossible aim to achieve if one understands where to start. In the sleuth of options available in the fantasy cricket app development market right now, it is not an easy task to make your app stand out among the crowd. But, the fantasy cricket app source code is the point where you start to make the difference. It's an utmost necessity to work with a website development company you can trust to help you construct a fantasy sports website you'll be pleased with.

AIS Technolabs, one of the most popular companies consisting of the best fantasy cricket app developers around, can help you develop a feature-rich, simple-to-use fantasy sports app that your target audience will love. You may receive a free quote for developing your own fantasy sports app by getting in touch with us right now.
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