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How to make a taxi booking app like Uber from Scratch? In many cases, most taxi booking app developments include developing an app similar to Uber, doesn't it? Specifically about following their business strategies and process as a basis.

You might have heard the term "uberisation," which is derived from the taxi-booking app uber. The company became highly successful by representing existing user behavior following economical and efficient transportation. Until the year 2018 ended, the Uber company had gained almost $10 billion in revenue and was ranked the second most profitable creation company globally, overtaken only by SpaceX.Read the following write up carefully if you wish to reach a Milestone like that.

1. Introduction

Almost every smartphone user has a taxi booking app downloaded on their mobile phones. The market for on-demand services apps has been profitable recently and currently represents various designs and features.

Cities and towns are growing each year, and more and more people are becoming less inclined to purchase a car due to limitless problems like traffic, general maintenance, and parking. Conclusion this is a proven fact that, between 2015 and 2018, the number of people in the US that use a taxi app like Uber increased highly from 15% to 36 %. Cities and towns shall hardly stop growing any time soon, and Uber-like applications shall gain users worldwide, which shall lead to the simple fact that this is a profitable and attractive niche for many business owners.

At AIS Technolabs, we have successfully delivered several similar projects for on-demand corporate transportation solutions. For developing a taxi booking identical to Uber, we must understand how it works and define its essential building factors.

Uber process

2. What is the Uber process?

2.1 Request : The user launches the app and enters the departure, arrival addresses, and chooses a payment mode. The user may also request various other additional services.

2.2 Matching : The driver receives the user's request and can accept the order request. In this situation, the passenger can view the driver's details and the car the driver uses within the app: License Plate Number, the car's model and make, images, and the driver's profile rating. In addition to this, the arrival time and the car's location are also displayed on your app. If there is a rejection, the request is allocated to the other nearest driver, and you can continue your ride.

2.3 Ride : The system keeps track of the downtime if you are late. When you sit in the vehicle, the driver may signal the system, and the tracker is activated.

2.4 Payment : All taxi booking apps offer passengers to connect their payment methods with the app. The passenger is notified beforehand of the ride's fare, and it is deducted after the ride is completed.

2.5 Rating : Both drivers and passengers can leave their reviews for each other. It serves as an incentive for drivers to care more about the driving service.
 Taxi Booking App

3. How to create a Successful Taxi Booking App?

Releasing apps that have such complexity involves both server-side and client. They need a central server to manage the chats between multiple users (in our case, passengers and drivers) for performing complex calculations like matching, cost calculation, ETA, commission subtraction, etc., along with that business logic and data storage options. Uber has various geographically distributed servers to optimize response times, provide constant service availability, and eliminate failures.
 Uber-style cab app

4. How do you make an Uber-style cab app?

Wish to know how to develop a taxi booking app clone, technically? In this part of the write-up, the essential technologies are discussed for taxi booking app development.

The basic technology that is used in a taxi booking app similar to uber is Geolocation.

All Uber-like apps would be especially use mapping technologies and navigations, for example:

  • Identifying a device's location using CoreLocation framework in the case of iOS; Android uses Google's location APIs for android phone users.
  • Providing directions to the driver using MapKit for iOS provides navigation from point 1 to point 2. Android OS uses Google Maps Android API for performing the same task.
  • Integration of maps - Google maps are integrated into the iOS and Android app versions for better usability. As an alternative, the Uber-like taxi app might purchase services from some other mapping software sources.

Another essential technical factor you should consider is Messaging and Push Notifications within the app. The communication within apps like Uber starts from the request being sent by the user, the driver accepting it and going all the way to cancel the ride, etc. To integrate push notifications in a taxi app on iOS, you may use Apple Push Notifications Service; and for Android apps, you can use Google Cloud Messaging (GCM).

SMS notifications are equally crucial to integrate like push notifications since the latter may be unreceived sometimes; they won't work correctly if the device is offline or unavailable. With the help of SMS warnings, the user is informed.

professional taxi booking app

5. Why choose AIS Technolabs for developing a professional taxi booking app?

Now, the question that arises is why chose us as your taxi booking app development company? The answer to this question is simple. AIS Technolabs has all the latest and advanced features and services on offer. We have a team of expert and experienced developers that shall provide you with the best uber-like apps and make users' experience fruitful and wonderful with your app. We shall provide you with different features for the user panel, driver panel, and admin panel.

Having features for every task on offer, your app shall allow the users, admins, and drivers to control essential elements. We shall be integrating a secure payment gateway to prevent losses.

In addition to this, we may provide all the top-notch services, including navigation, live location, and in-app messaging. Visit our website to develop a taxi booking app like Uber of your own.

6. Conclusion

More and more people in the tech & startup world are searching for a taxi booking app development company to develop a taxi booking app, start a company like Uber, and if taxi mobile app development is a good business idea. If you conduct deep market analysis and design a strong business strategy that clearly defines your competitive advantage, then it may prove a profitable venture for your company. We have discussed in detail what all measures and steps are required to develop a taxi booking app. For all the entrepreneurs out there, reach out to our experts to learn more about starting your taxi app and taking it to great heights.
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