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Uber Like App Developement

If you’re interested to build an Uber-like app and grow your business tenfold, then we can help you reach there. The inception of Uber has also increased the demand for uber like app development and the best part is, it doesn’t cost you much. However, the exact cost may vary depending on the features and the kind of app architecture you need. With few changes in Uber’s business model, many business owners are seeking to build an app like uber.

In such a situation, you may wonder if it is really worth creating an Uber-like app with many companies already out there. The answer is yes, we will guide you with value-added features studying the transport trends and passenger feedback.Uber like app development systemthat can be customized with more features, enhancements, and integrations as per your well-defined business objectives. As the market is changing drastically every month, continuous innovation through such apps and businesses can make a big difference. With this positive thought, we welcome you to uncover what we have to offer.

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When building an Uber clone app, it is important to note that you’d need two separate app functionalities since you would require customer or passenger app as well as another at the driver’s end. You can see the basic features to get an insight into the product development and app architecture below:

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Passenger app
This application is for use at the passenger’s end with its unique features.
Easy Registration
We will help you integrate easy login options with the help of email or contact number and password or simply enable social media login options with single or multiple accounts for further easy access to the application.
Booking interface
This interface would be the main area where many crucial operations are listed. Passengers booking the cab can select or locate the address, pick a cab model and change or modify locations here. We ensure to keep it simple so that it is clear, concise and user-friendly.
Tracking app
Passengers can use this option to track the driver and ride etc.
Price estimator
This option gives the estimated price for a travel and also shows the final cost of a ride for a specific cab type after and before ordering.
With your preference, we can integrate as many payment options as you and your customers want. We provide both cashless and credit card options. In addition, we also offer pay-in-cash option or with pay-with-reward points option.
Turn on notifications
To keep your users and passengers informed about the latest trends, prices, offers and discounts, we offer a simple turn on notifications button. In addition to these, the notification section also informs users about their ride, cab type, estimated payment, driver details either through email or text message instantly.
Booking history
This option contains the booking details of up to 20 rides and would remain in the system until and unless the passenger deletes them. Furthermore, we give you an option to retrieve booking history based on demand.
Reviews and Ratings
In order to keep your passengers engaged with your services as well as keep your workforce happy, you can add reviews and rating section and conduct discounts and offers based on these results.
Call or message
The passengers can call or message the driver with a single click.
Driver app
With a slight change in the functionality and a powerful performance, the driver app operates strongly at the driver’s end.
Easy Registration
Similar to the passenger app, the driver app also would contain an easy registration process either with their account details or through social media login options.
Booking details
All the information about a specific booking will be displayed here: Customer details such as location and destination, as well as their ratings with an option to either accept or decline a booking.
Push notifications
The drivers can be updated all the time with order alerts, ride booking details, and any other updates through notifications button.
Easy Navigation
With the integration of Google maps or Google places, we ensure to offer your drivers the best directions to reach the assigned location quickly and effectively.
For any issues or technical failures, the drivers can reach your organization’s customer support with a single click through the help option.
Call or message

The drivers can call or message the passenger with a single click.

Through the above features, we give you a glimpse of the app features. We are always open to easy customization to cater to your diverse business needs.