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Computerization and programming have changed the way of our life. For each and every purpose, we have an app/software developed keeping manual efforts at bay and bringing in comfort and ease.

The gaming arena is also experiencing the effect of computerization and programming, and so latest and high on graphics games are developed to amaze the users with their real-like gaming experience.

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Amidst this computerization of the gaming arena, some traditional and popular games like Poker have also seen their transition to the e-gaming platform. One amongst this classic game is the slot machine based gambling/casino. Slot machines have been the love of casino players all around the globe.

Now, with advancement in technology, this traditional slot machine based gambling has become more and more attractive and interactive for the users. The programming and coding technologies have accorded an enhanced outlook to the gaming experience.

Similar to other modern day games, slot machine based games also requires programming. Slot Machine Programming is an expert level task that requires bringing on programming efficiency and ability on board. The slot machine programming is done using a microprocessor. Which means, the microprocessor is used to feed the programming and set of instructions to create an enjoyable gaming experience.

The programming is done on the Random Number Generation (RGN) based methodology to generate unique number through random processing on each push of the button. Modern-day slot machines offer many different combinations for winning apart from the ‘three in a row’ winning hence, detailed and précised programming (with looping) becomes necessary.

Professional game developers and coders offer slot machine programming services both as a freelancer or by working full time/part time depending on the clients’ needs. Hiring a dedicated slot game development company is preferable by most of the firms.

AIS Technolabs has been offering high end and demand based programming and game development solution to its clients from quite a long time. Delivering solutions as per the need of clients’ business and bringing in value addition through effective service delivery has been our forte.

Slot Game Development

Slot machine programming (or for that sense any programming) is done based on a defined algorithm, or we can say a limited set of a plan. Slot machine algorithm calls for Random Number Generation (RNG) on each play of the button on the slot machine.

The algorithm involves proper structurization of the flow of instruction set whereby each and every operation and its expected output are coded as a part of operations in the loop. Animation design, pay line setting, setting up of winning combinations, etc., are some of the crucial elements wherein the algorithm provided a defined path for execution of the instructions. Thus, to develop an effective slot machine game there is a need for proper slot machine algorithm to supplement it in all the aspects related to development.

Slot Game development

In general terms, we can say that the slot machine algorithm is a kind of design blueprint based on which the execution and programming are done, and the desired gaming software, as well as app, is developed. To have a clear and defined algorithm is what that most of the slot machine game developers require when they venture into developing an ecosystem.

AIS Technolabs brings to you coding solutions that are designed and developed on a smooth and effective programming algorithm. At each aspect of design and development, we welcome your suggestions.

Features of the Admin Panel


Features of Players

  • Login/Register

    One-click registration and signup are facilitated utilizing Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other third-party social media accounts in the gaming application.

  • Game Types

    Many different forms of slot game creation cater to a wide range of players’ tastes and interests. It allows them to engage with a great user experience and compelling benefits.

  • Slot Table (Gameplay)

    Slot game development includes additional elements like Free Spins, allowing users to play the slot for free while not having to pay real money. Having this feature is a big plus in the game.

  • Auto Play

    This option needs the least input from players and does not impair the gaming experience. Allow customers to choose a machine to play their bets in place of people.

  • Join Daily Tournaments

    With the ease of entering daily tournaments, the customers may have the finest gaming experience with some extra wins.

  • Create Private Virtual Slot Tables

    You can use a single table to create a private visual slot table. It gives the customers the freedom to pick and choose their gaming partners and have a nice time while betting.

  • Easy Deposits And Withdrawals

    Depositing and withdrawing money from the gaming application is made simple through a variety of accounts and sources.

  • Uncover Treasures

    This feature helps to multiply the amount of interaction on the gaming platform by adding a hidden prize that lets us discover at any time while the player is gaming.

  • Win Virtual Jackpots

    Players can win virtual game jackpots without paying or investing any money when they play freely available online games.

  • Premium Access Slots

    This feature allows the players to access the premium slot tables and play the more expensive games that enhance their gaming experience.

Main Features

AIS Technolabs

AIS is a well-known name in the domain of game and software development. We have delivered a good number of solutions to our clients as per the need and demand of their business. Our gaming and software development methodology operate on the principle of simple and effective coding techniques. To deliver to the requirements of the client, we evolve strategies and techniques that suits best for providing the desired results.

The coding and development department at AIS houses experienced coders who are capable of providing coding solutions in more than one language. Their ability to deliver complex coding solutions in a time-bound manner makes AIS the right choice for all your software, and IT needs.

At AIS, we offer you the following benefits as your IT Service provider company

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Frequently Asked Questions

There is no fixed price for Slot machine Programming. But the precise cost of Slot Machine Programming is determined by various factors. Generally, the average cost depends on the client’s specifications as well as the developer’s locations. It may also depend upon significant complexities, features, and functionalities.

At AIS Technolabs, we use various advanced programming technologies to develop Slot machine applications. This includes Cocos2D, HTML5, Unity 3D, WebSocket, MEAN/ MERN Stack, Typescript, Javascript, NodeJS, MongoDB, C++, and so on.

It will take roughly 12 weeks to design your Slot machine code. Also, the timetable may rise to 20 weeks, depending on the complexities and features.

Yes, it is a commitment to provide post-delivery support and maintenance for your application. We assure you that our staff will always be available to help with your slot machine programming until you get the possible commercial results.

Yes, of course, we do. AIS Technolabs can assist you with embedded artificial intelligence-based and machine learning technologies. It would help to maximize the efficacy of your Slot Machine application.

To build the Slot application, the following team members from our side would be involved in your project from initial till completion:
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Project manager,

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UI/UX designer, developer

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Backend developer

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Database specialist

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Quality assurance expert.

All the members will scrutinize your project thoroughly before delivery.

We have aided clients in achieving their objectives and offering the finest available solutions. We are distinguished based on several factors:
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We consist of a scrum team of developers with experience from 1 year to 15 years.

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We have successfully launched more than 500 mobile gaming applications that are 100% safe in the high-tech working environment.

Pre-production, post-production, and production are the three basic stages of Slot machine programming development practiced here. These steps establish the foundation for the final product’s excellence. With this, our dedicated team would work on the same, fix bugs and problems, and check the server maintenance regularly.

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