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We have a pre-developed Unity Slot Machine Source Code which can be used instantly for any Casino 3D Slot Machine. Our code is clean and without any mistakes. Coming with loads of features so that you can bring up your own 3D Slot Machine Game.

Design and development of gaming software/apps require precision and technical ability to be on the forefront. To have a game that runs smoothly and effectively is what that firm desires and is what that a developer should aim for.

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Slot machine game development or slot machine source code development is one common type of gaming development requirement that firms operating in the domain of online gaming/casinos etc. ask for.

To get the slot machine source code/game developed through the utilization of standard tools is something that is required from the game developers when they take the task in hand.

Unity engine is one such standard development tool that is best suited for crafting solutions for slot machine gaming and development. This popular engine allows the flexibility of creating the content and then deploying it across various platforms.

Unity slot machine source code is a common choice among slot machine and e-gaming manufacturers across the globe. To get such kind of solutions, one can hire the services of software development firms or individual game developers as per their need and budget.

AIS Technolabs offers you a chance to get customized and attractive slot machine source code development solutions on demand. You can register your inquiry with us and be assured that your queries would be answered promptly.

Features of Admin Panel

  • Login/register

    Managing the players and their logins and registrations easily through a dedicated dashboard. This process becomes more streamlined and transparent with added features.

  • On-screen bet/ play/ cash buttons

    Development of on screen bet play and cash buttons for more intuitive gaming experience for the players and reduced confusion in the game.

  • Coin / token hopper monitoring

    Improved transparency in every transaction through a coin / token hopper monitoring system. This helps keep a close track on the money that is flowing on the platform. You can easily approve or reject the payment.

  • Manage payout System

    Easeful management of the payout system with added multiple payment accounts, helps manage withdrawals of the money on the approval.

  • Deposit & Withdrawal

    Make transactions highly secure on the platform. We provide secure 3rd party payment integrations that make things more streamlined in the web and mobile application.

  • Manage animation

    Allow users to make gaming experience more personalized with the added themes and a dedicated game setting board.

  • Auto play

    Auto play mode for improved gaming experience. This helps users to give less inputs and play the games even when they are not able to give complete concentration to the game.

  • Push Notification

    Advance push notification feature allowing you to communicate with the players through short messages, emojis, emoticons, etc.

  • Support & Complaint Box

    Integrated support and complaint box that allows your users to connect with you and share their queries and problems with the gaming.

  • Slot Game Master

    Slot game master allows a player to enjoy multiple wins after a player has spinned multiplier wheel.

  • Reel Master

    Vertically positioned on the grid, it spins after placing the bet and different symbols that land on them everytime.

  • Reports

    Enjoy instant reports on various aspects of your platform such as player engagement, money generation, marketing operations, sales, etc.


Features of Players

Main Features

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Pay Lines

Paylines are zig-zagged or straight lines with symbols that reward the player on getting placed in certain combinations on the slot machine reels.

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Wilds allow a player to replace a symbol to develop a winning combination. A powerful alternative can turn the game around for the player. We have advanced algorithms to manage this process efficiently.

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Free Spins

Free spins are a treat for a player, this additional feature allows you to improve the gaming experience as it provides a player a chance to win more real money without having to place the bet.

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Volatility factor is an important aspect of slot games as it makes the gaming experience so interesting. The volatility decides the chances of winning or losing a bet in the game, and thus makes the game more uncertain for the player.

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Scatter Pays

Special symbols on the reels anywhere in the game. If a player falls on scatter pay it triggers bonuses or they can get more chances of winning the game.

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Game coins development that allow a player to buy them through real money and start playing the game. We provide a secure wallet which stores all the transaction details and also secures the transfer and storing of money.

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RTP (Return To Player Percentage)

Return to player is a very important part of the algorithm as it defines what would be the percentage of profit a player gets on winning a certain bet. We have designed the algorithm to allow 0 to 99% chances of return on the bet.

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Cascading Reels

Cascading reels effect that allows you to render real like experience in virtual slot gaming, this feature takes user game engagement level to several notches up.

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Expanding Scatters

Expanding scatters that work as a reward to the players, the player does not have to fall on a winning pay line to get paid out, they can appear anywhere in the game and provide a great benefit to the players. This increases interest and also glues the player to your platform.

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Multiplayer Symbols

Multi-player gaming is one of the great ways to instill fun in virtual gaming. People can invite their friends and family members on social media platforms, personal messaging to enjoy a round of slot games together.

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Bonus Games

Refresh the gaming experience for your players by going a step ahead in keeping them engaged, add some bonus games to the platform that allow players to experience a lot of variety.

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Re-Triggering Free Spins

Retriggering is another amazing feature that allows players to set off another round of free spin when the game is put in free spin mode. The feature allows users to win more money through the lining of special symbols to launch free spin mode initially.

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Gamble Features

Added gambling features, structural and logical that elevates the experience of the players on all the games available on the platform.

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Pay Tables

A dedicated pay table for reference of the payouts on the slot machine or video poker machine. The table shows payouts for different types of combinations and credit points for players to understand the reward system better.

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Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpots of gambling grand prize or payout refers to progressive wins in the game and hence more rewarding experience for the players and more money.

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Themed Slots

Themed slot development with different types of animations, visual effects, musics, languages for improved gaming experience.

AIS Technolabs

We at AIS Technolabs have delivered software and game development solutions to our clients in countries like the USA, Canada, Russia, England, Germany, etc. We have been delivering solutions as per the needs of our clients for quite a long time with the help of our defined methodology of productive solution delivery.

Some of the following benefits are up for grab when you choose AIS as your service provider Company:

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    Design and development are done in a holistic manner

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    Proper RNG based slot machine algorithm

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    Globally renowned developers at your service

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    Design software is developed as per clients need

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    We work in sync with your time zones

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    Customized animation effect

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    The client has the flexibility to choose the solution package

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    E-gaming hosting support

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    We define the pay table

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    Engaging user UI/UX

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    24×7 technical support

E-gaming firms/entrepreneurs/individuals looking for slot machine source code development or slot machine development, open source code based slot machine game development, clone app or clone script based app development can connect with us. You can register your inquiry on our official website www.aistechnolabs.com.

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