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The slot machine as we know is a traditional gaming platform that is known to be one of the first digitized or e-gaming versions of a popular game. Gambling is a popular gaming category among game lovers these days, and in gambling games, slot machine game leads the way.The business perspective of having a slot machine game calls for user engagement and smooth interface at the output end. These two things are essential if one wants its slot machine game platform to become popular and earn the desired revenues.A recent survey highlighted the fact that around 74% online gamers preferred to play those online games that have engaging graphics and were smooth in operations. To ensure these things on the part of your developed game, it’s necessary that you choose a proper coding language.

slot machine html code
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Slot machine HTML Code is a popular source code development methodology whereby programmers structure and design the game using HTML as a coding language. HTML is a popular game programming language that offers:

slot machine game source html code
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    Cross-platform compatibility

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    Ease of accessibility of the game among users

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    Ease of updating the game

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    Ease of development of advanced features

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    Allows larger connect for app promotion as its compatible with most of the browsers

At AIS we have delivered Slot machine HTML code development solutions to a good number of clients. We can offer you cost-effective and professional service if you connect with us for your slot machine game source code

Features Of Admin Panel

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Login/ Registration

Easy login and registration through social login such as Facebook, Google, Instagram, etc. for making registration easy.

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On-screen bet/ play/ cash buttons

On-screen bet play and cash button development for improved user-experience on your gaming platform and easeful navigation.

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Coin / token hopper monitoring

Coin and token hopper monitoring that helps you maintain transparency in the transactions approved by your accounts department.

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Manage payout System

Easy management of the payout system that allows users to add multiple accounts and manage the withdrawal easily. You can approve and disapprove easily while reviewing the payments.

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Deposit and Withdrawal

Easy deposition of money to get the game coins and withdrawing the game wins through integration of online payment gateway.

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Manage animation

Allow your users to manage their gaming experience on your platform with an easy game setting panel. The gaming application has all the necessary features.

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Auto play

Auto play mode for improved gaming experience that allows your users to put in as few inputs as possible by allowing the computer to play in lieu of them.

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Push Notification

Integrated push notification service that allows you to communicate with your players efficiently with various elements to make communication more impactful.

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Support Complaint Box

Integrated support and complaint box feature that allows players to connect with you in case they experience any issues while playing on your platform.

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Slot Game Master

Slot game master is an amazing feature that multiplies the jackpot wins after you spin a multiplier wheel.

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Reel Master

Reel master in a slot game is a vertical position on the grid which spins after placing bet on different symbols that land on them everytime.

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Instant report generation that helps you in keeping a track on the spendings and wins on your platform.


More Popular Features for Our Online Players

Main Features

  • Paylines

    Straight and zig-zagged payline development that crosses one symbol on each reel of the slot machine or the combination of symbols on the slot machine reels for indicating the player is paid out for the bets won.

  • Wilds

    Slot game with wild symbol that indicates the power of substitution of all the other symbols on the reel and helping the player win. We have included the rule where the wild does not replace the scatter symbol, free spin and bonus.

  • Free Spins

    Highly engaging slot game development with additional features such as Free Spins, allowing players to spin the slot for free without having to pay up in the real money. This is a valuable add-on in the game.

  • Volatility

    Advance game development tactics that include the volatility factor to keep the game interesting and profitable for you and your players both. The factor decides the risk factor in a risk for big and small wins.

  • Scatter Pays

    Scatter symbol development which is a special symbol in the online slot game with a specific function. It triggers additional features such as increasing the chances of winning real money slots.

  • Coins

    Game coins development that are programmed to pay out as winning 0% to 99% of the money betted by a player that is usually paid out in coins which can be cashed out for the real money.

  • RTP (Return To Player Percentage)

    The return to player percentage refers to the payback that a player gets on winning a particular bet that they put. Our advanced algorithm is designed to engage the players with wins and losses divided between 0 to 99%.

  • Cascading Reels

    The cascading reel feature for the modern video slot game replaces the winning combination with new symbol to give players a chance to win back to back from the game without having to spin again and again.

  • Expanding Scatters

    Expanding scatters development that does not require them to fall on the winning pay line to get paid out. They can appear anywhere in the reels and the three and more scatters tend to trigger bonus features like free spins round.

  • Multiplayer Symbols

    Include multiplayer bonuses which allows your users to play along with their friends and family. The feature can exponentially increase your market presence and improve engagement and user retention.

  • Bonus Games

    Inclusion of bonus games that keep your gamers fresh and always intrigued. This allows you to retain your users even when they are not betting and this ultimately increases the brand presence between people of different demography.

  • Re-Triggering Free Spins

    Retriggering allows your players to set off another round of free spin when playing in the free spin mode. This is also a highly useful feature that allows you to accomplish wins by lining of the special symbols to launch more free spins initially.

  • Gamble Features

    Slot game with gamble feature that allows players to double up the wins on the board or in the bonus game, we have designed our algorithm that offers 50-50 chances of winnings getting doubled if you win or not.

  • Pay Tables

    Pay table refers to the list of payouts on a slot machine or video poker machine. The table shows each combination of symbol and the number of coins that you bet or credit points the bettor gets on winning a game.

  • Progressive Jackpots

    Progressive Jackpot or gambling grand prize or the payout refers to an increase of the payment each time the game is played, irrespective of winning and losing the game with a small percentage.

  • Themed Slots

    Themed slots with different types of animation, music and other visual features that allow you to increase the gaming experience of your users over your game.

Our Slot Machine Development Process


  • Brainstorming

  • Requirement Definition

  • Hypothesis

  • Conceptualization


  • Risk Identification / Assumptions

  • SRS Document

  • Milestone

digital strategy

  • Customer Journey

  • Data Analysis

design experience

  • Wireframes

  • Prototyping

  • UI/UX Design

  • Usability Testing

develop iteration

  • Screens & Features

  • Tech Stack Define

  • Coding & APIs

  • Quality Assurance

  • Iteration


  • Environment

  • Deployment with Defined Standards

  • Migration

support maintenance

  • Support Team

  • Maintenance

  • Review

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AIS Technolabs

We at AIS offer you following benefits as your game/app development service provider:

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    Effective coding solutions using HTML5/HTML

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    Javascript based coding services are also extended

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    Adherence to standardized coding procedures

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    Promotion and marketing services

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    Server hosting of the game

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    Cross-platform gaming app development

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    24×7 technical support

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    Cyber safety as a part of the developed solution

ais technolabs game app development service

For slot machine source code development, online game development, clone app or clone script based app development or any Software/IT solution, one can connect with us on our website. Also, you can send us your inquiry on our website; we assure a prompt reply.


We provide Slot Machine game development services tailored to your specifications. It will help to enhance the traditional way by including novel gaming choices.

There is no predetermined fee for Slot Machine game development. It takes several aspects that influence the actual cost of game production. AIS Technolabs is a company that understands the worth of its clients’ money and time. As a result, our services are based on a competitive pricing in comparison to the industry standards. However, the cost of developing a Slot Machine is determined on the client’s requests and the developer’s location, along with the duration and scope of the job.

The production of a slot machine game takes around 12 weeks. However, the timeline may be extended up to 20 weeks, depending on the features and platform count.

At AIS Technolabs, we design Slot Machine games using several current game development technologies, including Cocos2D, Unity 3D, HTML5, WebSocket, MEAN/MERN Stack, Typescript, Javascript, NodeJS, MongoDB, and C++.

Slot game production encompasses slot machine art (customized symbols and other game features), mechanics (creation of game mechanisms), engineering, and software. Additionally, we place a high premium on visuals and user interface, which are the primary criteria for evaluation. We debunk the misconception regarding online gaming software quality and demonstrate that online Slot games are just as excellent as offline gameplay.

Yes, we do offer the source for the software. As part of our service offering, we provide a comprehensive solution.

Yes, we do provide installation and deployment services. In addition, we provide full technical assistance at your convenience.

Some exclusive benefits of purchasing Slot Machine Source Code from us include:
  • Transparent and Secure
  • Affordable and Cost-effective
  • Agile and Flexible
These benefits are provided in our Source Code, so that your software operates and performs effectively.

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