Slot Machine Software For Sale

Slots are one of the most common categories for casino games, providing a powerful resource for users. The reason why slot machines are so popular is that unlike traditional casino games, slots don’t need any gaming skill or specialized knowledge. Even with a small bet, anyone can play the game.

The massive popularity of the slot machine games is understandable from the fact that the majority of the revenue from online casino applications are now being derived from slot games.

slot machine software for sale

We deliver a completely personalized online slot machine program that can be incorporated into an existing online casino system or run for mobile and web pages as a standalone version. Our turnkey slot machines solution allows a wide variety of virtual machines to choose from. With our ready slots, game design solution, customers can add unlimited numbers of slot designs with a custom interface, original music, and unique features.


There is a flexible algorithm scripted on all our slot machine software. It can be played on various platforms.


The development of our slot machine software is very inexpensive. Our software for the slot machine is very famous because of this.

high roi
High Roi

Our slot machine software developments are made to the full benefit of the consumer. It also guarantees the highest return due to full user participation.


Source code for our android slot machines can also be upgraded and used in future models.

technical support
Technical Support

To launch the project and incorporate the project in existing structures, the slot machine developers also provide a fully professional service.

easy to use
Easy To Use

Technology for slot machine software is fundamental and easy to use. Our games are pervasive in different countries because of this easy use

Features Of Admin Panel

  • Login/ Registration

    Make first impressions more impressive with the inclusion of easy social logins for registrations and sign-ins into the games.

  • On-screen bet/play/cash buttons

    Make navigation easy on your gaming platform with intuitive design in combination with functioning on-screen bet/play/ cash buttons.

  • Coin/Token Hopper Monitoring

    Monitor what goes in and out of your application through coins and token hopper management systems, allowing unparalleled transparency in the system.

  • Manage Payout system

    Now make payout management system seem like a child’s play with our efficient dashboard allowing an easy process of managing payouts.

  • Deposit and Withdrawal

    Secure integration of 3rd party payment gateway that takes security to several notches on your gaming platform in the processes involving monetary transactions.

  • Manage Animations

    Now personalize the gaming experience of your users by offering a panel that helps manage the gaming experience on your platform.

  • Auto Play

    Go one step ahead in providing gaming convenience to the players with the integration of auto play mode using a computer.

  • Push Notifications

    Integrated push notifications that make messaging easy on your platform, our push notifications support various creative elements too.

  • Support Complaint Box

    An efficient way to handle the request of your users on your platform and respond to their queries for improved experience.

  • Slot Game Master

    Slot game master feature that allows players to progressively win jackpots after they spin a multiplier wheel, this is as good as an on-premise gaming experience.

  • Reel Master

    Reel master is a vertically positioned grid that spins after a player places its bet. A player can bet on varying symbols for winning or losing a game.

  • Reports

    AI and ML integrated analytics dashboard that provides instant reports on various business operations running simultaneously.


Android Slot Machine Game Source Code with Advance Players Features

Main Features

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Pay lines

We make the gaming experience as immersive as on-premise, accurate development of straight and zig-zag paylines for deciding wins and losses of a player.

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The most cherished feature of the slot game, allowing players to replace a symbol with wild and make a winning combination.

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Free Spins

Free spins triggers once a player lands on 3 or more scatters on the reel and wins more rewards through their bets.

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We have designed our game algorithm to balance the wins and losses well and keep the gaming experience interesting.

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Scatter Pays

Development of scatter pay symbols for various types of games in your gaming platform, it is one of the most high-paying symbols in slot games.

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Game coin development that allows players to place bets. Players can easily buy more game coins and cash out their wins through integrated payment gateway.

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RTP (Return To Player Percentage)

A well-defined algorithm in the slot game to divide the risk factors well in the gaming platform, ranging between 0 to 99%.

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Cascading Reels

Cascading reels effect for the virtual slot machine offering more visual value and engagement on your platform.

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Expanding Scatters

Expanding scatters activated after free spin bonus, our algorithm is particularly designed to pop up bonuses randomly and increase fun on your platform.

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Split Symbols

Split symbol is an icon that doubles up the win on different symbols and occupies the space present on the reel. It makes the game more interesting than ever.

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Multiplayer Symbols

Developing a variety of slot game virtual machines linked together in a community game. It offers progressive jackpot that can be shared between multiplayers.

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Bonus Games

RNG based bonus game development that determines the outcome of a gaming round, offering greater engagement on your gaming platform.

Slot Machine Software Development

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Need Definition

Each successful product design begins with an excellent strategy and a clear goal. For successful slot machine software development, a research-driven design strategy is essential.

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Finalization Of Design

The system architecture is very useful in the efficient design of slot machine software.

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Once the initial design has been created, the system is built to develop a comprehensive android slot machine game source code.

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Sample Output

A prototype is built before the final production of slot machine software sale for testing and monitoring purposes.

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Quality Testing

The slot machine software is tested to ensure optimum accuracy before the launch of the final product.

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Upon successful completion of the slot machine software development, the software with all usable features is being launched.

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Product optimization

The tests from the initial days are used by our slot machine developers to refine the product for optimum performance further.

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Post production improvements

Post-launch improvements and updates are also taken care of by our slot machine developers.

Slot Machine Developers

We are a cross-disciplinary group of gaming solution providers.

Attractive Animations

Our development team also delivers attractive animations for different types of games. They are well-optimized to function on various devices seamlessly.

Top Notch Ui

The user interface design of our gaming solutions are top-notch and are developed, keeping in mind easy access for the customers.

Equipped With Latest Features

All gaming solutions developed by us are fixed up with multiple unique features for various devices and platforms. Also, we create games with regular updates to keep our clients getting a new entertainment feature every time.

Consistent Performance

We ensure that our games provide a consistent result. They are also loaded with the latest technologies for optimum performance.

On-time Delivery

We ensure that our customers receive all our products and services as per the scheduled time.

Slot Machine Gaming Solutions

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Custom-built Solutions

Our slot machine program can be personalized according to the user’s needs. We build our applications to meet the different requirements of customers.

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Numerous Payment Gateways

Slot machine software supports multiple payment gateways. This helps in payment as well as the withdrawal of money.

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Smooth Ui

Smooth and straightforward UI is one of the major attraction points of any software. Our developed user interface is one of the finest in the market.

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Adherence To Regulations

We ensure all of our gaming software complies with the laws and regulations of the country in which it is operational.

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Integration Into Existing System

Slot machine applications that we have built can be incorporated easily into current systems.

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Language Support

The slot machine gaming solutions that we offer support multilingual interactions.

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A thorough market analysis before any product is produced offers the latest features.

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Our slot machine software is built with the help of the latest tool and usage of modern technologies.

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All our slot machine software comes with a dashboard for each unique user. This helps the gamers to keep track of their games.

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We ensure that all our slot machines software is secure. The security of the user’s information is one of our primary focus points.

With Strong Technology and Unique Strategies, We Deliver Elegant Solutions

AIS Technolabs is a results-driven gaming solutions company that focuses on the high rate of conversion through custom growth. Our organization is made up of the most creative, qualified, and experienced industry professionals. We help to convert customers’ desires into real solutions. Games designed by us are developed in such a way that it brings best returns for the operators and maximum participation of gaming communities.

We believe that the key to building successful products is delivering solutions for practical problems. We are eager to experiment with new technologies as leading mobile game developers and pledge to combine innovative vision, technological experience, and project management skills, to ensure our customers ‘satisfaction.


Slot machine games are very simple, and anybody and everybody can play this game. Our simple and easy interface helps the user to understand the game easily and play it without any hindrance.

The time required to deliver any product depends on the requirement as well as the size of the game. We draw out a detailed timeline for the entire project and provide the solution matching the timeline.

All our games, including slot machine games, are affordable and don’t cost too much. We make sure that we get the best of the returns from our gaming solutions.

We provide our slot machine games across the world. Our support services are open 24×7 across all geographical regions.

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