Cost To Hire Laravel Developers: A Complete Guide

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cost to hire laravel developers

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Laravel is a popular open-source web application framework known for its speed and ease of use. It provides developers with a set of tools and pre-built features that streamline the development process, allowing them to focus on crafting unique and engaging applications.

However, the cost of hiring knowledgeable developers is a major aspect when thinking about Laravel development. In this guide, we will talk about the average cost to hire laravel developers as well as the factors determining the hiring costs. So, let’s get started!

What Is Laravel?

Laravel is a free and open-source framework for web development created by Taylor Otwell. It has pre-built services that simplify common operations like the authentication process, caching, routing, and keeping track of sessions. Developers are, therefore, better able to focus on creating features that are relevant to businesses.

Understanding The Role Of Laravel Developers

Laravel developers create web applications using the Laravel framework. Hiring offshore Laravel developers who understand your app’s blueprint ensures smooth communication between the client and the project manager.

Moreover, Laravel developers are skilled at using PHP and various other frameworks to create clear, efficient, and consistent codes. This improves the development process as well as application performance. With their knowledge of event-driven frameworks, Laravel developers enhance the web application’s speed. They ensure that the application loads quickly and responds to user input efficiently.

Additionally, hiring offshore Laravel developers makes it easier to work on future maintenance. They apply security patches and upgrades, monitor software faults, and respond quickly to user-reported concerns. Furthermore, a collaborative mindset and meeting deadlines are essential for a successful Laravel development team. These soft skills ensure the team can effectively execute the project, ensuring the success of your web application.

Hiring Models For Laravel Developers: Dedicated vs. Freelance

There are two methods for hiring Laravel developers. Each method has its pros and cons.

Dedicated Developers From An Outsourcing Company

  • Work on a specific project, from development to support, with quality, speed, and efficiency.
  • Software development companies offer remote developers via various engagement models to meet budget and project needs.


Different engagement models are available for hiring dedicated Laravel developers.
Higher work efficiency, speeding up time-to-market for projects.
Cost-effective solution compared to hiring freelancers.
Suitable for large and complex projects.


Not suitable for short-term projects.
Less flexibility compared to freelancers.

Freelance Developers

Hiring Laravel developers on a freelance basis is useful for simple web development projects. You can easily hire freelance developers via online platforms and trusted agencies.


Affordable for short-term work.
There is no hassle in finding freelance developers.


Lack of enterprise-grade expertise.
There is a risk of missing deadlines and poor work quality.
Additional charges for maintenance and support.

Factors Determining The Cost Of Hiring Laravel Developers

The cost of hiring Laravel developers depends on several factors. Some of these include:

Hiring Engagement Models

  • Time and Material Model: Ideal for complex projects, efforts are measured in terms of resources and time invested. The cost depends on the project’s progress.
  • Project-Based Model: Suitable for projects with clear specifications. Fixed charges are dedicated to the entire project’s development and delivery.
  • Dedicated Development Team: A complete team is dedicated according to project requirements, offering cost-effective continuous support.

Scope Of The Project

The complexity of design, functionality, and features influences project cost. Complex projects demand higher expertise and budgets.

Development Location

Costs vary by region due to differing developer salaries. Hiring from developing countries like India can be cost-effective due to lower living costs and reasonable developer rates.

Experience And Expertise Of The Developer

Experienced Laravel developers command higher rates due to advanced expertise and in-depth knowledge of frameworks and technologies. Projects requiring experienced developers may require a higher budget.

Considering The Experience And Skill Of Developers

It is extremely important to assess an offshore Laravel developer’s expertise and skill level before hiring. Try to find developers who have experience working on projects like yours. Evaluate and analyze their skills efficiently by looking through their portfolios, contacting references, and doing technical interviews.

Average Cost To Hire Laravel Developers

Hiring offshore Laravel developers from an outsourced business usually starts at $20 per hour. However, the rates can vary widely across companies and between regions. Hourly rates in India are cheaper than in other nations, which is why hiring Indian developers might result in significant cost savings on development. A project’s typical cost might vary greatly depending on its level of difficulty, needs, scope, and deadlines.

Project-based vs. Hourly Hiring Options For Laravel Developers

When hiring offshore Laravel developers, you may choose between hourly or project-based rates after analyzing the following aspects.

Comparison Between Project-based And Hourly Rates


  • Project-based Rate : Fixed price determined before the project begins.
  • Hourly Rate : Charged per hour worked.


  • Project-based Rate : Limited flexibility once the project scope is agreed upon.
  • Hourly Rate : More flexibility to adjust scope as needed.


  • Project-based Rate : Less risk for the client as the cost is fixed.
  • Hourly Rate : Shared risk between client and developer.

Scope Changes:

  • Project-based Rate : This may incur additional charges for scope changes.
  • Hourly Rate : Easier to accommodate scope changes.

Time Management:

  • Project-based Rate : The developer may prioritize other projects to meet the deadline.
  • Hourly Rate : The client has more control over the developer’s time.

Project Management:

  • Project-based Rate : Responsibility often falls on the developer to manage the project.
  • Hourly Rate : The client may need to provide more oversight.


  • Project-based Rate : Clear upfront cost, less transparency in the hourly breakdown.
  • Hourly Rate : Transparent breakdown of time spent on tasks.


  • Project-based Rate : Focus on delivering end product rather than tracking hours.
  • Hourly Rate : Requires regular communication to track progress.

Payment Structure:

  • Project-based Rate : Typically requires upfront payment or milestone payments.
  • Hourly Rate : Billed periodically based on hours worked.

Project Size:

  • Project-based Rate : Best for well-defined projects with clear requirements.
  • Hourly Rate : Suitable for ongoing or evolving projects.
For best value, businesses should consider project requirements and programmers’ skills by selecting developers based on their previous projects, skills, and expertise.

Comparing Costs


  • Project-based Rate : Fixed price
  • Hourly Rate : Charged per hour worked


  • Project-based Rate : Limited
  • Hourly Rate : More flexible


  • Project-based Rate : Lower
  • Hourly Rate : Shared

Scope Changes:

  • Project-based Rate : May incur additional fees
  • Hourly Rate : Easier to accommodate changes


  • Project-based Rate : Clear upfront cost
  • Hourly Rate : Transparent breakdown

Payment Structure:

  • Project-based Rate : Upfront or milestones
  • Hourly Rate : Periodic billing

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At AIS Technolabs, we have years of experience in providing Laravel development services. We offer a 15-day risk-free trial that allows you to assess the developer’s skills. We also give you options to change developers between projects. Additionally, we provide refunds for dedicated projects. Additionally, our transparent pricing model ensures that you only pay for the services you receive, with no hidden costs or surprises along the way.


It is necessary to consider several aspects before hiring Laravel developers for your project. When selecting the developers for your project, it is important to consider factors such as hiring strategy, project length in terms of geography, task complexity, and skill. Freelancers could charge less, but they might not be scalable or provide long-term assistance. Dedicated teams of developers and IT outsourcing companies like AIS Technolabs can provide efficient and cost-effective Laravel development services that are beneficial in the long term.


Ans: Yes, you can hire full-time and part-time Laravel developers based on the longevity and skill requirements of your project.

Ans: Hiring offshore Laravel developers can help you save tonnes of money and also increase the possibility of hiring skilled developers from any part of the world.

Ans: There are certain downsides to hiring an offshore Laravel developer. It includes issues with time zones, a lack of technical experience, costs that go above your original budget, and a few more.

Ans: Yes, Laravel migrations are managed via the php artisan migrate: install command, which enables step-forward and step-backward progress to guarantee that the database state is preserved as the application expands.

Ans: Creating job descriptions, establishing the project’s scope, budget, and timeline, conducting one-on-one interviews, and producing applicant profiles are all part of the process.
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