Costly Website Design Mistakes to Avoid in 2020 and Beyond

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Costly Website Design Mistakes to Avoid in 2020 and Beyond

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The last thing a brand needs is website design mistakes when launching an online presence. Your website is a crucial element of the branding process which can either ruin or build you. Any mistakes along the way can cost your brand and no one wants that.

You need to understand that the goal of your website is not just to provide a platform for purchasing and selling, but also serve as a platform for your visitors to learn more about your company and create a recall value.
Sometimes, website design misses the essential considerations that lead to poor website quality that costs you dearly in the end.

Website Design Mistakes to Avoid in 2020

Having a website that is not optimized for mobile

Currently, mobile sites rank higher as compared to desktop sites. Therefore, failing to have a mobile-optimized site is one mistake you should avoid.
Designs that are adapted for mobile devices work the same way in any given device. The dynamic is different for mobile-optimized designs as they adjust according to the particular device. These are essential aspects of web design services.

Not reader-friendly

Currently, long-forum content ranks higher in SERP as people want to find all the answers in one site. It is more convenient than jumping from site to site searching for related information.
However, this does not mean that you should compress a huge text on a small page. This will make reading your content almost impossible. Have your content in short paragraphs with subtitles, tables, bullet points, and more to enhance the reading experience.

Too many irrelevant ads

Ads are useful in monetizing your website. The problem arises when you misuse them. For example, positioning ads in glaring places and making them irrelevant can be disastrous to your site.
If you’re going to have ads on your site, make them useful for your target audience. Also, don’t make them too noisy. If your website is incredible in every other aspect, businesses will still be interested in promoting you.

Usability mistakes

When visitors visit your site, they need to have some questions answered. You must ensure that every possible inquiry a visitor may have is covered. Queries such as contact information, refunds, location, shipping policy, refunds and more must be answered.
This way, your visitors can build trust in you and continue to make engagements with you.

Ignoring Growth-Driven-Design

A mistake many people do is to regard their websites as a project rather than an ongoing development. After launching a website, many companies tend to stop making improvements on it until the next website redesign.
A website is a constant process that needs enhancing to improve results.
In 2020, there will be nothing like a finished website. Some tools help to gauge what aspects of your website need improvement while other tools can help improve your content to maximize conversion.

Website images that are not optimized

Many site creators tend to disregard or forget the importance of optimized images. They forget that even after finding a perfect image for a page, it still needs formatting to fit the specific needs.

To avoid this mistake:
  • Keep in mind that stock images tend to be large and can affect the loading speed of your pages. As such, always adjust the file size accordingly
  • Remember that you need to change the file name and metadata of the image, also, keep SEO in mind.

Auto-playing videos with sound

If you think blaring videos is an effective way to get attention from your web visitors, you’re wrong. Most people immediately leave the site to look for one with a sound icon next to the video and hit ‘close.’
A lot of people don’t like to have videos pushed down their throats, and you should ensure that the autoplay turned off or remove the sound,

Confusing site navigation

If you’re aiming for high conversions, having poor site navigation is a costly mistake.
You should ensure that categories are correctly organized, readable and clickable. Their labels should also be specific and easy to understand. Also, your call-to-action buttons should stand out, links should work, and the web design conventions should be adhered to.

These are some of the website design mistakes to keep away from in 2020. One way to avoid these mistakes is to hire a professional web designer to ensure that your website generates leads by providing the best user experience for your customers.
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