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Developing On-Demand Game Apps: Guide for PPPoker & GGPoker

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Overall, the gambling industry is one of the most profitable sectors globally from a business standpoint, and the online gambling market contributes highly to the overall market size. Statistically, it was expected that the gambling industry could expect an increase in revenue to USD 500 billion by the end of 2023. However, this was the initially projected expectation before the pandemic.

Among the different types of apps available in the market that provide online gambling functions, options like PPPoker and GGPoker hold a high level of popularity. You can focus on creating apps like PPPoker, with the right type of development support, like AIS Technolabs.

For a better understanding of all that it entails, this post will guide you on the process of on-demand game development for casino-based apps. Read on to know more.
The gameplay on Poker card games online?

The gameplay on Poker card games online?

Before knowing how to begin the development process from the technical side, you should know what to add within. That is the poker card games. Both PPPoker and GGPoker are known for their card games, playable by professional-level competitors and beginners.

Here is the basic gameplay process standard in such game apps that you should incorporate into your plan.

The game comes with a 52-card-deck, and players bet against one another. They make decisions based on strategy, luck, and available hands. One of the best options among online poker games is the Texas Hold ‘Em version. Here, players can make their poker hands after dealing with five community and two-hole cards.

There are two manners to win this card game.

  1. 1. The opponent might fold because of the Bluff/lie about your combined five-card set cards.
  2. 2. You are holding the five-card hand with the best combination of cards among all participants.
Features of the Poker Game Apps

Features of the Poker Game Apps

For the best poker game development experience, you should focus on adding the correct type of features to the app. Take the help of top developers like AIS Technolabs experts. They would incorporate all the standard and unique app features of such apps.

  • UI dashboard-
The dashboard UI is one of the first specifications to focus on during poker game development. It is the face of the app and would contain all the features of the app in one location, like the contact tab, game start, and others. Add a unique design to the app UI, improve app navigation, and add intuitive design quality.
  • App information-
In one of the sections, add all the necessary information about the app. Customers want transparency about the compliance and legal information and add the points in the app information sub-section.
Welcome bonuses- A notable feature that you should add to your application while creating apps like PPPoker is the welcome bonus feature. They are promotional displays offering information about rewards for interacting with the app games. The deal or bonus is an effective tool to drive consumer interest and engagement with the application.
  • Customer support-
You should add a robust customer support section on the application, available 24x7. Include diverse communication routes for easier accessibility to the customer support team, like live chat, phone, or email contact.
  • Tournaments-
For the best variety and to increase consumer excitement, add tournaments for the users. Increase their value with a high-level reward for winners to attract more traffic.
  • EV Chop-
One unique feature for poker game apps is the in-game EV Chop option. With this, the players can set the terms for the total pot proportion irrespective of the played hands.
  • Dynamic Poker rooms-
Add specialized sections for the poker games for all players opting for this application.
  • Threats Sheild-
You should prioritize app security elements for user protection. The developers at AIS Technolabs would add DDoS and other security protections to the app for higher safety.
How to build the best custom on-demand poker game app?

How to build the best custom on-demand poker game app?

There are multiple things you should focus on while handling poker game development. If you plan to have a solution similar to PPPoker or GGPoker, you should have all the necessary elements ready.

Take the help of AIS Technolabs and create the best on-demand poker apps with the following steps.

1. Figure out the dev kit

Ensure that the development kit you prepare for the on-demand game app development with casino-based functions is well stocked. It covers the tools and solutions that the developers can use directly for the app development steps. There are kits available for specific iOS and Android-based projects or a cross-platform app development solution.

2. Prepare a storyboard

One of the main things about online gaming is to appeal to the viewers with a suitable interface look. Moreover, having a storyboard in place is helpful for some casino-based games.

So, prepare a storyboard or a slideshow of all images that depict the app's functionality as a base wireframe. Prepare the visual mockup to understand where each step goes.

3. Handle programming from the base level

After creating a mainframe for the development process, you should begin the programming process.

Expert developers from top companies like AIS Technolabs use the waterfall development sequence to prepare game apps. First, they develop the foundation and add elements to the storyboard.

The best developers would handle the complex to moderate coding work. For iOS-based game app development, the workers must learn the Swift language while learning Kotlin programming language for Android apps.

4. Incorporate modern solutions and test them out

After the basic coding process, you should add the modern technology stack to fine-tune the functions further. Add AI components into the app structure to improve the intuitive and modern usability of the application.

Testing the app solutions throughout the development process is essential to fix any issues during the development work itself. In the end, you should recheck the app functionality and rectify any errors, like bug fixes. Then, you are ready to deploy the app after a final compliance check.

Indeed, you can prepare a high-quality casino app like PPPoker with the right type of planning and technology stack. Here, it would help if you tried out taking the support of reliable developers like AIS Technolabs experts. The team of top software specialists would take the time to properly plan the app solution, focusing on your points and demands.

Contact us and set a meeting soon, and let’s begin our brainstorming session as soon as possible!
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