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Being on social media platforms is extremely common in today's digital era. Everyone is familiar with applications like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and the like. Over time these social media platforms have seen a steep rise in their success. And it would not be wrong to say that these applications have become an essential bridge for two or more people trying to communicate.

Earlier online communication was limited for work and professional reasons. But today, it is more of a medium to communicate with friends or even establish businesses online. Instagram and Facebook are the indisputable kings of online media in this generation. These platforms help build a global connection among people.
App Like Instagram

Why Have An App Like Instagram?

The popularity of Instagram has increased over the years. It was launched in October, in the year 2010. More and more people started to use Instagram as its visibility became more prominent. Apart from garnering several audiences across the planet, it also gives entrepreneurs a chance to establish their startups online. In addition, it helps online businesses gain visibility.

Moreover, Instagram has been quite influential or can be for many upcoming startup businesses. Therefore, entrepreneurs can look up to this platform and develop their custom Instagram clone app.

Social media platforms rule this era. An Instagram-like app helps business owners to establish a profitable business. You can use an Instagram clone app in various ways like capitalizing videos, collecting revenues for ads, or any e-commerce strategies you want to apply.
Build An App Like Instagram

What requires To Build An App Like Instagram?

Creating an Instagram clone app is not a difficult task to accomplish. The clone app development process might get tricky if you do not have particular software or a dedicated plan. Hence, before starting, you need to consider a few factors like strategies and resources to bring out better business outcomes.

The specific factors that need to be considered are as follows-

  • Features and functionalities of the applications
  • The idea of your app
  • Selection of a budget-friendly company for developing your app
  • Hybrid and Native
  • MAaaS and Back-end
  • Customer interface
  • The design of the home screen of your app
  • The platform you want to launch your app- Android or iOS
  • Localization feature
app like Instagram

What is the cost of building an app like Instagram?

The first thing that one should be serious about before developing an Instagram clone or any application is the cost of the development. In this case, the cost of Developing An Instagram Clone depends on the kind of features that you want to incorporate into it.Hence, before planning a business strategy, you need to consider certain factors. These factors involve the platform that you decide to launch your application on- that is, Android, iOS, or both. And most importantly, a budget-friendly company for your app development.

An hourly price charged by app developers is, based on the skills, the location, and most importantly, the company. In India, the hourly fee is significantly lower than the price in the USA. The development of an Instagram clone app requires about 500 to 700 hours.

Functionalities Of Instagram

The Features/Functionalities Of Instagram

Authorization Feature

The most important feature of social media apps is account authorization. It gives the users' data privacy. Users are supposed to create a password for their accounts. They might also need to verify their mobile number and email address to sign up with the platform.

For example, the features like resetting the account password, account login activities, password recovery feature, getting locked out of the accounts after too many unsuccessful attempts to login in back. Two-factor authorization is also there if someone logs in from an unauthorized device, wherein you will get the code on your mobile phone and emails.

Profile Setup

This feature enables users to display their names, profile pictures, hobbies, likes, and dislikes. To include this feature, you must remember to establish a proper interface between the user and the application’s server. The approximate time to develop this might take around 50 hours.


The application that you develop must work for users quite smoothly. Enhancing user experience should be the goal. You must remember that even when many users are on the platform’s server exchanging messages, there should be no issue with server crashes or failure in message delivery. You can employ API on HTTP as a swap for super durable attachment associations to ensure smooth running.

Users need to get notifications whenever there is a new message. Your app needs to be compatible and connected to either Android or iOS servers to enable this feature. You can develop an app for either Android, iOS, or both if you have enough resources. The entire course of creating such an interface might require 120 hours.

The Search Feature

The search bar option empowers the clients to look for their companions, relatives, gatherings, or most recent news, forthcoming gadgets, or administrations in a specific region, and that's just the beginning. Clients can join gatherings of their local area, class, and interests utilizing this feature. The backend server serves the clients with the ideal outcomes through this choice.

How Can AIS Technolabs Be The Best Business Partner For You?

AIS Technolabs is one of the leading IT companies providing its services for more than a decade across the globe. Our primary focus is on offering IT-based solutions to our clients, which have shown promising results over the years. To be more precise, we excel in providing web-based solutions and software development.

AIS Technolabs has developed many photo and video sharing applications successfully. Our solution has shown promising results securing a position in the list of the top application providers. We have a professional and well-trained team of developers and programmers that build and modify Instagram-like photo-sharing apps. Our team aims to implement an agile development process for every product. The conclusive goal is to create a user-friendly interface so that users find it easy to navigate through the application smoothly. AIS Technolabs aims to build an efficient Instagram clone script that offers users features like photo and video upload, watchlist, ratings, notifications, content search, and the like.

The list of primary services we provide is in the following lines:

  • Mobile Development
  • Web Design & Development
  • Open Source customization
  • Web Application Development
  • Customized Software Application Development
  • Internet Marketing
If you want to create an app like Instagram, AIS Technolabs is your best choice to partner with!


We belong to the digital era. Communication happens mainly through social media platforms daily. Messaging, video calling, or sharing any content online are the means of staying connected today. Entrepreneurs must remember that building an application that provides and satisfies all the demands of users should be their goal. Applications like Instagram are the commonly used social media platforms by many people across the globe. So, if you want to develop a clone app, then you must have efficient software, clone script, and also modify any shortcoming of the official app.

Offering something more unique and fresh to users is what will keep you in the market for a very long time. Also, introducing new features might help you stay ahead in the race.
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