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What is an Instagram Clone App?

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Create app like Instagram using Instagram clone script with multiple features, starting from the simple news feed, Push notification, activity log, etc. to sophisticated image and video filters. AIS Technolabs is best in the business, focusing on building the Instagram clone app in a way that satisfies the individual needs. Our dedicated android instagram clone developers will add additional features according to the client’s business need. Our Customization for clone Instagram app would represent the uniqueness of android instagram clone app in the market and boost ROI. Our Instagram clone script is available for iOS, Android, and Windows. Making an app like Instagram helps people sharing pictures and videos publicly or privately on the web. Moreover, our developers make the Instagram Clone App more innovative and open the window to new trends.

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How to develop your own instagram with our instagram clone script?

1. Purchase your own instagram clone script

You can purchase an instagram clone app from AIS Technolabs and we can add your company’s logo to it. Our developed android instagram clone app with enriched features.

2. Add custom features to your instagram clone script

AIS Technolabs can help you add custom features to instagram clone script, so that you can build the desired solution.

3. Build your own instagram clone app from scratch by hiring experts

You can hire dedicated developers from AIS Technolabs to create the instagram clone app from scratch. We ensure cost-effective solutions of the highest quality.

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Our Development Cost to

Create app Like Instagram

App cost varies from platform to platform, such as Android, iOS, and Windows, and also depends upon various factors like architecture, design, and technology. For iOS or Android or both – the development cost depends upon the platform that the clients are selecting. Some operating systems require more testing and adaptive features that are screen sizes and resolutions. So, the cost also depends on the complexity of the features that have been used to create app like Instagram.

Furthermore, Instagram Clone App is a complex app that requires more experienced developers, coders, and designers. The only reason behind its success is highly intuitive and simplicity in usage. So, hire expert developers and smarter technologies to make an app like Instagram that will bring good results.

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The requirement of Creating

an Instagram like Photo Sharing App for the Business Industry

Instagram is considered as one of the world’s most popular social media applications due to its photo-sharing and user interaction features. If entrepreneurs are looking to Make an App like Instagram along with photo sharing and chatting features, then our qualified developers can get it done for them. The clients can easily hire our best Instagram Clone developers to make an app like Instagram by using the latest trends, advanced tools, and technologies.

With the main purpose of building the best user experience, our qualified team follows the agile app development process to develop a top-notch photo sharing app like Instagram. We also allow the users to upload the pictures and videos with just some simple taps on the screen. However, with an increase in smartphones, social media apps help to connect people around the world and covering more and more businesses.

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What is the Role of AIS Technolabs in Developing

Instagram Clone App
instagram clone app

We create a clone of Instagram using our innovative source code packed with image filters, video filters, and social connections to make the client’s app more profitable and attractive. But it depends on the features and the platform the clients choose for their apps. Still, our development process is cost-effective and impressive. We assure our customers that we shall provide maximum benefits to their business through our services.

Our primary aim is to give 100% satisfaction to our clients. With the development of an Instagram Clone App, we also take care of its marketing. The Instagram Clone has a vast market, and our marketing team knows well how to put your piece of cake in the market to get maximum attention. We boost the client’s app campaign with our proven strategy. Our business analytics team will take care of the client’s queries and advise them on their plan to make it more exciting and unique.


To make a website like Instagram, start by researching the features and functionalities you want in your product. Next, search for the popular technologies that can allow you to develop a feature-rich and secure website like Instagram, take tech consultation if necessary. Engage with a reliable company for the development work. Once the website is deployed, maintain it and scale your website as necessary for business growth.

The cost of developing an app like Instagram can be between $50,000- $60,000, depending on the platforms and technologies you use for the development work. You can easily reduce the development cost by using the instagram clone app, which has all the necessary features of the Instagram-like application.

A website like Instagram would have social media logins, OTP generated login, email notifications, push notifications, messaging, calling features, multi-facted search bar and most importantly media sharing of various types. You can even add the latest features of Instagram which is reels to your website.

Instagram is a multi-platform application available on Android, iOS and web platforms. To develop an app as feature-rich as Instagram, you must focus on important factors that influence the cost of development, which includes technology, developers, designers, features, complexities, etc. You can talk with our tech consultants to know more about the estimated development cost of your particular project

Instagram clone script is a clone application which runs very similar to Instagram. All the necessary features of the world-class Instagram app are present in the clone, and also you can customize it to meet your unique needs.

Instagram Clone source code is the fundamental component of the clone app provided by us. It gives you complete ownership over the product, allowing you to make changes into the code, or take drastic business suggestions such as selling or merging business.

A clone application is a product that is based on an existing product in the market. You can buy an instagram clone app from AIS technolabs, one of the most trusted app development companies world-wide and reduce the development cost and time significantly.

An Instagram ready-made application is a pre-built application that has all the necessary functionalities and features of the existing Instagram application. It is not a complete product, but is highly customizable to meet your unique business needs or used as it is with little rebranding.

Instagram clone app development refers to the development of an application that is a clone of an existing product. It has a unique code script, and you get to own the source code of the application to completely govern the future of the application in the market.

Instagram clone website development refers to instagram clone PHP script. It is a feature-rich website with coinciding features to that of the existing Instagram website. AIS Technolabs, you can choose to buy a ready-made clone app or a customized product to meet the needs of your ongoing project.

Instagram script development refers to unique code script development of the Instagram clone app. Using the clone script we build iOS and Android instagram clone applications with the base features of the Instagram app.

You can use our website to purchase the Instagram clone app. Select the product you would like to purchase, go to the checkout page and select the payment mode that suits you best. We offer you a secure payment method that allows you to pay from Credit/ Debit cards, e-wallets, UPI, etc.

AIS Technolabs is a leading Instagram Clone App development company. We are globally known for our clone Instagram. We have top-rated products that allow you to develop highly customizable products. We give you efficient products that provide scalable products for business growth.

You can use iOS and Android instagram clone or Instagram clone php script to develop your own product. It helps you develop scalable products by making customizations to it. Following that, you can also rebrand our existing product and start your own business with an instagram-like application.

AIS Technolabs offers you a highly scalable hiring option. You can easily hire dedicated resources for instagram clone app development and customization. Hire expert resources with 5+ years of experience in app development on hourly, full-time and part-time basis.

Once you make the purchase of the clone instagram application, we would confirm your payment and provide you a download link. You can also seek assistance from our customer care executives in case you need any assistance, we are always there to help you.

Of all the trusted clone instagram providers, we highly recommend our product because of the benefits you receive by engaging with us. AIS Technolabs Instagram clone is tested, secure and top-rated globally. With more than 50+ sales of product, and 100% client satisfaction, we stand unprecedented in the market.

We provide you ready-made android and iOS instagram clone app scripts. Upon the purchase of our product we give you the source code of the application too. The ownership of the code gives you complete power over the product.

Instagram clone website development is very cost-effective as it already has all the base components required for the development. You can make customization to it or rebrand it easily which is not time-intensive and thus gives you faster turnaround time.

Instagram clone mobile application development is a much more efficient option for app development. At AIS Technolabs you get products that have multi-platform functionality app clones that can be used for building full-fledged applications. Also you can go for a unique code development, to know more about the prices, connect today with our efficient support team.

For finding a trustworthy clone app development provider you must have a criteria to evaluate their experience and expertise.

  • Checkout the rating and reviews of the product
  • Read testimonials
  • Ask for recommendations
  • Check out if they provide you the source code.
  • See their post-purchase support

You must look for highly experienced clone app developers that have in-depth knowledge of developing social media apps. At AIS Technolabs we have 7+ years of experienced developers where you can hire them on hourly, part-time and full-time basis. Also you can resize your team size as per the project requirement anytime.

Hire the best developer to develop a unique code script for an instagram clone app. It would allow you to develop a base application that can be used for building scalable applications with features and functionality competitive to the leading products.

Readymade instagram clone script can be downloaded from our site upon the purchase of the product. We provide you a download link with all the necessary details to make the download process easy. Feel free to contact us, in case you need any assistance.

A clone app development can take 2 weeks to 4 weeks, depending on the features, functionalities, technology and number of developers working on the project. Consult our tech experts to share your product details and learn about the estimated time of development.

Cost of developing a clone app is less than the cost of developing a full-fledged social network that functions like Instagram. It takes less time and less resources and you can make the budget cuts without hindering the quality of solution.

Instagram clone app development is a modern day solution for businesses looking for a faster turnaround time in the market at significantly less cost than a full-fledged development of a social media application. It is good for developing a beta product or fully functional alpha app. It is a worthwhile experience for developers as well as entrepreneurs.

You can buy an Instagram clone app from AIS Technolabs and enjoy numerous perks. We provide you post-purchase support of 1 year, have a 24*7 customer support teams in place and you get to own the source code. Our product is also regarded as the best in the market.