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Instagram has taken over the world like a wildfire. The app's popularity is due to the parent company Facebook and the innovativeness it keeps on bringing for its users. Entrepreneurs and companies from all over the world try to replicate the strategy and opt to develop clone apps in the process. Several features are involved and a cost to inculcate while developing a social network app that the article talks about.


Instagram was introduced as a photo, and video sharing app became a world sensation in the past five years. The majority of the credit for the popularity growth goes to Facebook, which bought the app in 2012. The app's functionality grew exponentially, and now it is not just a video or photo-sharing app, but also considered an effective marketing tool by many companies. Some companies want to have similar tools to use Instagram clone PHP, which helps to create an instagram clone app. The Instagram clone contains all the essential features present in the original but available at a lower price. Companies also benefit from the customization that is possible with the clone Instagram app
basic features of social networking app like instagram

Basic Features of Social Networking App Like Instagram

1) Authorization

The users of the Instagram clone app need to go through the proper authorization process before getting facilitated by various features present on the app. The companies developing the apps need to ensure a formal registrations process for users by providing different credentials. The credentials supplied by the users may include any one of the following:

  • valid phone number
  • a functioning e-mail ID
  • a social media page name
Providing any one of the above three to the company will ensure authorization of genuine persons on the platforms to keep other users safe. The companies, in return, get the contact details of the users.

2) Profile editing

Once the users of the clone Instagram, they can log in via providing the username and password created during the registration process. The profile-editing feature of the app lets the user edit the account and make the required changes to their profile or account. This editing makes each account different, and users personalize their accounts as per wants and choices. Some of the fields present on the android Instagram clone, which are altered as per the user's test, include name, age, contact details, i.e., phone number, website details, profile picture, bio, and much more. The manipulation gets implemented via the client and server-side interaction.

3) Uploading photos and videos

One of the essential features of any social media platform is the uploading and sharing of photos and videos. This is something that the developers should take care of while developing an instagram clone app. As the name suggests, this feature allows the users of the app to upload photos and videos. The developers use various tools to implement photos and video uploads within the app. The developers need to focus on providing other features, which are associated with media uploads. These small details include previewing the images and videos, uploading draft content, adding comments to the posts, tagging, etc.

4) Photo editing

The Instagram app is primarily famous for its photo editing and innovative filters. Thus, an Instagram clone app needs to incorporate the feature of filters. The users on these app types enjoy editing the photos, paying with tint curves, and changing the way the photos look. To deliver to the users' high expectations, developers of the clone Instagram app must add these filters and keep updating them. The developers often provide the option for creating a new filter from the standard filters available to the users or copying the codes of readymade filters.

5) Link with social networks

If the users on the Instagram clone can interact with their friends no matter what social media platform they prefer, it will be a boon to the app. Several social media platforms are present on the internet, and a majority of them have a separate app to cater to the audience using mobile phones. People have their preferences with various platforms. Suppose the app has a feature to connect to different platforms. In that case, people won't feel hesitant to use the app. the developers can form connections between the account ID of the app and social media account ID.

6) Geo-location

Integrating Geo-location features in the android Instagram clone will enhance the user experience of the app users. It improves the functionality of the application, making it more interactive. It is often observed that users like to share the location details of the photos and videos for reference purposes. Developers of the app can implement the GPS facilities with the help of various Instagram clone PHP that works for both iOS and Android. This feature will help the people connect with the users, not only see the name of the places but also find the actual location on the map.

7) Search

It is impossible to think of an app similar to Instagram that lacks the search option. The search features help the users of the app to look for a specific set of information. The information can be anything, a photo, video, an account, several photos & videos containing similar information, and more. An Instagram clone must have this feature to make it easy for the users. The developers can incorporate this feature into the clone app by customizing the codes.

8) Messaging and commenting

People want to communicate with each other through the app as well. It becomes problematic when the users connect with a person on the clone Instagram app and communicate with the user via another application. Providing the users to chat in real-time and have communication is essential for the success of the application. Commenting on the photos and videos is another feature that the app must incorporate to boost the communication between users.

9) Stories

It is a relatively new concept for Instagram itself. The story sections let the users share moments of their day with others. The most significant advantage of stories is that they disappear in 24 hours if they don't save them. Along with sharing photos,there is an option for video sharing, though the duration for each video story is 30 seconds. There are exciting options like boomerang, superzoom, rewind videos, and many more present in the story section.
why choose a readymade instagram clone script

Why choose a readymade Instagram clone script?

Instagram is an impressive piece of technology that is created by many trials and errors. Obtaining a similar app by building the app from ground level can be a pricey task at hand. But there is also a cheap solution available for companies short on resources that is the Instagram clone app. The code of this application is copied from the original script of the main application. The most significant advantage comes at the price; the readymade script provided by reputed companies costs very little compared to self-designing the application. The next is the advantage of customization and plug-ins.
how much does it cost to create a social networking app like instagram

How much does it cost to create a social networking app like Instagram?

Generally, the cost to create a social media app is not precise if it depends upon the development company and the client's requirement. The cost of building an app depends significantly on time required to incorporate the features that the clients want in the app. So, the more features, the more time it will need to integrate them, and the more will be the cost of development. Apart from this cost depends on the development company, some companies like AIS Technolabs provide seamless apps at very reasonable price labels.
how ais technolabs can help you to create app like instagram

How AIS Technolabs can help you to create app like Instagram?

The teams at AIS Technolabs consist of experts who have years of experience in developing phenomenal clone applications. The company has worked with numerous clients with different industry backgrounds, making the company the best choice for getting the clone Instagram ready. The team understands the client's requirements and works towards fulfilling every request made by the clients. It has a specialty in clone app development, using powerful scripts that are customizable at the same time to suit the company's requirements. So, if you want a clone app developed, AIS Technolabs will do the job for you.
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