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Taxi App Development

Quick summary

Taking a cab in those days was a dream for many, and it was considered an honor of royalty. But Uber-like apps have set a new trend for every common user to avail taxis in an affordable and organized manner. And today, taxis become an essential need with the amazing features introduced in the Uber app.

Moreover, Uber's on-demand model has been one of the best standards for many industry niches. This, in turn, has increased the demand for taxi app development, and several industries are now ready to buy an Uber Clone App for taxi app development and customize
it as per their needs. So what do you gain from this blog:

  • The growth statistics of taxi app development
  • The importance/need for taxi booking app
  • What features a taxi app offer for taxi drivers, users, and admin?
  • How to make money by developing a taxi app?
  • How can we provide you with benefits as a taxi app development company?
  • How much does it cost for a taxi app development?

Taxi app development market report from the latest research states that we can expect a massive growth at 21% CAGR in the global ride-hailing market across the world by 2023. In 2017, the market for ride-sharing taxis was at $36 billion. As per the latest studies, it was showcased to improve to $126 million by 2025. The current valuation of various taxi apps is given below.

  • Uber with 72 billion
  • Didi Chuxing with 56 billion
  • BMW with 400 million
  • Lyft with 11.5 billion
  • Ola with 3.8 million
  • Grab with 3.8 billion
  • BlaBla car with 1.6 billion
  • Daimler with 7.1 billion

What factors drive the growth of taxi app development?

Certain factors decide the future of taxi app development companies and whether they turn it successful or not.

Demand for taxi services
Users' urge to use a taxi service keeps improving because of certain features included in the app. Providing live feedback of the ride, vehicle tracking, rating the service experience for riders, to name a few. The taxi booking script is developed in such a way that users can easily compare their ride prices and then book.

More employment opportunities
The taxi management software encourages drivers to opt for joining any taxi community either for full-time or part-time. Almost 40% of the driving crowd has chosen for a full-time job in driving taxis. Also, another report says that Uber has been offering 50,000 new jobs a month.

Improves mobility of service as a trend
The taxi app development process has set its taxi dispatch system so that anyone can take a ride from wherever they are. Those who do not have a car or depend on someone though having a car can avail of taxi booking services.

Must Feature To Be Integrated Into the Taxi App Development

Any taxi app development includes three stakeholders, such as rider, driver, and admin. Every stakeholder is offered a bunch of features individually to ensure smooth operability in every stage. If you want to develop a basic taxi app, these features become a need.

Driver app

The driver app is developed to check drivers' everyday ride activity and comes with peculiar features and user interface. It is directly connected to the admin dashboard to check whether drivers adhere to your company rules and norms.


This is mainly for drivers to see their rides, earnings, and profits along with information about ride histories, including total distance traveled, user feedback, etc.

Fare calculator

This is to receive payment details after every ride. Your app should allow both card and cash payments.


This notifies your drivers about canceled trips, ride requests, and new text messages.


This will enable drivers to rate their riders.

Rider app

After installing the app, every rider should register and create a profile for managing their rides and payment functions.

Book a ride

Riders can pin their location and destination details and then book a ride here.


This is for users to know the estimated time of arrival of the driver.


Riders get info about their rides, payments, and canceled trips here.

Fare calculator

This provides the fare before riders booking.


Riders can leave their feedback about the ride or the driver, here.

Admin app

Through the admin panel, you can operate your entire business and implement controls wherever necessary.


Here, you can view the complete statistical report of your earnings, profits, and number of users who used your taxi app service.


You can see every report of the driver and the rider here.


This lets admin observe and manage their vehicle and driver movements, vehicle types, reviews, and more.

Apart from these features, you should add location sharing, ride histories, chat support, payment methods, which keep up your brand image among users in terms of security, privacy, convenience, and great support.

How to Make Money with Taxi App Development?

Uber taxi app has splendid features that get them awesome revenue in all the ways. Similarly, if you want to go for a taxi app development and achieve high profits out of it, here are some of the features that you can follow.

Perform in-depth market research
This is the foremost factor that you should perform and determine the scope for an on-demand taxi application. You should look for your target audience, what offers can attract them, and leverage your service through offers.

Develop a revenue-based business model
Create an A-Class revenue business model for your taxi app and make it appear multilingual and user-friendly so that your users find it easy to move with. Introduce refer & earn strategy and allow users to share/recommend the app to their friends.

Dig out the budget for rides
One of the top and best reasons users prefer Uber is its reasonable price compared to other taxi services. So do complete research on market pricing for rides and fix the one which is affordable by users. This will increase the number of regular users for your taxi app.

Adapt cross-platform culture
Instead of sticking on to one particular mobile platform, introduce your app in multiple platforms so the reach in several users increases.

Provide the best design & experience
Keep your app design attractive but straightforward; same time, give options that users can understand clearly and navigate throughout your app without any confusion.

Finally, develop a proper payment system and a great marketing strategy, which should take you the success step.

How We Support You Concerning Taxi App Development?

We have experts who have prior experience and sound knowledge in the taxi app development. We provide a ready-to-use Uber Clone app for your benefit so that with few customizations as per your need, you can effortlessly proceed with launching a new taxi app business. We provide the perfect and suitable taxi booking script and taxi dispatch system in our taxi management software, customized with adding more features if required. Our taxi app development services ensure the following benefits to our clients:

  • Uncompromising app quality
  • Continuous support from the Clone app purchase until you needs us
  • Best Uber clone app development at competitive pricing

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like Uber?

The cost of taxi app development depends on features and functionality integrated, technology and platform used, resources required, and developers' costs.

To know the estimated Uber-like taxi app cost, share your requirement with us. We offer at a very competitive price that can be affordable by even a start-up compared to market prices.


Hoping you got more inputs for a taxi app development through this blog. If you want to be successful as Uber, you must think of more unique features keeping your riders in mind. Approach us for any queries and development support if you have a taxi app development requirement.


If it is a basic version of one platform, it may take 4-6 weeks for a taxi app development.

Again, to develop a taxi app for drivers like Uber, it takes at least 4-6 weeks.

You may approximately have to invest a minimum 25000 USD because it includes app development for three stakeholders-admin, rider, and driver. Share your requirements with us to know the exact investment needed to develop Uber-like taxi booking app.

We provide a ready-to-use Uber clone app, whereas, with fewer customizations, you can start your own taxi business at the cheapest and best price. Contact us for more queries and clarifications.
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