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Creating a Viber-like Chat App: Step-by-Step Guide

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In this article, we will see how social media messaging apps like Viber have transformed the way of communication for both individuals and businesses, thus creating the perfect industry for flourishing entrepreneurs to launch their own Viber Clone App. So if you are one of those looking for ways to develop a chat application like Viber, then this post is just for you.


In the world of social media, chatting apps have become a more familiar medium of conversation to catch up with people. This trend has made it a flourishing industry for new ventures to enter the market and establish their chat application like Viber using a source code specially designed for an app similar to Viber. This calls for help from industry professionals to bring out the maximum potentiality of the software being used to develop such an application. The application also requires a code repository known as Viber clone script, an exact structured copy of the original application to get all the latest features used in the Viber app.
What is Viber? What Makes it a Popular Messaging App?

What is Viber? What Makes it a Popular Messaging App?

Viber is a popular live chatting app that allows users to instantly send photos, videos, texts, files, etc. Through this app, people can also make calls over the Internet for free. A Japanese company made the Viber application that can run on multiple platforms and operating systems. The best part of Viber is that it can operate both on the computer and mobile phones over the Internet.
The disappearing message system is one of the most notable features of Viber. This feature helps a user to delete the messages without even keeping a record of them. It also provides a feature to hide the messages that you want. The best part of this application is that it is fully secured due to its end-to-end encryption; this means no one, including the company itself, can access your messages from outside.
What important things do you need to know while developing a chat application?

What important things do you need to know while developing a chat application?

While developing a chat application, a developer needs to follow some basic features and requirements to create the most efficient Viber clone app that contains all the functionalities of the original application and few additional features that will give a unique touch to your product. These points vary from developer to developer and the clients' requirements. However, if you want to create an exact clone of the Viber application, the developer needs to follow the same framework used to develop the original version.These elements will coordinate the whole system of the application, thereby developing a smooth-running Viber clone app.
Key Steps to Develop a Messaging Application

Key Steps to Develop a Messaging Application

In this reign of social media, businesses are also finding their ways out through these social media platforms. Today, everything is being conducted using the most powerful messaging applications, from creating awareness to promoting various events, products, and services. Hence, we can understand the need for a robust chatting application to prepare the perfect battleground for many small to large business organizations. There are various steps involved in the development process of a chatting application; however, for simplicity, we have brought forward the four main steps that the developer must keep in mind to create the ultimate solution for a messaging application.

Plan the App Features

Since we are discussing the Viber clone app development process, we must first plan out the features that need to be added to the product. However, the functionalities must be similar to those of the original Viber app. under this process, and we have to identify, collect and understand the in-depth background of Viber. Based on the analysis, the developer needs to plan out the app structure, which is a clone of the original one and contains some unique features that will give a distinctive touch to the application. It is also necessary that you get the correct information about the technologies being used to create and manage the functionality of Viber. Based on this knowledge, the developers can maintain a constantly smooth-running Viber clone app and upgrade it with each new feature introduced in the technological world.

Choosing the Right Monetizing Model

Various monetizing models are available for entrepreneurs who are going to launch their own Viber clone app. However, with that said, the monetizing model depends on multiple factors associated with its market. The first one is the target audience. The launching company must understand which type of people are going to use their chatting application more. The second factor is to analyze your potential competitors and their operations and the technologies they are using. This process requires detailed research about the companies that have already launched similar kinds of apps. The third and most vital factor is the misty structure that remains planned.
If you create a Viber clone app, you cannot succeed if you copy every feature present on the original application. Something unique needs to be added to the app to make it distinctive from those already launched in the market. Based on these three factors, you can choose your best monetizing model. This can be either in the form of in-app purchases or in the form of in-app advertising.

Must-have Features

A mobile application cannot be successful in the market without attractive features and functionalities. These are the elements that customers look for when they are searching for a chatting application. It needs to be helpful and, at the same time, unique, thus giving the customers enough reason to download your application without giving any second thought. The common feature includes the registration page where the customer needs to register their phone number for the user authentication process. The application must also have a system that allows users to import their contacts saved on their devices. Consumers look for typing indicators, video and audio calling systems, push notifications, media file-sharing systems, etc.

Hire The Mobile App Development Team

Since developing a mobile application is a complex and technical process, it calls for a professional's attention. These people have in-depth knowledge and are well-versed in utilizing the latest technologies and programming languages. This will help them create the most advanced and smooth functioning application that requires minimal management and maintenance. This is the beauty of hiring a renowned mobile app development team for your app development project.
How can AIS Technolabs help in developing Viber-like apps for Android/iOS?

How can AIS Technolabs help in developing Viber-like apps for Android/iOS?

Suppose you want to excel in this industry of chatting applications. In that case, you need to develop the most eye-catching, interactive, user-friendly, and high graphics mobile app that will drive more users to your application. You can achieve such proficient service only from profound developers. With that said, there is no other organization like AIS Technolabs who have proved their worth in this field for more than a decade now. With a highly-skilled, experienced, and innovative team of developers, we create this industry as the most worthwhile and practical mobile application using our knowledge of the latest cutting-edge technology. It provides you with a guarantee that the product you will be receiving is one of its kind with the same structure as the original version, thus giving a great impact of uniqueness to your Viber clone app.

How Much Does a Messaging App Like Viber Cost?

The advertising campaigns often confuse people's minds regarding the cost of developing a Viber clone app. It is pre-assumed by people that app development companies will charge thousands of dollars to establish a Viber clone app. However, it is not the exact case.

The cost depends only on features, designs, and contents of the applications. The more complex the features, companies, and vice versa will charge, the more price. Similar is the case with designs and contents too. The more eye-catching and unique design your request, the more charges can be charged by website designers. Therefore, it depends on the type and size of the client's project and may vary with each client based on the requirements.


To sum it up, we can conclude that both individuals and businesses are looking for apps like Viber. Therefore, it is a perfect place for new ventures to launch their application. So if you are looking for a complete package where you can get the Viber clone script,software, contents, and designs, AIS Technolabs is the best place to contact, thus giving you the perfect opportunity to get your project done by the industry's best developers at cost-effective rates.
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