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How to Create an App like Zomato

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Nowadays, Food Delivery Apps have greater demand among the masses. The love for delicious cuisines is above all other things. Food delivery apps comprise various restaurants providing delicious and drool-worthy cuisines. With this booming technological era, everything is possible through our mobile phones. However, everyone would be satisfied if a few more options are incorporated into this industry. To make this work more accessible, we have devised a guide to help you build food delivery apps or Zomato clone apps.


We all are big foodies, but it is not always possible for us to make all sorts of dishes. Restaurants are a good option but in a world where time is money, then who does have the time to go out and pick for food? To fulfill this desire of satisfying our taste buds, food delivery apps like Zomato, Swiggy, Food Panda, UberEats, and others have been developed. And now, to make life even easier for food lovers, Zomato clone apps have entered the market.

Zomato has set a significant standard for other food delivery apps. It has set the bar for other companies in the field. In this insanely competitive market where food delivery apps like Zomato and a handful of others hold a prime position in the race, the demand for similar easy-to-use applications with apex technological advancement is high.
How to create an app like Zomato?

How to create an app like Zomato?

If you are planning to create a Zomato clone app, you need to be well versed with the techniques of developing various on-demand food delivery apps. With the high-end technology of AIS Technolabs, this job can be made relatively easier for you.

Follow these steps to develop an app like Zomato successfully:

1) Hire Zomato app developers to create a Zomato clone script

To create your own Zomato clone script, you can outsource and employ coders. Select your price model and choose according to what best fits your requirements. We at AIS Technolabs will surely try to provide you with such a highly experienced team of expert clone Zomato app developers.

2) Customize your features

Get an insight into how Zomato-like apps work and what features and services they provide. It will help you to add custom features to your app. Rely on customer preferences. Make your portal relatable and user-friendly, and appeal to your customers on a psychological level.
Basic Zomato App features

Basic Zomato App features

The essential features of the Zomato App are:

1) Restaurant Details

For all food delivery apps, details of the restaurant are essential. The food ordering mobile app should provide the customer with restaurant names, items on the menu, and price.

Additional details like a restaurant review, best dishes, time of delivery, and photos of the place should be added for customer convenience.

2) No-Contact delivery

A contactless delivery is a significant feature that should be added to your Zomato clone app. It will allow you to build a healthy company-client bond, help the customer to receive their order from the restaurant without any physical contact.

3) Review and ratings

Another striking feature is that this Zomato clone app portrays the reviews and ratings of various restaurants which the customers provide. These are fundamental metrics that allow a new customer to choose among several restaurants.

Reviews and ratings aid the customer in choosing dishes more quickly and efficiently. Simultaneously, this feature allows the customer to find the best restaurant.
On-Demand Food Delivery Business Model like Zomato

On-Demand Food Delivery Business Model like Zomato

To create an app like Zomato, understanding its business model is essential. This way you can explore all its services and possibilities. Zomato app consists of three critical elements in its business model:

First is the Customer Segment. This includes Local Restaurants where Zomato allows restaurants to make themselves visible to the customer. Then from the user’s end, it helps the user locate a restaurant and offers them home delivery services. Lastly, the active reviews provided the reviewers about the food and restaurants and other relevant information, to help with the engagement process.

Zomato acts as the bridge between the customer and partner restaurants. Zomato has developed a well-designed pricing model for its specific delivery services. The addition of features like Piggybank and Zomato Gold has enhanced the quality of services provided by Zomato.

Zomato’s recent partnerships with big names like Uber Taxi, PayPal have improved the business model of Zomato.

The partners have provided aid to Zomato in various aspects, from finding a location to set-up, work placements, hiring and other procedures, handling operational, market research, accounting, political and legal issues, etc.

How does Zomato work?

Zomato works as an on-demand food delivery business model. It has high demand and is loved for the way it works. It has also achieved the QAAA model, i.e., it assures to maintain Accessibility, Quality, Assortment, and Affordability for all its partners and customers.

This is the process in which the food delivery app works:

  • Whenever a customer places an order on Zomato, the application sends a notification to the respective restaurant, a delivery person nearest to the restaurant, and the platform owner.
  • They coordinate among themselves to make the food reach the customer. It doesn't work on a single restaurant or a delivery chain basis.
  • It collaborates with a third party to provide delivery services.
  • Zomato keeps track of its logistics and has its distribution partners.

Readymade or custom Zomato app development for Android or iOS

Experienced Zomato app developers along with professional companies promise to make high-quality custom Zomato clone apps. Online food ordering apps like Zomato support Android or iOS platforms. Users can choose the device of their choice to order their favorite food online completely hassle-free.

Zomato clone online food delivery mobile apps provide a list of various nearby restaurants all across the city. Users can pick a nearby restaurant of their choice and use these apps to have scrumptious, mouth-watering food.

AIS Technolabs provides readymade or customized Zomato clone apps. AIS Technolabs, one of the highly demanded software companies, can help you build the perfect food delivery app for Android and iOS.
How to create app like Zomato

How to create your Zomato-like app in 2021?

If you aim to create an app like Zomato, you have to work on a prototype for testing. After that, you will be required to fulfill specific pointers to make your Zomato clone app a success. These are the requirements you need to fill:

  • Provide an easy navigation facility to the customer.
  • Have a 24/7 online customer portal and helpline availability.
  • Make your app appealing. A good UI/UX is essential for the success of any app. This ensures a user-friendly environment.
  • Mobile apps need login or registration. Include all the essential user information like username, phone number, email id, and password. This information will help you to track the customer and provide customized services.
  • Enable promo codes and discounts.
  • Ensure safe and secure payment methods
  • Customers should have easy access to track the delivery person's location and get notified upon reaching their orders.

Zomato IPO Public investment guide

IPO refers to Initial Public Offering. It is the process by which private corporations offer their shares to be transformed into public companies. Zomato is off to set foot in the Indian market with an IPO valuation of $10 billion. It wants to proceed with its IPO towards the acquisition and organic growth. Zomato will be one of India's first mega startups to access public markets.


Now that you have developed a roadmap to create your Zomato clone app, set food on the platform, and plan for its execution. Food Delivery Apps are the new hype of the market. For all budding entrepreneurs aiming to enter this field, this comprehensive guide to Zomato clone app building will help you in every way. AIS Technolabs is a click away from providing all kinds of help you need in this business. With more than 15 years into this on-demand industry, we help you create flawless and instant apps, websites, and software in all categories, thereby helping your business reach its boom. To know more about us, drop a 'Hi' in the chat box and get a demo for free!
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