How to Use Social Media to Boost an Ecommerce Website’s Revenue

How To Use Social Media To Boost An E-commerce Website's Revenue

Businesses and marketers across the globe are always looking for new and better ways to bring their products to customers. Social media has expanded in ways few could have foreseen during the last decade. According to a poll, 73% of Americans use YouTube, whereas 68% are active on Facebook. Besides, 35% to 24% of the population uses other social media platforms. It includes Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Pinterest.

Recent figures state that more individuals are utilizing social media than ever before. Ecommerce and social media are a perfect fit. A while ago, marketers also started using social media channels and boutique SEO tools to communicate with clients of eCommerce sites. People are increasingly purchasing online and learning more about the products. It can be specified from their online social media activity.

Social media marketing for Ecommerce: What does it entail?

Boutique digital marketing on social media can help your eCommerce strategy and increase your sales. Social media boutique marketing helps increase brand recognition and website traffic. It may also aid you in developing reliable connections with new leads or clients who have already purchased your products in the past. Social media platforms facilitate built-in tools for targeting your particular demographics. It includes creating adverts and selling straight from your social media accounts.

Millennials depend largely on internet reviews. Therefore, social networking is a great platform to promote your eCommerce business. It gives your company a distinct identity that customers can relate to and enjoy interacting with. Through social media, brands can connect and communicate directly with customers. Also, collect data that potential leads have voluntarily given up. Thus, your brand's social media accounts and website can target and understand their visitors' behavior.

Various Ways to use Social Media to Increase your E-commerce Website's Revenue

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Decide on your ideal target market and the platforms they like.

Your targeted leads create a big impact on the goals you set for yourself. Creating customer personas is an excellent way. The personas that represent your ideal consumer are exactly based on data. If you check each of them as an individual, you will see that they come from various backgrounds. While starting an eCommerce business, you should know what customers want. All social media activities related to eCommerce can benefit from social media marketing.

When conducting a social media campaign, you'll need set goals like the competitors. Depending on that, they'll need a varied set of resources. It's a waste of time and money if you don't know who your ideal customers are and if your web content doesn't connect with them. Use the channels that your ideal consumers and target market use to communicate with your viewers. Make sure that boutique e-commerce digital marketing is only effective when it gets done properly.

Prepare your content and schedule it for the future.

In an e-commerce store, you should also have your ‘blog specific section’ on your website. Here, you can provide complete information about the products. The more posts you have, the easier it will be to schedule them to appear on your social network accounts over time. If your website is mostly related to the information that brought the visitors to your site, there's a strong chance they'll buy something from the same.

Give back to the community.

Vendors who regularly publish low-quality links to their product pages fail to engage their audience. Social media users are looking for valuable, qualitative, and engaging content. Thus, vendors are responsible for providing content offers that benefit their followers. Thus, it's crucial to find out what they're interested in and publish about it.

For the same, companies should refrain from promoting themselves. There should be some promotion. It should get matched by posts that do not attempt to sell something. A firm or product's top features must get highlighted during sales and offers. Also, an effective approach to accomplish this is through the use of long-form content.

Customer service

Understandably, your primary aim is to attract new consumers. But don't forget about your current consumers, either. Social media also plays a significant role as a customer service channel. Customers may use your profiles to learn more about you, ask questions, or provide suggestions. So, you need to be ready to manage the comments and DMs that come your way.

It's just as important to show your brand's personality via your social media responses as through your posts. Testimonials from pleased customers are a type of social evidence. Engaging with comments is another great way to prove to your audience how much you respect and appreciate their input.

Use the power of social influencers to skyrocket your sales.

No PPC campaign is complete without the help of social media influencers. Your product's reputation and the revenue from sales get boosted by micro-influencers. These social media influencers may help promote your content on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and others. It's an effective technique to spread your message. Many businesses expect to spend more on influencers for online boutique marketing in upcoming years.

Search for "influencer marketing" on Google has increased by 325 percent in the last year alone. It is among the most common reasons why influencer marketing is effective. An 11-fold higher ROI can get achieved via influencer marketing than other kinds of boutique digital marketing. Promoting your items via social media influencers can benefit your social commerce strategy.

Your Pins may now include Shop the Look.

It's easy to overlook Pinterest amid all the attention paid to Instagram and Facebook. Pinterest's IPO announcement, however, alters the game for eCommerce businesses. With its 'Shop the Look' Pins, Pinterest will now compete with Google for ad income, as the company aims to improve direct response, on-platform transactions, and better contextual discovery. Olapic, a Pinterest partner, has already helped many reputed companies. Through this platform, you can generate new capabilities in online boutique marketing efforts.

It's common for people to utilize the site to look for inspiration, ideas, and things they enjoy. A feature that allows companies to put up buyable pins for eCommerce sites is a boon for Pinterest's commercial users. When a consumer comes across this table while surfing the site, they can quickly and easily make a purchase. Customers may use their credit cards or Apple Pay to purchase from you. Consumers using mobile devices will surely be delighted to hear this. Customers can finish the purchase process with a single click, resulting in a massive improvement in the conversion rates.

Display only relevant advertisements.

You may choose from a range of ad campaigns on social media networks, depending on which your target demographics are mainly concerned. With Facebook Lead Ads, you may find new consumers by identifying those who match your target audience's demographics and enticing them to sign up for your mailing list. For businesses, Instagram Stories are an excellent tool for generating video content. These stories allow prospective consumers to get a behind-the-scenes look at the team and the product you are selling.

You must consider whether or not your commercials will resonate with potential customers. Also, how your items can immediately impact their lives.

For consumers that abandon their shopping carts, you may utilize retargeting advertisements. The strategy of retargeting can get employed if someone visits your website. They take action, such as adding a product to their shopping cart but do not finish the transaction. Your website may track the customer's IP address and provide a discount or limited-time promotion. It is in exchange for returning to complete the transaction. Tracking the performance of your retargeting links on each social network will be mainly made possible through this strategy.

How can AIS Technolabs help you tweak your revenues?

Through social media boutique marketing, you can reach customers with nominal investment. To enjoy the benefits of your hard work in years to come, put your money into some potent place. Technical solutions for eCommerce platforms are what AIS Technolabs does best. Many useful functions are included in our extensions, allowing you to customize your online business in a full-fledged way. Using our multi-vendor extensions, your e-commerce website may be transformed into a marketplace like Etsy, Walmart, Amazon, or eBay. Also, the software supports various CMS platforms like Magento, Prestashop, Magento2, OpenCart, and many others.


In a highly competitive environment, it's difficult for online retailers to remain competitive. Maximize the number of platforms through which your products can get purchased. In addition to your regular e-commerce website, consider using eCommerce commerce stores and boutique SEO tools to expand your reach. To get started, go to Facebook and check it out. In addition, you should also consider using Instagram and Pinterest. You can increase the exposure of your business on social media by working with social media influencers.


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Hermit Chawla
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