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Swiggy Clone App

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Nothing beats good food, and what is better than having the best food in your comfort zone? In this high-demand food delivery market, launch your very own Swiggy clone app with the help of the best on-demand app development company, AIS Technolabs.


Venture the ways of the next-gen food delivery services with the Swiggy Clone app. The food delivery sector has risen to new levels, especially in this pandemic era. Entrepreneurs entering this market in recent times are largely successful in their businesses and are earning high profits through the food delivery chain.

As the owner of a Swiggy Clone app, if you want your business to flourish in every aspect, you must hire an on-demand app development company to get the best features.

To make your own Swiggy Clone app, you must know about specific pointers to make it a grand success. From a user-friendly interface to having a flawless delivery line to deliver the food to the customer's doorstep, it takes quite some time, effort, and planning to put it all together. Keep reading more to know everything about the development of the Swiggy clone app.
Swiggy clone app

Launch Your New Business for on-demand Swiggy Clone App

If you are looking for a new business opportunity, a Swiggy clone app is the best choice for you. Millennials prefer not to come out of their comfort zone; hence, an online food delivery service instead of visiting any restaurant is far more efficient for them in every way. Utilize this opportunity and find your target audience. Offer them a wide range of exciting eateries with a reach to tons of restaurants. Also, allow flexibility of payments and accessible handling features in your commendable Swiggy Clone App.

In today's world, if you wish to make a highly cost-effective and fully functional Swiggy clone app source code, then launch your very own business for an on-demand Swiggy clone app with us.
 Features of Swiggy clone app

Key Features of Swiggy Clone App

Making an app to find restaurants and deliver food will not get you the quality traffic you need; henceforth, many features are needed to be incorporated to create a prominent food delivery app. Take a look at all these features you should incorporate in your Swiggy clone app.

Contactless Delivery

After the outbreak of the pandemic, a lot of people prefer contactless delivery options regarding their food. As more people are getting comfortable with this feature, more and more restaurants are making it a must-have in their list. The contactless delivery system is a primary reason why the demand for food delivery apps is more than for restaurants.

With the provisions of contactless delivery, customers order food from the restaurant of their choice, and it gets delivered to their doorsteps without any physical contact with the service provider. The food delivery personnel gets notified about the feature and drops the package on the door. Flexible payment options are necessary for contactless delivery. It is safer, more efficient, and also builds better customer-company trust.


The takeaway feature is another provision, very useful in today's world. It allows customers to order food from any location via the Swiggy clone app and pick it up from the restaurants.

In this feature, the food is prepared by the restaurant and taken away by the delivery personnel to the customer, sitting at any location of their choice. Hence, having this feature in the app will be a profit as many people choose the takeaway service.

In elementary words, the customer places their order via the app and gets assigned with a delivery partner, who visits the restaurant on time to pick it up and get it delivered to the customer safely. It is a handy feature for working professionals.

Reviews and ratings

Reviews and Ratings are other essential features to keep in mind when making an on-demand food delivery app. It allows the customer to rate the restaurant and the services of the food delivery chain so that other customers can benefit from that knowledge.

Here, all the essential information about a restaurant, like their bests, worsts, and preferences are mentioned. In terms of the delivery person, people can share their experiences and communicate with the public, whether good or bad.

Based on the reviews, it is essential both for the customer and the company, based on the reviews, and you will know what features are the best and which ones you should take a look at to improvise.

Live Tracking

Live tracking facility is one of the essential features for your Swiggy clone app. It allows the customer to track the delivery person from the restaurant to their respective locations. It enables the customer to keep track of the safety of their food. Live tracking also facilitates easy navigation so that there are no de-routes and the customer is satisfied to the fullest.

If you choose the Swiggy clone app source code of AIS Technolabs, you will get the feature of live tracking facilities and all other great provisions to launch your app in the market.

Multiple Payment Options

A flexible payment option is a must-have for any food delivery service. Allow the customer to avail of payment in any form they wish, from online transactions to cash payments. Multiple payment options are essential to access contactless delivery. It eases the food delivery process and encourages more customers to come in.

The Swiggy clone app source code is used as the best way to set-up an on-demand food delivery app, thereby allowing complete flexibility and ease in the payments.

Push Notifications

Push notifications encourage customer-company bonds. Suppose your customer downloads the Swiggy clone app. How do you make sure that it does not become dormant? By reminding them about your presence. Let your customers know about all the exciting offers and send them notifications about them. The On-demand meal delivery applications should develop a personal interaction with its clients. When you stimulate the required touchpoints, it is needless to say that the customers will enjoy your services. Therefore, push notifications are an essential feature for your Swiggy clone app.
Swiggy clone app script

What do we Offer in the Swiggy Clone App Script?

Like we said before when you are making an application for food delivery, there are many pointers you need to cover. AIS Technolabs allows you to do so.

We offer a cost-effective Swiggy clone app source code with all the best features to enable your customers all the delicious dishes from their favorite restaurants.

We offer the best features, including live tracking facilities, contactless delivery, flexible payments, reviews and ratings, notifications, user login and user profile, a friendly and easy interface, and everything else needed to make your app stay ahead in this highly competitive market.

Millions of food delivery startups are launched every year, but only a few stay until the end. If you want your Swiggy Food delivery app to be one of those, avail the best services of AIS Technolabs.
readymade on demand Swiggy clone app

Why Choose Our Readymade on-demand Swiggy Clone App?

If you are not a tech expert, it is only natural that you will need the help of an on-demand app development company. While there are so many in the market, not all provide the best products and, most importantly, authenticity needs to be checked properly. We assure you to give you all that you need with complete trust and security. Consider the following reasons for selecting AIS Technolabs.
  • We offer bug-free support. You don't have to worry about customer complaints and crashed apps.
  • You can customize your app completely and add any feature you want.
  • We will make the Swiggy app source code for both, android and iOS.
  • We guarantee that our on-demand app development services are less expensive than those offered by other firms in the industry.
  • We offer White label solutions

Wrap Up

In conclusion, AIS Technolabs is your one-stop-shop for the best quality Swiggy clone app development. Access the best features and provisions with our app development services and get the complete satisfaction of your customers. In no time, you are sure to become one of the food delivery app business tycoons in the market. Beat your competition easily and stay ahead. Get low-cost Swiggy clone app source code and make it your own with the best services of AIS Technolabs. Launch your business and grow bigger every day!
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