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Sunny Chawla

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Sunny Chawla is a CEO at AIS Technolabs which is a Web/App Design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow. He is having expertise in Digital Marketing, Game Development & Product Development.

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An enterprise must establish some creative foundation ideas to build hybrid mobile apps. The native-like frameworks are becoming more popular in creating mobile apps, and the UI/UX designs matter the most for any mobile app development firm. Ionic is an open-source framework used for building hybrid mobile applications.

The ionic app development services were released in November 2013. It was built on the most powerful frameworks like Angular JS and Apache Cordova to provide excellent tools for creating hybrid mobile apps. The ionic app development mainly focuses on creating hybrid mobile applications that offer enhanced design and sleek animation facilities.

Benefits of using the Ionic Mobile App Development:

There are tons of benefits to using the ionic framework, which helps build seamless hybrid applications that work efficiently on any platform. Let's look at some of the advantages of using the ionic framework.

Free Open-Source Framework

Ionic is a free and open-source framework that provides platform-specific CSS-optimized apps for running on various hybrid mobile operating systems.

An ionic app development company offers HTML and JS elements, reducing the hassle of rewriting codes. Ionic is licensed under MIT, and ionic makes other mobile apps reliable and faster in performing tasks.

UX/UI Designs

The ionic framework has numerous default elements, such as JavaScript and CSS, that help build cross-platform mobile applications. Front-end frameworks allow you to create an interactive and user-friendly application. An extraordinary UX/UI design offers mind-blowing features for users.

Any ionic mobile app development company provides various animations, themes, and designs. Ionic development is loaded with various technicalities for ionic app development.

Cross-Platform Development

With the top ionic app development company, users can code easily from their comfort zone and run hybrid mobile applications from anywhere. The ionic framework allows clients to make fewer coding efforts and utilize more resources to build applications. These applications are created to operate smoothly on multiple platforms.

The ionic framework facilitates ionic android app development services along with iOS and windows app development. The ionic app development company creates customized and compatible apps which serve users worldwide. Clients' businesses gain popularity with these apps, which are also cost-effective and time-saving.

Use of Cordova Plugins

In the development of ionic apps, plugins feature is a vital function. At the beginning of ionic app development, the ionic developer introduced the world's fastest-performing Cordova plugin. Designers and developers can use various components to develop new hybrid mobile applications according to their schedules.

Cordova plugins are mainly used for native support. The Cordova plugin features include GPS, Camera, Flashlight, and many others, incorporated into the mobile app prototypes by developers. Applications built with Angular JS are easily tested and deployed through the Cordova plugin.

Widget Development

The apps or widgets used continually on the home screen of your tab, mobile, or desktop are created using ionic frameworks. The users can easily access the widgets or applications directly from the home screen of their devices.

The widgets are also built using many plugins and software that help users launch their applications without any difficulty.

Angular JS

Angular JS frameworks power the ionic app development services. AngularJS provides developers with robust functional UI by creating powerful codes through the extension of HTML Syntax. Developers never risk the functionality test of AngularJS since it serves as the core of all technicalities in building your ionic mobile apps.

Ionic framework is generally used to develop browser-based applications that offer high performance and stability to the software structure. The designers also get access to center functionalities by using AngularJS.

App Integration

The ionic mobile app development services are known to provide high-end app integration, which allows sharing or exchanging of critical information among users. It also processes the data in multiple apps of a corporation.

Many organizations coordinate their critical processes by combining the app integration features with cloud applications.

Use of One Codebase

The ionic mobile app development company can create multiple applications from a single codebase. Clients often need only one new app for running on a single platform. Apple and Android users constitute about 3/4th of the total active audiences; hence one codebase for multiple apps has become a necessity.

Using a single codebase will also be beneficial to developers for fixing bugs or issues only in one place. This feature ensures to provide and maintain long-term support to users across the globe. Ionic allows you to build a quick and clean app structure by saving time and money.

Tools with Native Compatibility

A top ionic app development company offers a set of elements and plugins which contain front-end building blocks, UI/UX components, and many more. Developers connect to native APIs such as Bluetooth, GPS, or a built-in camera without custom integrations using native plugin tools. Some plugins can also be created.

Ionic is integrated with various technologies, consisting of analytical instruments, payment systems, testing tools, etc. Some plugins are fractions of Ionic's enterprise version that can only be accessed through a subscription.

Enhanced Development

As per records, more than 4 million developers use the ionic framework for ionic app development. Ionic helps users build splash icons and screens, which is impossible on other frameworks.

The ionic app development company is known to provide improved development to many enterprises. About 2 million applications are built using ionic development features.

High-Performance Apps

The ionic mobile app development company ensures to provide customers with fast working applications.

The apps built with ionic offer maximum functionality and an excellent user interface design, increasing the viability and flexibility of the applications developed by ionic.

Cost-effective Apps

If you want to build a mobile app, then the ionic app development framework is the right choice. Ionic app development is affordable and less time-consuming to build.

The development of ionic apps can benefit small businesses that want to build apps on a low budget. The app development time is short and also pocket-friendly.

Supportive Community

The most difficult task faced by any company is developing an application while understanding the requirements and powers of the framework for using it. Ionic is a community that offers support and maintenance at a peak level to its users.

The ionic app development services employ many developers who have expertise in technologies such as Cordova and AngularJS. An ionic developer interacts with other experienced and professional developers to solve any issues related to software development.


In the modern world, every organization is looking for some new technology that will boost their business goals with time. It is the era of hybrid applications, which is in demand by every customer worldwide. From the benefits mentioned above of ionic app development services, it can be concluded that the ionic framework is the best for building mobile apps which have native functionalities and provide high performance.
The ionic framework is easily available, offering maximum feasibility. Ionic app development is affordable and reduces the extra maintenance charges. If you are looking forward to creating mobile apps that would run smoothly on multiple platforms, then ionic app development services are the right choice.
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