Looking Ahead: The Future Of Food Delivery Apps In 2024

Looking Ahead: The Future Of Food Delivery Apps In 2021

1. Introduction

The demand for food delivery apps is rapidly rising these days. Some of the key players in this industry are DoorDash, Zomato, Uber Eats, Foodpanda, etc. You can easily order from these particular apps with only a few clicks on the screen.

Due to the increasing demand for food delivery apps, food delivery app development is also on the rise. Not only that, but there is also a momentous technological development in the food delivery app development field.

As a result, the companies or businesses are coming up with completely new ways of promoting their food delivery app or offering improved customer service.

So, if you are a food business owner and are looking forward to these services, then it is important to take the help of a good food delivery app development company.

They make use of a food delivery PHP script for making great apps.

2. Rise of Food Delivery Apps Worldwide

The food delivery business sector is booming with the utilization of modern smart devices. So, customers always want to experience something new. Using a new app does not matter, the only important thing that they look for is better offers and service.

This is the major reason why the food business owners always should focus on keeping their app updated from the others. You can take the help of a good food delivery app development company who by using food delivery php script build outstanding apps. Also, you can tell them to use the foodpanda script if you want to opt for a food delivery app similar to Foodpanda.

3. Filling the Void of Millennial Cooking

Currently, there is an increase in spending by Millenials on online food ordering. They are considered to be the main audience specifically for food delivery services as they focus on spending the highest sum of money on prepared food in comparison to the other gene  online food delivery apps rations.

According to the yearly reports of apps such as GrubHub and UberEats, there is a rise in both the eating and spending habits of millennials on takeaways and food. So, it is seen that the majority of the food delivery apps market comprises the generation Y.

Specifically, the new era is reliant on prepared food and online delivery. So, to cater to the specific demands of these generations, online food delivery apps contribute to providing services that they want.

Targeting a specific audience is always important to earn more profits rather than a wider audience.

Also, due to the biggest power of spending, the millennials always have greater necessities such as immediate delivery, easy and convenient ordering, gamification, one-step checkout, and a lot more.

4. Upcoming Trends in Food Delivery

Previously, there were no such available options related to food ordering or delivery. At that time, people mostly used to dine-in for enjoying tasty foods. But, these days, a lot of things have been completely changed.

The data, as well as reports submitted by some popular food delivery apps, a huge change in the food delivery trends, have been reported. It has been included in many upcoming trends in food delivery. Also, currently, there is no such limitation to the online food delivery services.

So, in the upcoming year i.e. 2021, the future of the restaurant industry will positively change. Some of the upcoming trends in food delivery include cloud kitchens, cryptocurrency payment, the impact of big data, green or eco-friendly packaging, correctly serving Millennials, virtual and augmented reality, the impact of big data, and a lot more.

4.1 Food Delivery via Drone

Drone food delivery has now become the reality. The best part about this technology is that the drone will help to deliver your foods faster. It started first in the San Francisco area with Taco copter that was carrying tacos.
After that, several food delivery businesses have introduced this technology in food ordering and delivery. These drones are designed in such a way to deliver a meal of 2 people. This contributes to cutting down the time of waiting.

Not only that, but this particular technology can avoid traffic congestion and effectively reduce the time of delivery. Talking about the drone delivery service provider i.e. Flytrex, they have also emerged which covers logistics for your company.

They also provide a highly developed online control panel or dashboard wherein you can arrange automatic preflight, characterize the route of flight, and also get comprehensive information.

4.2 Robot

Due to the evolution of AI technologies, the demand for robots and self-driving delivery cars is also increasing. In the UK, companies like Starship Technologies and Just Eat have developed robots for food delivery.

This is a moving pavement that can quickly deliver food. Also, for the navigation of droids, cameras, as well as GPS signal, is mainly used.

The customer gets a code which they have to enter at the time a droid has reached its destination. To determine the precise route, these food delivery robots make use of lidar sensors, cameras, and 3D city maps.

4.3 Parachute

Food delivery through parachutes is also possible in the current days. One of the best examples of this includes Jafflechutes. This is jaffles (a type of toasting sandwich) that are delivered by parachute.

If you want to enjoy this particular thing, then you should visit Melbourne. The 1st float down restaurant in Melbourne allows customers to order toasts through PayPal.

After ordering, the customers should stay at the drop-off site at the specified time to get their food delivered. This sort of delivery approach can both reduce logistics costs and entertain customers.

5. Multi-delivery Channel

63% of the people in America abandon digital food delivery services, in case they get a poor customer experience. This is specifically because most of the adults in the US want a convenient and easier online ordering system.

So, it becomes important for the food delivery apps to abridge orders and let customers put the orders specifically through all potential channels like virtual assistants, social media, cars, smart devices, etc.

Therefore, by making use of multi delivery channels, the end-users can make selections according to circumstances and their unique needs to receive the best outcomes.

Food Ordering via Tweet

The system was first introduced by Domino’s Pizza who launched the Twitter verse. This allows people to order pizza by tweeting a pizza emoji to the Twitter account of the company.

You might have to wonder how the company can guess the type of pizza you want to order and where to exactly deliver. So, in this regard, first of all, you will have to make a pizza profile on Domino’s online delivery service.

After that, you would be able to save your default order known as an Easy Order, and thereby, associate your Twitter account to the pizza profile made by your end.

Food ordering via Smartwatch

With the increasing demand for smartwatches, many of the food delivery platforms have focused on integrating with the Apple and Android smart devices. With the help of this, the customers can easily order means from their smartwatches just in some clicks.

This technology was first launched by Domino’s in the form of a smartwatch Android app that contributes to simplify ordering. Another company named OrderUp has also introduced its latest app update for the Apple Watch.

This allows the customers to easily view the estimated arrival time, track the status of delivery, and place orders.

Food Ordering via Car

Another smart device that you can easily use for placing your food orders in the car. Recently, food ordering through cars has become very much popular. Pizza Hut has partnered with Visa as well as Accenture for building a pizza ordering system through a car.

This will allow drivers to purchase food while they are on the path. Also, Visa Checkout is effectively included in the dashboard of the car and as a result, the customers can focus on ordering their food using voice while keeping their hands on the wheel.

Food Ordering via Smart TV

The current technology also allows people to order food even from the TVs at the same time as they relax and lay in bed. An example of a food joint that allows people to order through Smart TV is Papa John’s. So, they make pizza ordering as easy and convenient as movie streaming.

With the help of Apple TV, you would be able to browse the menu, fabricate a custom pizza, view past orders and favorites as well as explore only with a single click. Not only that, but the particular company also provides special Apple TV discounts for every order.

6. Role of Big Data in Food Delivery

Nowadays, big data is revolutionizing food delivery services. This is contributing to making food delivery services as competent as possible. Food business owners gather and also evaluate a vast range of data which includes:

  • The temperature effect on food
  • Road traffic
  • Purchasing history of customer
  • The effect of market trends on the consumption of stock
  • Comments and reviews on social media
  • Items that currently exist in the shopping bag
  • And lot more

By making use of this particular information, the food business owners can correctly guess the time of delivery, check the emotions of customers on social media, personalize food orders, and instantly react to complaints, etc.

For example, Grub hub focuses on analyzing data of millions in order to design the perfect meal suggestions for every customer.

7. Ordering food using Crypto

The trend for crypto food orders is rising due to the subsequent rise of blockchain technology. With the help of this technology, customers globally can order any kind of food item or takeaway. For this, they have to make use of cryptocurrencies.

One of the most important examples of this includes Pizza For Coins who are accepting more than 50 cryptocurrencies. Some other food business companies that support crypto payments include Lobster Gram, Levy Restaurants, Papa John’s Pizza, Takeaway.com, and Featly.

By accepting cryptocurrencies for orders, companies can easily contribute to augment the food delivery or ordering experience by eliminating any kinds of fraudulent orders.

So, now the customers are not only restricted to a certain payment method and they can focus on paying for the orders with the help of cryptocurrencies.

8. Summing up

So, it is evident that currently, the customers are becoming very much demanding with the availability of modern technology, smart devices, and many food delivery businesses. In this aspect, you should remember that the competition is extremely high.

Therefore, as a food business owner, you should always focus on making high-quality apps by opting for the top food delivery app development company. The app should be designed in such a way so that it always provides a better customer experience to the users.

Not only that, but the particular app should be well equipped with the recent food delivery trends for perfectly enhancing your food delivery service.


Sunny Chawla
Sunny Chawla
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