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Work Flow Development of Uber Clone App

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Are you planning to start your own On-demand Taxi business? To help you build your very own Uber clone app, AIS Technolabs is right at your service. Understand the features, function, and workflow of the app and leave the development with the professionals. Read this to understand the workflow of Uber clone apps along with the process of their development.


We belong to the generation that believes in high serviceability with comfort. Therefore, we are always ready with ideas to launch new internet businesses. In this highly technological, next-generation era that we live in, there are two things that people crave more than anything, which are Internet frenzy and real-time on-demand internet marketing. A combination of both of these elements leads to the need of an on-demand mobile app. Uber is one of the best examples of this kind of app. With such an intensely competitive market, the Uber clone app is one such application that has taken our need for real-time mobile apps to a different level.

Building and managing an app for transport booking is more complex than one thinks. If you are not well versed with the technical sides, or do not acquire much profound knowledge about how the entire app works. However, that is no more something you will need to worry about as we provide the best uber clone app development service in the country. With over a hundred app developers sitting right at our call, you can expect us to build a flawless uber clone app with customized features and complete functionality.

This article will discuss the workflow and developmental aspects of your internet transport business – Uber clone app and how AIS Technolabs can help you with it.
The workflow plan for your taxi business

The workflow plan for your taxi business

Book a cab :

After downloading the app and registering themselves on it, the user will first need to book a cab as per their requirements. A search bar with the location map will appear on the screen, based on which the app will calculate and show the estimated fare of the vehicle.

The user should enter the pickup and destination address with the pin location feature on the map or should be allowed to set it manually. After confirming the pickup and destination locations, the customer should be led to select their convenient rides and view other features like ETA, type of vehicle, etc. After the successful booking of the ride, the customer should receive confirmation and further details about their car. Since this is the very first step, there has to be a user-friendly interface in your uber clone app and very smooth processing. AIS Technolabs can help you make the best app in the market with their pre-built uber clone script and customize it as per your choice.

Notifications to drivers :

Once the customer books a ride, a notification is sent to the drivers within the customer's proximity to see if they are available for the ride. If the driver is within the range area, they accept the request after getting notified.

In this process, all the drivers within the available range are sent the notification with a timer-operated "Accept" button. The one who accepts and confirms the request views the rider's details, including their location, booking type, payment procedures, etc. With the Uber clone app development services of a reputed company, you will not have to worry about adding these features to your app.

Details of the ride :

After the booking, the vehicles need to be categorized. The grouping is done on several parameters. There are basic cars, luxury cars, carpools, etc. Followed by that comes the driver's details – their location, name, and company contact details. The rider gets the car's location so that they can determine the time of arrival along with an ETA.

The details of the car also hold a significant role in getting the fare of the rider. With carpools, the price is less, and for luxury cars, the fares are expensive. When combined, all these features make an acceptable uber clone app that can go wild in the demanding market.

Payment processing :

A flexible payment option is critical to make any real-time online business successful. In this step, the rider selects the choice of payment, like if they want to pay in customer cash, card, or wallet.

To engage in better company-client relations, most customer service apps provide discounts and promo codes. This ensures customer loyalty and consistency. After completion of the choice of payment, the booking is confirmed. The payment is made at the end of the ride.

Ratings and reviews :

Ratings and reviews are primary features to make your uber clone app more customer-friendly. It is one of the most striking features you need to keep in mind when planning the uber clone app development and workflow process.

After the customer is done riding the car, they have to review the services and mention their likes and dislikes. This feature acts as an excellent reference for other customers and helps the company improve its modules. Therefore, ratings and reviews are a compulsory feature for your uber clone app.
Uber Clone App Development Process

Uber Clone App Development Process

When you have the first-grade app developers and programmers of AIS Technolabs, the uber clone app development process is nothing, but just a cakewalk. Check below our complete guide through the process.

Registration and profile management :

When the customer opens the app for the first time after downloading it, they will have to register and make their profile. The profile consists of primary features like mail ID, name, contact information, account ID, and password. We always recommend connecting the Uber clone app account and other social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Google. This ensures more engagement and also helps with the marketing of your app.

With the Uber clone app developed by the well-experienced programmers of AIS Technolabs, you will get access to all these features in your app.

Geolocation feature :

Geolocation is an essential feature for an On-demand transportation app. It is an automated process for finding the device's geographical location, enabling the companies to find their clients. On-demand taxi businesses like Uber clone app is the best example that uses geolocation, which facilitates businesses like these.
The reason behind the success of the uber application relies on the fact that locations can be tracked precisely, making the ride-booking easy and efficient. The location-based service is the main parameter for a taxi application like Uber clone.

In-app payment wallet :

The payment options should be made very flexible and easily accessible for an Uber clone app. You should opt for in-app payment, meaning online, or cashless payment methods. Most of the payments online have eased the issue of money handling by companies.

With in-app payment options, the customer can directly pay the company via the uber clone app without any third party entering the scene. Therefore, it is way more safe, secure, and highly comfortable for both parties.

Fare estimation :

Fare estimation is a convenient feature that maintains clarity between the customer and the client. With the help of this feature, the client gets to know their fare beforehand and the breakdown of the charges. This includes convenience charge, tax, location charge, and others.

So these are the significant features of the Uber clone app development process.
Uber clone app

How can we help you build an Uber clone app?

You will be benefited from the services of AIS Technolabs in the following ways:

If you are not very familiar with the technical aspects of app building, it is only natural that you will need the help of AIS Technolabs for Uber clone app development. While there are so many companies in the markets, not all provide the best products and, most importantly, authenticity. We assure you to give you all that you need with complete trust and security. Take a peek at the benefits of working with AIS Technolabs.
  • Get complete bug-free assistance : You will no more have to deal with customer dissatisfaction and complaints regarding the working of the app
  • Extra Script : You can customize your app any way you want with the additional uber clone script.
  • Source Code for all devices : Your on-demand transport app will have the source code for both Android and iOS models.
  • Economical rates : We offer services at highly affordable prices.
Hence, with our white label solutions, be worry-free and focus on the development of your business


AIS Technolabs is highly reputed for developing A-Quality white-label apps for businesses and start-ups. If you aim to open an uber clone app on-demand transport business, this is your chance to get quality services from professionals at highly affordable prices.

Nowadays, everyone is coming up with new ideas for potential hit businesses. The Uber clone app is one such creation that can be a big boom for the company. AIS Technolabs is a software development company that will help you in every way to develop an Uber clone app for your On-demand transportation business. Our developers will create an Uber clone script taking into account all your needs and requirements and customize the app as per your choice.
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