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Top 12 Reasons to Use React Native for Mobile App Development

Quick Summary

One of the intricate processes that most app development companies witness is developing a reliable and feature-rich app. But with technological advancements, things are now better than they were previously. It has become easier to build responsive apps and websites for the craving of modern mobile users.

Responsive websites allow a custom fit to all devices with varied sizes and scales of screens. To promote seamless app development, various frameworks are now available. Flutter, Xamarin, and React Native is the most promising frameworks for developing cross-platform and responsive websites.

All these frameworks have their own limitations and advantages. It confuses the developers regarding the best development framework to choose. But as most experts believe, React native app development is the best process they have ever experienced. It is because of the numerous amazing aspects of this framework.

React Native – A Brief

React Native is a helpful framework for developing native mobile applications. Usually, android devices need Java programming, and iOS devices need Swift/Obj-C programming for app development. But with React Native, the case is different. Hence, you can easily develop highly functional apps on both iOS and Android platforms.

Both ReactJS and React Native are created by Facebook. Despite that, Facebook was struggling to develop rich apps. Developers used to maintain two codes, each for iOS and Android, and the same features were duplicated on both. As a result, duplicated work and asymmetrical app development took place.

React Native, however, turned out to be an impressive solution to such problems!

In React Native, the developers have to maintain one coding language; therefore, app development requires only a little time. React Native app development is simple and quicker than other development frameworks.

To facilitate more information about React Native, we have listed a few prominent facts that make it a better development platform than the other available options.
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Facts that make React Native better Development Platform

1. Quicker Development

It’s been more than five years since React native has come into operations. Backed by robust community support and regular evolution from Facebook makes it a suitable framework for developing trending apps.

React Native offers users plenty of libraries and components that enhance the development experience to a great extent. Eventually, developers can witness a simplified development process and faster MVP development.

2. Seamless Development Process

It is tricky to develop algorithms, complex UIs, etc. React Native comes as a handy solution to such problems. Developers can easily use its libraries and reduce development complexities.

‘Hot Reload’ is an exclusive feature of react native application development that aids in developing rich output with fewer errors. It reduces development time and results in a bug-free outcome.

3. Testing Libraries

With numerous inbuilt testing libraries in React Native, it is simpler for developers to ease the intricate development process. Chai, Enzyme, Mocha, Jest, and more such testing libraries promote bug-free code writing.
Cross Platform App Development

4. Cross Platform App Development

Developing an app for various platforms and then maintaining it is not a simple task. To ensure your app is successful, it must work seamlessly on all platforms like iOS, Web, and Android.

React Native Development Agency prefers this framework because it comes with cross-platform app development support. It allows the development of rich apps on distinct platforms. The only thing is that developers must be well-versed in using various APIs, native UI libraries, and cross-platform app development.

5. Faster Updating of Apps

Getting approval on Play Store and App Store is difficult as your app must meet specific parameters. For this reason, an app must include new updates and features. Moreover, developers need to seek approval from Google and Apple for their apps, which is a time-consuming process.

React Native comes with an amazing ‘Code Push’ feature, used by top react native development companies. Using this feature, it is possible to update the app automatically. It saves developers a lot of time from code approval. It is also possible to make changes to the app without re-launching it.

6. Low-Cost Maintenance

For startups and small companies, this framework is a boon as it allows them to develop robust apps on a tight budget. You can develop interactive and responsive websites at a low investment that increases the ROI.
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7. Easy Debugging

It is easier to carry React Native mobile app development because developers can debug their codes and make essential changes easily using this framework. It is because Reacts Native comes with a single-code base.

A single change ensures that the app works smoothly on all operating systems. It makes it easier to debug and develop apps in little time.
Huge Community Support

8. Huge Community Support

One greatest reason why most companies prefer using React Native is that it has strong and large community support from experienced and skilled developers worldwide. Also, Facebook supports this programming language by offering regular maintenance and updates.

The community offers considerable resources like videos, yearly/monthly events, podcasts, blogs, and third-party tools. Such things help developers to enjoy a faster development process by getting timely support from the community.

9. Smooth Integration of Third-Party Extensions

Building an application is a time-consuming process. To minimize the app development time third-party extension is necessary. These plugins alleviate the requirement to view functions and allow using React Native as a plugin.

One can conveniently integrate multiple third-party extensions in this framework and make their app load faster and function smoothly.

10. App Works as Native Apps

The applications developed in React native work like native apps that make your app stand out. It offers a rich experience to the users across distinct platforms. The same blocks are used by React Native for developing Android and iOS apps.

To offer an exceptional user experience on both platforms, developers have to do a mix of native code and React code. It is one of the finest react native app development services that offer native app appearance on iOS and Android apps.

11. Tools for Developing Complex Apps

React Native comes with a popular tool for state management named ‘Redux’ that helps maintain the application status and allows to trace the changes in the app.

In addition, it comes with other tools like ProType and Flow, which make the app checking process faster. Hence, react native developers can develop complex native apps in the cloud without suffering from heavy computational workloads.
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12. Personalized User-Experience

With the ease of differentiating native, Javascript code, and framework code in React Native, it is possible for developers to develop distinct kinds of applications from the server-side.

It also provides a personalization option to the user in the same app. On the server side, React Native lets users personalize the application style and gives a better personalization experience to each user.

Is React Native a Perfect Choice for Your Project or Not?

For sure, React Native is at par with Flutter for hybrid app development. For this reason, many top-notch companies like Instagram, Facebook, Airbnb, Pinterest, Tesla, Adidas Glitche, and others are using React Native mobile app framework for developing their apps. And the results are visible!

Apps developed in this framework are agile, speedy, user-friendly, flexible, and feature-rich. We know that companies can extend their user base only if they have a hybrid app loaded with versatile features, which React Native is surely delivering. Most importantly, a single codebase allows faster development without compromising app quality.


React Native lends an easy, faster, and cost-effective way to develop applications. It is a one-stop solution for most problems. Over the years, the use of React Native development has increased to a great extent.

React Native development company uses the latest technology to develop responsive, interactive, and intuitive websites. To get more support and reliable react native development services, you may reach out to AIS Technolabs, which is a leading name in this field. We use this amazing framework to develop a variety of apps enriched with spectacular features. Reach us to learn more and get promising development support.
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