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iOS apps are the lifeline of Apple devices and are well known for their brilliant execution. Thanks to iOS developers for the responsive and lucrative apps that advance the business interests on Apple platforms.

Are you looking to get into the minds of iPhone customers? Hire iOS developers who can assist you from the app conceptualization stage to its launch. It will be the smart way to get responsible iOS apps that suit the business interests.

This blog highlights the work of iOS app developers, the primary tools used by them, and more.

What Is An iOS App Developer?

An iOS developer is a programming expert with in-depth expertise on the feasibility of apps on Apple devices. They are comfortable in developing compatible platforms for iPads, iPhones, and Apple Watches. The professional also knows how to create suitable mobile games, business apps, and productive platforms for Apple users.

The responsibilities of an iOS developer include –

  • App prototyping and optimization for use in the iOS environment.

  • Creation of functional platforms with appropriate coding.

  • Incorporating iOS app updates and solving coding bugs.

  • Collaboration with other designs till the completion of app development tasks.

The iOS developer needs to have experience in full-cycle mobile app development. They should also be able to integrate the APIs and other web services for suitable web platforms. The professional should also have fluency in Objective-C, Swift, and C-based library fundamentals. Hire iOS developers who have great exposure in developing suitable Apple apps.

Different Skills Possessed By iOS Developers

The iOS developers use different types of skills to create, test, and maintain the iOS apps. They possess skills in programming, UI, and UX. The iOS experts need to have soft skills, hard skills, and technical skills to complete their app development tasks with perfection.

Let us check the skills that the iOS developers need to have for successful app development –

Technical Skills

  • Good experience working with Swift.

  • Working knowledge of IDEs like Xcode and AppCode.

  • Some familiarity with UX and SwiftUI.

  • In-depth knowledge of working with app development frameworks like AVFoundation, UIKit, XCUITest, and XCTest.

  • Knowledge of Apple OS frameworks like Core Data, Core Graphics, Core Text, and Core Animation.

  • Familiarity with CI/CD pipelines and tools like GitLab and Azure.

  • Relevant experience related to testing & debugging of iOS apps.

  • Good knowledge of present-day iOS app development trends.

  • Experience in developing a few Apple apps from the start.

  • A clear understanding of Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines.

  • Working expertise on varied software frameworks.

  • Ability to create architectural designs for native iOS apps.

  • Better understanding of software architecture and reactive programs.

Soft Skills

  • Experience in working on deadlines.

  • Leadership qualities to lead the development of seniors.

  • Need to possess the spirit of teamwork.

  • A clear idea related to time management skills.

  • Need to be a patient person with an eye for details.

  • Should have critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

List Of Primary Tools Used By The iOS Developers


The prime task of the iOS programmer or app developer is to design the iOS platform to fit the business model. It includes the creation of app architecture and setup of the UI elements. They write codes accurately to ensure flawless functioning of the Apple apps. These experts should have good knowledge of the latest tools and frameworks to make the task comfortable.

Let us look into the popular list of iOS development tools and frameworks:

SwiftUI –

It is the UI framework for building the app interfaces of iOS platforms. This is a popular tool due to its clear syntax and easy use.

React Native –

It is a cross-platform development framework based on the React JavaScript library. This allows the creation of top-quality apps with a single codebase.

UIKit –

The native iOS framework offers a unique set of UI components that support the building of interfaces.

Firebase –

This is the type of iPhone development platform with multiple services like cloud storage, real-time database, authentication, and more.

Flutter –

Google developed the cross-platform development framework and adopted a unique approach to UI development.

RxSwift –

This is the reactive programming library meant to develop complex iOS apps.

Alamofire –

The popular networking library handles the requests and responses for iOS apps swiftly. This also includes features like chaining request and response serialization.

Hire iOS developers who have the expertise of using different tools to create functional apps for organizations.

Google developed the cross-platform development framework and adopted a unique approach to UI development. in the Apple store.

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Let us look at some of the best reasons to select AIS –

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  • The company offers a 15-day risk-free trial facility to make efficient iOS app development decisions.

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  • Our iOS app development costs are very friendly, and they prepare customized quotes for varied clients.

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Final Words

iOS app development is a constantly evolving process as the number of Apple users increases. We have explored here the activities carried out by the app developers. Hire iOS developers with good experience in building different types of functional apps.

Consult with the expert iOS developer about the different functions to be included in your business app.


Ans. The cost of iOS app development varies as per the complexity of the apps and the experience of programmers.

Ans. Take help from reliable recruitment firms to hire a suitable iPhone app developer. Reach out an experienced iOS app development company experience of creating varied types of apps.

Ans. The entry-level freelance iOS developer can charge $40-$60. But, the mid-level freelancer costs $50-$100 and the senior-level freelancer charges $90-$160.

Ans. Look for desired references for iOS developers from friends & market experts. You can also take help from recruitment sites or platforms to find the best iOS developers for the job.

Ans. The cost to hire iOS developers will vary as per the project needs. Different factors that determine the cost of developers include the experience of developers, timeline, app design, features, etc.
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