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Many websites on the Internet are built using the popular content management system WordPress, and its use is increasing daily. This is all thanks to the rapid yet steadier evolution of the WordPress ecosystem and its extensive theme and plugin libraries!

However, it is essential to hire a WordPress Developer with the necessary skills to reap the framework's maximum benefits. This article reveals the must-have skills that full-stack WordPress developers must possess. Scheduling an interview is a great way to evaluate their capabilities accurately.

Significance of Hiring a Skilled WordPress Developer

A well-designed and functional website lets you launch your digital business and grow exponentially. However, it demands professional assistance; therefore, you should hire a skilled coder to harness the full potential of the WordPress framework.

What sets a talented developer apart is their knowledge of crafting unique features and functionalities. This level of customization enhances your website's appeal and makes it stand out in the crowded virtual environment.

They elevate your site's performance, ensure it loads quickly, is mobile-responsive, and adheres to SEO best practices. Additionally, developers maintain your website, update it, and fix bugs quickly and promptly.

Technical Skills to look for in WordPress Developer

Proficiency in core WordPress programming and other associated technologies is crucial to building top-performing websites. Here are important technical skills to look for before you hire a WordPress Developer-

Proficiency in WordPress Core

A developer must have a deep understanding and mastery of the fundamental aspects of WordPress. They must be familiar with WordPress architecture, including its file structure and database schema. 

PHP knowledge: The WordPress coder should also have expertise in PHP, as it is the primary language in which WordPress is written. It allows developers to customize and extend WordPress functionalities.
Knowledge of WordPress Codex: Developers' experience in Codex helps them understand how different parts of WordPress work together, letting them build effective solutions. Plus, Codex contains guidelines, best practices, and coding standards suggested by the WordPress community. It helps them build secure, optimized, and compatible code with future updates. 
Understanding of WordPress Hooks and Filters: Hooks and filters are major concepts in WordPress website development. They help modify and extend the behavior of WordPress core, themes, and plugins. Proficient developers deeply understand how hooks and filters work and how to use them properly in their projects.

Theme Development Skills

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Proficiency: Knowledge of HTML and CSS helps create custom WordPress themes. Developers can either modify the appearance and layout of existing themes or create new designs tailored to the client's preferences. JavaScript adds interactivity and dynamic behavior to WordPress websites. 
Experience with WordPress Theme Development Standards: Adhering to WordPress theme development standards helps maintain consistency and compatibility. It enables programmers to write secure code that deters common security vulnerabilities. These standards also include instructions for making themes accessible to all users, including people with disabilities.  

Plugin Development Skills

WordPress Plugin Development: Plugins help add new features and functionalities to WordPress websites. Knowledge of plugin development helps create custom solutions, such as making contact forms, integrating social media sharing, and more. Besides, it promotes code reusability by encapsulating functionality into modular components. Later, these plugins can be reused for future WordPress projects. 
Best Practices for Web Development: A prominent developer should know the best practices for WordPress plugin development. They must be well-versed with WordPress coding standards, modularizing code, sanitizing and validating data, caching mechanisms, etc. 

Database Management

Understanding of MySQL Databases: Developers should learn MySQL databases, which are most commonly used for WordPress websites. MySQL databases store various types of content, including pages, posts, comments, user data, and plugin settings. Familiarity with database schema and how WordPress organizes data in MySQL tables is essential for developing plugins, themes, and custom functionalities. 
Ability to Optimize WordPress Database Queries: Experience in optimizing database queries helps improve the website performance. A well-optimized website helps ensure scalability, reduce server load, improve user experience, and enhance SEO rankings. 

Familiarity with APIs and Integrations

Knowledge of RESTful APIs: RESTful APIs offer a standardized approach to building stateless, scalable, and interoperable websites. WordPress developers should learn this concept to create stand-out websites with unique functionalities. 
Integration Experience with Third-Party Services: Developers should learn to use RESTful APIs to integrate WordPress with third-party services such as email marketing platforms, payment gateways, social media networks, and more. It helps extend the functionality of WordPress websites and enhances user experience.

Non-technical Skills to Consider

Problem-Solving Abilities

Programmers face several challenges during the development phase, including fixing errors, implementing custom functionalities, integrating third-party services, and more. Strong problem-solving skills enable developers to handle these challenges effectively and find innovative solutions to satisfy the client’s requirements.

Communication Skills

Good communication skills are mandatory for comprehending client requirements, explaining technical concepts, sharing progress updates, and managing expectations. Overall, it helps in successful project completion and building a professional reputation in the WordPress community.

Attention to Detail

Excellent attention to detail allows coders to determine bugs and other discrepancies when examining data. It helps implement powerful security measures and optimize web performance. By being proactive, developers can deliver high-quality solutions that exceed expectations and contribute to project success.

Learning Mindset

As WordPress constantly evolves with new features, choosing a developer with a learning mindset will help you stay current with these changes. They continue to learn new tools and techniques to tackle issues more effectively.

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Examining these skills is vital before you hire a WordPress developer. Prospects must possess these abilities, from technical to soft skills, to ensure successful project completion. A good understanding of WordPress core concepts helps create high-quality, feature-rich websites that add value to your business.


Ans: WordPress developers charge between $15 to $40+ per hour. However, it depends on the project's complexity, work scope, and timelines.

Ans: The charges may vary depending on the developer's experience level. Typically, it ranges between $2000 to $2500 per month.

Ans: An experienced developer creates a feature-laden website that resonates with your brand. They can either customize the existing WordPress theme or develop the one from scratch.

Ans: Dedicated developers possess specialized skills and expertise in specific technologies and frameworks. They can quickly handle complex issues, implement advanced functionalities, and effectively address niche requirements.

Ans: You need to hire WordPress experts when developing a complex/customized website, optimizing performance, or needing scalability assistance.
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