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While building a mobile application, there are many things you need to consider. But the most important decision is that of choosing the right technology. Businesses for years have struggled to fulfill all their needs from a single technology. Difficult as that it was in the past, today we have robust technologies such as React Native to build your apps. But, never forget to evaluate your project needs before jumping to any decision. To help you in the course today, we would be revealing some amazing things about React native that would help you make a better choice.


React Native is an open-source technology that was created by Facebook. Facebook uses react native for its dynamic features. When it comes to choosing React Native, you too can be benefited from its out-of-the-box qualities. It is a native app development technology that is currently used by giants such as Skype, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Vogue, Tesla, and more.
React Native

What is React Native?

React Native is a framework that allows you to build native iOS and Android applications using JavaScript. You need to program your mobile app using Java for Android and Object-C for iOS. It helps in the speedy development of applications using JavaScript.

It helps you maintain the two codebases separately for Android and iOS. React Native facilitates you to create swift mobile applications while keeping the code simple. You can react to an application in JavaScript and deploy the code for both Android and iOS. It is one of the best known-technologies of the time.
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Benefits of React Native for Mobile App Development?

Tried and Tested

Coming from a trusted name such as Facebook, a lot of companies were drawn towards React Native by experiencing a superior quality of the Facebook app. Facebook uses the technology to bring forth amazing experiences in the features such as NewsFeed.

In a survey by Statista in the year 2020, about 42% of developers used React Native. Time and time again, it has proven its worth in some of the most high-rated applications in the world, including UberEats, AirBnB, Bloomberg, etc. Quality and experience, you can achieve it through React Native mobile app development.

One Code for Two Platforms

As mentioned earlier, a developer is required to code in JavaScript and implement the code for both Android and iOS applications. Android and iOS are leading mobile app development platforms that can give your product the deserved hype in the market.

As developing two mobile applications is time-intensive and costly, React Native can significantly bring down both. It is a leading cross-platform app development technology that has all the necessary tools to build apps for iOS and Android platforms.

Less Time Consuming

Not only does React Native allow you to use a single code for React Native iOS and React Native Android development, but it also allows developers to use the fragment of the front-end code of your ReactJS web app. Since it is a cross-platform app, not only can you create a strong presence for your business on the mobile platforms but also facilitate your services and product on the web.

Growing All The Time

React Native has received a massive response from the developer’s community. Both Facebook and the massive community around React Native are constantly working on the development of the framework. Continuous development and improvements in the framework have strengthened the trust of every React Native development agency around the world.

A strong community is one of the key factors to choose any technology. It is because a community helps resolve issues much faster. Development works are not stopped, and creating complex applications and features becomes easy.

Easy Debugging

Debugging is the process of detecting and removing existing and potential errors that are called bugs in technical terminology. The software code is vulnerable to bugs; these can cause the application to unexpectedly crash or spoil the user experience. To prevent this from happening or to correct it, debugging is used.

Debugging in React Native is very easy. Tools such as React Native Debugger allow you to debug the react-native application. It is based on the official Remote Debugger that provides more functionality, including React Inspector from React-Dev-Tools-Core. It includes the Redux DevTools name from the same API with Redux-DevTools-Extension.
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Why Choose AIS Technolabs for React Native App Development?

React Native is one of the best technologies of the modern days to build native Android and iOS applications. It allows you to develop dynamic applications in no time and at a very less cost. If you too, are looking forward to cross-platform app development, choose AIS Technolabs, which is a globally-trusted React Native development agency.

Being a leading and renowned React Native mobile app development agency, we have a state-of-the-art development facility with all the modern equipment to develop any high-end product. We provide React Native Android Development, React Native iOS Development, React Native plugin development, and more. For any question, connect us here, and get a free 30 minutes consultation with the tech experts.
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