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Job portals are a lucrative business nowadays and creating a good PHP job script is a job of a professional. At AIS Technolabs, we take utmost care to create something that exceeds our client’s expectations and this goes for a PHP job board script as well. Out of the hundreds of service providers out there, we have the best solutions because our solutions are instant.

For urgent requirements such as a PHP job board, AIS Technolabs is the best bet because of our sheer professionalism. The best part is that we provide plenty of features that are otherwise charged as extras by other companies. Creating a PHP job board software is our specialty and we never let our clients regret their decision of investing in us. Some of the best ways to earn money with job portals are built into our software. This includes advertisement banners and captchas but is by no means limited to just that.

php job board script
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There is no limit to list jobs as there are unlimited posts allowed by our software. The best part is that each job posting gives the web administrator a chance to earn more. This can be through a fee charged up front or as a commission on the job amount. Either way, the portal will continue to give profits endlessly once scripted properly and launched.

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Our software has plugins built right into its core in order to serve people in multiple languages. Not only is this an advantage for the webmaster, but also a definite plus for local freelancers that are searching for jobs in their local languages. Make the most of freelancers by reaching out to everyone in languages that they can understand.

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An important part of our job script is an advanced search engine with pre-defined search filters that can be modified later. The search algorithm can process job categories, skills required, and even broad fields through its search filter.

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Social Media Login

Social Media has become an integral part of everyone’s lives these days and social logins are extremely convenient and simple. The one-click login bypasses the lengthy process of having to fill up a large number of fields that can be quite tiresome.

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Saved Jobs

More often than not, job seekers save jobs that they really like while they are browsing through different options. This ability to highlight and bookmark jobs is provided as a free feature but the convenience factor is huge. As a result, our job scripts include this feature in order to attract even more job seekers to the platform using this simple feature.

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Job Alerts

Job alerts are a crucial element for job seekers, especially for someone out of employment currently. These alerts are crucial because, within the first fifteen minutes of posting a job, most employers find a freelancer that they really like. After that, the chances of landing the job are quite slim unless the job seeker has an exceptional resume.

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Multiple Payment Options

Payment gateway integration is one such feature that really is important for everyone. The employer needs to know how to pay, the freelancer needs to know how they will get paid, and the portal needs to know how it will earn money. Simply put, this feature impacts and benefits everyone associated with the job portal.

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Build the Best Job Board Script with AIS Technolabs

At AIS Technolabs, we have years of experience in creating some really efficient PHP Job Script programs. The best thing about our experience is that we have encountered all sorts of clients. This means that we have dealt with different kinds of job portals with different requirements regarding search filters, payment options, and management features.

Our PHP Job Board Script can create the perfect platform immediately through our cloned modules from already successful job boards. The way we operate is unique and the lightning fast delivery is what makes AIS Technolabs so great and proud.

Creating a PHP Job Board is not a task for amateurs and we understand that better than most. This is why we offer such a wide array of customizable features in our product. It is essential to remember that we love to make things optimal for all our clients at any cost. That is the reason we allow access to our source code as well. Other companies usually charge extra amount for this and their PHP Job Board Software is guaranteed to be nowhere close to our product.

We say this with confidence because otherwise, they would offer unrestricted access to their olx source code as well. Let our professionals at AIS Technolabs create a job board solution for you so that you can focus on making money.

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