CSGO Trade Bot

Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) have remained on the honors roll of the world’s largest digital distribution platform: Steam, for 5 years now. Among the numerous features loved about the game is the ability for its over 650,000 regular players to swap and trade merchandise such as CS:GO skins, across the world. A CS:GO skin is any weapon (Knife, Key or Gun) with a painting on it. So pervasive is this facet that virtual markets have sprung up to facilitate transactions and introduce the usage of trade bots. Each CS:GO trade bot is a set of programmed lines with indicators and parameters that are designed to execute a trade when the condition is right. It is like having an independent accounting and marketing department that works for you and handles all the tricky money affairs, leaving you the freedom to enjoy gaming with less hassles.

CS GO Trading Bot

CS:GO trading bots are self-intelligent and able to analyze the CS:GO skins presented to them, they make decisions by weighing in on set of parameters like exchange rate, market value, rarity of the skin etc before choosing to buy or sell an item. Websites like cs:gosum.com, trade-skins.com are among few gaining a lot of momentum in trading CS:GO skins because of their ease of use, with features like price check which reveals the current value for money of an item, inventory display, market stats, selection filters and more.

CSGO Skin Trade Bot

With more and more people jumping on the bandwagon of Skin trading, it became necessary to create protocols and terminologies to help traders cruise through the ecosystem. For example, a Skin labelled as “AK-47 | Boreal Forest” spells out as an AK-47 gun that has been painted using a forest camouflage hydrographic. To make a trade, simply drag and drop an item you want to trade into the weighing section and choose an item you want to exchange with from the Bot’s inventory, the bot will let you know if you’ve initiated a fair trade or you’ll need to add more items to the offer you have made.

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