An App that helps you move or shift houses. Simply use one of two options like being Moving or if you are a Mover. The ‘Moving’ option allows you to send videos of each room and share it with the movers of your choice. It is meant to help you shift places.


On Demand Moving App

The modern lifestyle calls for things to take place at a quick pace and on the go. The on-demand movement has become the need of the day and daily transactions be it cab booking, food ordering or ticket booking are dependent on it.

Be it food ordering app like Swiggy, cab booking app like Uber, hotel booking app like Trivago, we need these apps to help us get services instantly.

Generally service providers contact app development and IT firms for development and design of such on-demand moving apps. We, at AIS Technolabs, have served the needs of our clients for on demand moving apps, working in different domains of the economy. The service quality of AIS has been recognized at national and International level.


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On Demand Movers

On demand movers like the cabs, auto and other transport vehicles are linking up with apps to extend their services to the customers. A classic example of the same is the growth of apps like Ola and Uber.

Customers who are on the move or require to travel as a part of their daily routine, latch on to these on demand mover apps. For them, an app-based interface acts as a smooth, quick and convenient way to get a ride.


Uber for Moving

Uber is a popular on the go app for providing quick ride solutions to the customers. Apps are being developed using the clone script of Uber to access the benefit of familiarity of the users with a popular platform and at the same time saving some money on design and development.

AIS Technolabs is a pioneer in offering clone scripts based app development services. With an experienced and dedicated team, we have served the needs of a significant number of business houses in an effective and efficient manner.


Movers on Demand

Movers on demand apps are generating some good revenue and opportunities for the service providers and the stakeholders. With more and more vehicle owners connecting with the ‘movers on-demand service providing apps’ the reach and extent of these services is increasing.

Customers are also finding it easier to choose from the variety of services at offer as it allows them to book a ride as per their need and distance of travel.


Uber for Moving Things

Uber’s services like Uber for moving and Uber for trucks are some new extension of on the go services. At AIS Technolabs we offer app development services like Uber for moving things to our clients.

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