React Native Spotify Clone Development

React Native is a framework to build native apps using JavaScript and React. To build a music streaming app like Spotify, you can use the same code that can work for Android and iOS and it will be 100% native. One of the primary reasons to develop a react native spotify clone is that it has a huge user base and this is increasing day by day. If you are searching for a top-notch spotify clone react native, then you can hire AIS Technolabs. We shall meet all your requirements of Spotify Clone Development.

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Spotify clone Android Development Services

We are one of the reputed Spotify Clone Android Development companies. We have a skilled and an experienced team of app and web developers. We have a team that is well-versed to offer a Spotify Clone React Native solution according to your needs. We offer top-quality Spotify Clone Development solutions that are user and specific oriented. We offer user-friendly solutions that include the needs according to the present market trends. We design attractive and innovative solutions that make us stand apart from our competitors. We focus on client specification, work quality, and the best suggestion according to the market trends. We come up with the best ideas and prototypes.

Why opt for Spotify Clone App Development?

The music streaming apps like Spotify are gaining a lot of popularity. The profit that they bring to the owners has surpassed the sales of the music tracks on other media. The streaming model remains convenient for users who prefer the easily accessed features. This results in the increasing number of audiences and thus profits. This is a solid reason to opt for Spotify clone Android. Spotify is a music streaming service that offers the opportunity to listen to music conveniently online. You do not have to download songs and overload your memory. This is an advantage. You can enjoy your music tracks comfortably, legally, and inexpensively. This music clone app is available in most countries of the world. This service is highly accessible and it has enhanced the customer satisfaction to a greater extent. It can help people enjoy their favorite music in a convenient manner.

Advanced Features

  • Registration

    The registration system is simple and it does not need additional clicks.

  • Offline Access

    Users can download the songs and listen to them through the offline mode or without the internet.

  • Top Tracks

    The most listened to or the top tracks are listed as the trending songs. This way users can remain aware of the latest music.

  • Subscription

    A subscription offers free access to its users. After the completion of the subscription period, users shall be charged subscription fees according to the service provider.

  • Playlist

    You can create playlists with your favourites. Users can name playlists and remove or add the songs from a list. Users can share the playlists with friends.

  • Social Sharing

    With a Spotify clone Android development, you can share songs on social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and others. You can copy the links and share through SMSs.

  • Albums

    Users are spoilt for choice with music albums and songs from various genres. This app provides a diverse music choice for its customers.

  • Artists

    Users can create groups of common artists according to thor choice. Users can follow other users and also listen to playlists.

  • Reviews And Ratings

    Users have the choice to give their ratings and review after listening to the songs. They can go through the reviews and ratings of other users.

Benefits of Spotify Clone App Development

Music has a universal appeal and it is never late to begin an audio streaming app with Spotify. Spotify has more than 75 million active users and it is a great prototype that entrepreneurs required to launch a great app. You can build a react native spotify clone app according to your demands, which shall be helpful to you as well your customers. Some of thee benefits are discussed below:

Admin App Features



Admins can view and manage recently added tracks and users via the admin dashboard offered with Spotify clone.


User Management

The advanced admin panel can facilitate the admin manage users and their subscriptions accurately.



Admin can check the site earnings along with other details via the admin panel.


Sub Moderators

Sub moderators added by the admin can manage as well as add content on the app and the portal.


Audio Upload

Admin can upload and manage new audios for the app users via an advanced admin panel.


Manage Different Categories

With an admin panel, users can use it for managing the various categories in the music streaming apps.


Send Push Notifications

You can enhance user interaction and also keep users notified all the time with push notifications.

Customer App Features


Users can use the social media platforms or manual forms for registering themselves with an app.


Users can explore the popular music tracks played recently and many more using the app dashboard.

Leading Search

Users have advanced features via which they can search the favorite music list as per the category.

Create Playlists

When users want to add their songs to the playlists for enjoying later, users can do it conveniently.

Secure Payment Gateway

When users want to upgrade the subscription can do it using the secured payment gateways.

Profile Settings

Users can manage the profile via setting features. They can update their profile settings according to their convenience.

Choose Membership Plans

It caters to users of all age brackets with different membership plans. You can choose a membership plan according to your choice.

Advanced Search Options

Users can use advanced search options to look for a song they are looking for. This option can help you find your song accurately and quickly.

Cost of Spotify app development

The cost of a Spotify app differs from one person to another. This depends on a lot of factors including the number of features, which are needed in the app, the level of customization needed, and the time it needed to develop the app. If you want to get an accurate estimate of the cost of Spotify clone app, you can get in touch with our team of developers and they will help you happily.

Why Choose Us
For the React Native Spotify Clone App?

The popular music streaming apps such as Spotify are in huge demand. We offer a Spotify Clone React native to the music lovers. You can own an app with multiple songs of all genres. We can provide you a customized Spotify app that can match the demand of all music lovers with a lot of ease. We have expert developers who allow users to discover songs under various segments such as folk, pop, jazz, hip-hop, classical, and a lot more. Our Spotify clone app development solutions have great features that can help you grow at a rapid pace. Users can pursue as well as stream thee audio with great comfort.

whitelabel solution
Source Code

We offer you a source code that is used to develop the app, thus ensuring that you can grow this app as you think fit.

turnkey solution
Server Installation

We do not just create a robust music streaming clone app, but we install it on a server that has robust hosting abilities.

whitelabel solution
Extensive Experience

Our team of developers have many years of working experience for creating highly functional applications.

turnkey solution
Tech Support

We have an expert team that will help you with the registration process with the third-party websites such as payment Gateway server, SMs gateways, and others.

turnkey solution
Expert Launch

We will build the app in the best possible way. After the development, we shall provide expert leaching services for the application.

turnkey solution
Whitelabel Solution

We shall make sure that the app stands out among your competitors by offering a customized whitelabel app.

turnkey solution
Bug Support

We take care of the app beyond development and we offer bug support making sure that the app runs smoothly.

turnkey solution

We are transparent regarding our app development services. If there are any changes we reveal them to our clients.

turnkey solution
Faster Delivery

We as a spotify clone react native app developer provide quick delivery of our spotify clone react native app development solutions. We always deliver our services timely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can. Once we create the Spotify clone app, you can claim complete ownership of it.

Yes, we offer you bug-free and complete support services after the app we have built.

We provide 100% customized spotify clone react native services. Our app developers ensure that your app shall perfectly meet the demands of businesses.

Yes, we make sure that the application goes through internal testing. Once the internal testing is over, we do beta testing without any delay.

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