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Wondering why you need to develop a laundry app like Cleanly and TaskRabbit? Do you want to build an app for Uber for dry cleaning? Are you looking for building an on demand laundry app? The laundry industry is in its growth stage and brings significant income for entrepreneurs. The surging need for on-demand laundry app has made uber for dry cleaning app a necessity. You can also surge your profit levels with our Uber for dry clean and laundry app development solutions. We develop a streamlined on-demand laundry app from scratch and offer fully-fledged Uber for laundry app clone script as per your business requirements.

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We Bring your Business on Mobile with Uber for Laundry and Uber for Dry Cleaning App Solutions

With the increasing demand for on demand laundry apps, we help our clients achieve their business objectives. As one of the reliable Uber for Laundry Development Company, AIS Technolabs provides a complete laundry and dry clean solutions by integrating essential services like real-time tracking, delivery dispatch, pick-up and delivery management, and so on.

At AIS Technolabs, we also provide a ready-made Uber clone script for laundry apps that can be easily operated on the iOS and Android platform. Our experienced mobile app developers also work intending to deliver robust and scalable on-demand laundry mobile apps with advanced features that make it easy for your uber laundry service to attract your probable clients and customers easily. While designing the perfect laundry app clone, our mobile app designers ensure to create each screen pixel-by-pixel and easy-to-use, keeping your business goals in mind.

Some Advanced Features
We Can Integrate with Laundry and Dry-cleaning Apps


The GPS tracking feature updates our customers with accurate ETAs by offering turn-by-turn navigation of the laundryman in real-time.


Our advanced reports and analytics tools help you to get all the stats regarding customer base, business sales, and many more to streamline your business growth.


Our App optimization feature handles all your reviews and ratings of your business, along with keyword optimization for publicizing in the app store or play store.


Our In-app notifications help consumers notify them with the latest updates of your laundry business, particularly on creating awareness on offers and discounts along with pickup and drop alerts.


We use Cloud Storage solution for storing all information related to our laundry orders. By doing so, it brings confidentiality and integrity of the laundry business along with scalability.


Real-time order tracking features help customers to get the current status of their orders.

Benefits of Our Laundry Solutions

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How Laundry App Solutions Work?

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Essential Features of laundry app development service

Admin App Features


Registration process would be simple for admin, and it is highly secured by integrating passwords along with fingerprint lock.


Admin gets an interactive dashboard for accessing customer and delivery person information in detail.


The order history feature helps the admin to provide a personalized offer for loyal or repeated customers.


Analytics feature helps admin to measure the performance of the app along with the option to track the laundry services provided by the delivery person based on time.


This feature allows the admin to send real-time push notifications and reminders to the customers regarding offers and laundry schedule.


This feature enables the admin to assign an immediate task to the laundrymen and to track it.


The Admin panel has this feature by using which admin can quickly approve or reject the request raised by the customer or laundrymen.


This feature allows the admin to track all payments made by customers and also the option to manage the commission charges.

Customer App Features


Allows customers to register and login into the laundry app easily without any hassles.

Service Option

This allows customers or users to select the particular service which they want to avail from the laundry service provider.

Scheduling Pickup/Drop

This will enable customers to schedule the pickup and delivery timings for laundry at their doorstep.

Real-time Tracking

Allows customers to track down their order status and to stay updated on their laundry orders.

Order Cancellation

This feature allows customers to cancel their laundry orders, and this will send instant notification to the pickup person.

Offers & Discounts

This helps customers to view their personalized offer and discounts provided by the laundry service.

Payment Gateways

This facilitates customers with multiple payment options to carry out easy and convenient payments.

Reviews & Ratings

This empowers customers to rate and review the services availed by them from the laundry service.

Laundryman App Features

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Login / Signup

Allows a pickup person to register and to log in the laundry app for accessing other features provided by the app.

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View & Manage Profile

This prompts servicing persons to view their profile. Also, it allows the pickup person to view the pending task and assigned task.

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Managing Order Request

This feature enables the pickup person to view the order request and to accept or reject the orders of customers.

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This option shows the exact location of the customers with that pickup person who can easily reach the customer’s place.


This feature allows pickup person or staff to view their earnings and track their payment for a particular trip.

Manage Order Status

This allows pickup person or staff to view all the status of orders like active, in-process, delivered, and so.

View Order History

This allows service staff to view the order history and prompts them to keep track of the business progress along with the pending order details.

View Reviews & Ratings

Enables staff to view the ratings and reviews provided by customers and prompts staff to improve service quality.

Business Models for Laundry App Development Solutions

On-Demand – On-Site

Our uber dry cleaning app development suits well for your team of professional laundry service personnel to provide excellent laundry experiences to your prospect customers.

On-Demand – In-Store

Suits entirely for the entrepreneurs who prefer customers to drop their clothes at desired Laundromats.

(Aggregation Model)

This model allows users to select laundry service among multiple service providers and interested individuals who offer laundry service.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An Uber Clone
Laundry App Like Cleanly?

Developing Uber laundry app clone like cleanly, needs to consider mobile technology that meets consumers’ requirements effectively. With this, you might have already got an idea that the laundry service app design cost depends on mobile technology and other factors like features and functionality, a platform used, resources hired, and so on. However, here are the rough estimates provided for an app like Uber for laundry.

  • Design – 150 – 200 hours
  • iOS app development – 750 or more
  • Android app development – 710 or more
  • Back-end development – 200 hours or more
  • Admin panel – 180 hours or more
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Why Hire Us for Your Uber for Laundry App?

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Frequently Answered Questions

The On demand app technology is the future for the businesses offering services with the digitization of all customer interactions. Also, it provides high security and scalability features for business promoting advanced laundry service app design suiting the customer demands efficiently.

Laundry app helps customers or users to book laundry services. Also, laundry app offers the below-listed services.

  • Brings customers closer to vendors
  • Makes easy for customers to avail services
  • Options to schedule services
  • Offers tracking features

We are a team of experts who specialize in developing full range mobile applications for your laundry business. Besides, here are the factors that make our laundry service app design unique from other service vendors.

  • Develop a cost-effective mobile application
  • Prefer agile, mobile app development to reduce development time
  • Have global experience on developing any size laundry app
  • Custom App for laundry services
  • Deliver uniform expertise on building an app

Yes! We are specialists in building cross-platform laundry apps that function in iOS, Android and Windows platforms according to our customer needs.

Apart from generating income through laundry service, owners can tie up with relevant companies to display their ads for money. Also, owners can earn money via the subscription model.

Not as mandatory! We offer effective app optimization features on our laundry app clone that optimize your reviews and ratings of your laundry business along with keyword optimization for publicizing your business on search engines, app store or play store.