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Best Fiverr Clone Script

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Fiverr is a highly popular freelancing website / global marketplace that provide its services to the users at a very low price (usually $5 or $10). The users can use the fiverr script to sell their services and the interested customers can order services. The services that we are talking about here are related to fully responsive design ranging from web content design to logo design and others.

The high popularity of this script has tempted many developers to develop the clone of this script. There are many people who are focusing on buying the cloned script for their business and are making huge profits right away. The fascinating thing is that the Fiverr Clone Script can empower you to be able to do everything that the initial web site is in a position to do.

Best Fiverr Clone Script

Why choose us for
Purchasing the fiverr clone ?

With the features and functionality similar to that of fiverr script, we provide our customers fiverr clone for buying or selling their jobs or services, as per their business needs. The clone we provide is considered amongst the best websites for micro jobs of web content designing. We can also customize our fiverr clone to meet the business requirements of our clients and also update the clone by adding additional customized features as and when your business changes. Owing to our best fiverr clone script, we have accumulated a large number of happy & successful customers.

Those entrepreneurs and freelancers who wish to create their own micro-jobs website; they can have a look at our fiverr clone scriptat we design suits almost every device such as mobile phones, laptops, iPads, etc. With its trouble free navigation facility, the users can easily surf the website a and the several advantages that it offers. Here we have mentioned a few salient features of our fiverr clone :

  • The admin panel of our clone is very easy to use.
  • It accepts feedback and the buyers can give their feedback in the form of star rating.
  • It allows the sharing of items on various social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • It enables one to add and edit categories, users, etc. The sellers can easily contact the users who have posted suggestions.
  • It provides optimum grade of security features.
  • This clone offers highly advanced search options and featured images for services
  • The script we offer is highly SEO friendly.
  • It has the facility for reporting abuses or spam and Flag facility as well.
  • It has a rich text CKeditor and can manage the commission rates.
  • It has active system for uploading pictures and facilitate attachment of files, messages, and orders .

In addition to all these, there are other numerous customized features available.
The fiverr php script that we design suits almost every device such as mobile phones, laptops, iPads, etc. With its trouble free navigation facility, the users can easily surf the website and look for the things that they need. The other important feature of this script include its integration with PayPal payment application and the fact that it supports multiple currencies. There are many others who are developing the clone for fiverr script, but the reliability and trust that we offer in our product, is unmatched. We know how to build a secure, reliable and scalable system, so when you buy the Fiverr clone from us; you are getting nothing but the best fiverr script.

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How to Make Big Money Using
The Fiverr Clone Script WordPress ?

All you need to do is to prepare a viral content with a style that is highly customer engaging. However, this does not just happen overnight. You will have to work on the design bit-by-bit every day for a few hours and then in a time of few days you will be able to create a big pile of money. To make more cash, you can drag traffic to your website by linking it with famed networks such as Amazon or with Google Adsense.

The fiverr clone script WordPress can change the way you sell small jobs and services. You can sell your micro jobs in just a few clicks. You as the vendor can build jobs and services by making gigs and will simply earn plenty of money. This custom wordpress development is the best solution for webmasters to launch their own web site within minutes. We can have the best fiverr clone template prepared for you and since the platform is extremely expandable and customizable, we are able to simply modify it to match your needs. Be it a new style for user interface tweaks or an entire custom style or a responsive web site style demand from you, we provide a varied number of options for alteration of design and addition of new modules and features. We have been doing it for a long time and are willing to hear your needs.