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Emerging technologies like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, augmented and Virtual Reality, AI-Chatbots, Cloud Support, etc., have the potential to transform technology and the future. In this blog, we have explored the top 7 emerging Android app development trends that will open up new ways for developers to create more advanced, cross-platform, and scalable apps.

Android mobile apps have brought facilities to fingertips and effortlessly connected people. Within a few years, Android apps have taken the world by storm and brought a significant change to our daily lives. The invention has contributed to simplifying things and helped businesses earn higher revenues. However, their capabilities don't end with present facilities. These apps are gearing up to adopt more technical advancements and accept emerging technologies. IT giants and Android app development companies have already implemented some of these trends.

With these technologies, it will be easy to predict and analyze user behavior and provide facilities accordingly. In this blog, we will discuss 7 development trends that Android apps will adopt in 2023. However, before we start dwelling on the upcoming technologies, let us know how Android applications adapt to change with time.

How Do Android Apps Adapt Change With Time?

Android apps have undergone significant modifications and improvements over the years. With advancements in technology, users can have high-end, scalable, visually appealing, and user-friendly apps. To match the pack with the technological landscape, Google regularly releases new versions of the Android operating system with improved features and security. These OS updates provide new tools and advanced functionalities for app programming.

Apart from these updates, there are other technological innovations like Beacon technology, AR/VR, AI/ML, chatbots, advanced API plugins, etc.

Developers integrate these technologies into applications to extend their functionalities. These technologies are responsible for app progression and upgradation.

Top 7 Rising Custom Android App Development Trends

1. Hike in Popularity of Android Instant Apps

Android instant apps are different from usual Android apps. Instant apps enable users to take a look at the app interface without downloading the app. Companies offering Android development services build these apps while breaking functionalities into modules. Businesses can identify the most sought features and keep them in front to encourage users to download the app.

Instant apps are easy to discover through various channels, social media platforms, links, QR codes, search engine result pages, etc. They will minimize the app marketing and user acquisition costs while gaining better reach and conversion. They are cross-platform compatible and perform well on all platforms and devices.

2. Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Programmers use AI and ML technologies to create image and voice recognition and improve mobile app performance. Both technologies also strengthen user authentication and app security. After the integration of machine learning and artificial intelligence functionalities, apps can understand, learn and translate different dialects.

AI also allows the app to read human emotions using auto-data interpretation and image processing. Moreover, machine learning and artificial intelligence take the support of logical reasoning to study and process large amounts of data. In 2023, almost all companies providing custom Android app development services may incorporate AI and ML technologies while programming the app.
3. Wearable App Integration
The trend of wearing smart devices with integrated apps and using them for calling, order placing, and other things is already going. You might have seen people wearing smart watches to calculate their calories and keep a tab on their health and diet.

This trend is here to stay and will pick up pace with time. Advancements in technology will make smart wearables more advanced. Android apps on these devices will be able to collect diverse data, track location, provide relevant information, and monitor physical and psychological health.
4. Cloud Support
Cloud Support is an exceptional feature for users who keep changing devices. Through clouds, users can save the access apps from multiple devices and save data in the cloud for future usage. They don't need to download the data and files if they have saved it in the cloud. Moreover, cloud platforms offer a high level of availability and reliability.

They employ redundant infrastructure, data backups, and disaster recovery mechanisms to ensure data accessibility. Along with it, Cloud Support eliminates the need for on-premises servers and infrastructures and reduces maintenance costs and power consumption. Cloud platforms also handle updates, security patches, and version upgrades, ensuring users have access to the latest functionalities.

5. AI Chatbots

According to the result of a recently conducted poll, 71% of young adults aged between 18 to 34 years are interested in buying products using AI-based chatbots. Their statements and choice prove that AI-based chatbots are here to stay. Companies providing Android development services are instructing their programmers to implement AI chatbots in Android apps.

These chatbots will provide instant responses and round-the-clock assistance and support to users. These chatbots reduce the dependency on human agents and enable users to engage with the Android app irrespective of time. Users can book orders, collect information and address their queries. AI-chat bots will resolve them and ensure an excellent user experience.

6. Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR)

Companies providing Android development services have already adopted AR/VR technologies to enhance user experience. Through Virtual Reality, customers can replicate or visualize actual-sized products in the virtual trial rooms. Whereas Augmented Reality will enable retailers to showcase more inventory than they have. Users can also get a virtual tour of any city. These technologies will also offer an innovative and engaging learning and gaming experience.
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7. On-Demand Apps

On-demand apps are enjoying rising popularity due to the advanced and customized services they provide to users. These apps assist users when they need any service or product at any time. They are quick, convenient, and efficient in offering services at times. Businesses are using on-demand apps to attract more users and increase conversion. They will continue to use these apps in the future as well. You can count them in the list of current and upcoming custom Android app development trends.

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Android mobile apps have become an inseparable part of our daily lives. We have grown accustomed to the convenience they bring to the table. Therefore, developing an Android app after knowing about these technologies and incorporating them according to the needs will enhance user experience. These Technological advancements can make the app more robust and help you gain better traction among users.


Ans. Yes, we offer Custom Android app development services. You can choose its features according to your requirements and incorporate emerging technologies into them. Our experts will design the app under your guidance. You can minimize or maximize its functionalities in the future.

Ans. AIS Technolabs offers custom Android app development services at a reasonable cost. We have flexible engagement models varying according to project size and deadline. You can hire developers from our team on an hourly, monthly, full-time, part-time, and fixed-budget basis. We also provide free budget estimation for dedicated projects.

Ans. Yes, we have AI programmers on the team to integrate AI functionalities into your application. Our development team precisely creates the app, processes data, and tests the app thoroughly to ensure seamless performance.

Ans. Emerging technologies will impact the app development process positively. They will offer exciting possibilities and enable developers to create smart applications that will stand the test of time and quality. Developers can leverage new ways to extend app functionalities and reduce development time while making the app more immersive and intuitive.
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