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By understanding the demand for the Uber taxi booking application, we have fostered a custom uber app clone script for building an application for the benefit of the drivers and travelers, mostly dealing with the rides and appointments. Apart from this, the DMR – Statistics indicates that this versatile taxi application has figured out how it has accomplished 111 million clients and has generated a $62 billion complete valuation. This colossal accomplishment of the Uber business has roused many youthful business people to begin an online taxi business.


Our devoted group of Uber developers knows what precisely it needs to create an uber app clone script. They have also connected the statues to understand the ways Uber has become successful. This is why they have reached the heights as the best taxi application developer, thereby helping the clients create an uber app script for their business. Another portion of the business people likewise searches for an on-demand taxi application development organization that can assist them with building an application like Uber inside their budget. Whether you run a little or enormous scope in creating a new taxi business, utilize our application development solutions to build your taxi application, thereby elevating your taxi business.

Features of Taxi on-demand App Like Uber Real-Time

The intricate features and functionalities have been a significant factor in assessing the cost of taxi booking applications. The on-demand idea has patched up the business capabilities. Organizations worldwide try to utilize their skills carefully, thereby offering a secure amount of assistance and good quality applications to the clients. Being a dependable and innovative organization, we at AIS Technolabs have empowered cutting-edge techniques, thereby building a taxi booking application that provides all sorts of services a potential taxi application should have.

Likewise, if you plan to make an application like Uber, ensure that you have all the suggested features incorporated in your application. Having the uber clone app for sale, we keep in mind that clients will cherish what we offer, thereby helping them turn their business into a robust and secure one to meet up with the industry standards. By and large, an Uber-like taxi application consists of a bunch of features explained below:

1) Social Login

This feature permits users to associate their social media accounts or contact number on the Uber Clone App, thereby allowing them to be speedy with the services. One single enrollment through Facebook, Google, or email is the most popular way for getting the account enlisted into the platform. After creating the profile, users can add their preferred picture to make it more vibrant and attractive. Additionally, they shouldn't neglect to add payment methods to make the online installments for each ride easy and secure. Along with this, through this feature, the users can also add the driver information, such as their contact number, vehicle number, et

2) Track Driver Location

How can a vehicle rental application operate without proper geolocation? That is why this feature is essential to keep the taxi rental business utilitarian. Utilizing this feature of tracking, the clients will be able to detect the location of the drivers. This feature in the Uber Clone app permits clients to follow the driver's current location through the incorporated GPS.

Additionally, GPS checking and Google guides are mainly used to determine the exact location. Without this essential feature, tracking wouldn't have been possible for both the driver and the traveler. Henceforth, through this feature, drivers can arrive quickly at the travelers' destinations.

3) Flexible Payments

The installments and the payments are the most sophisticated feature in an Uber Clone App. Along with this, clients will get ease by transacting online. At the point when a user builds the uber app clone, they should be utterly consistent in adding a reliable payment gateway in the platform. With this payment method integration, travelers can make the payment through an online process with proper safety and security. Additionally, a user should acquire numerous memberships and different coupon codes to get an extra benefit.

4) Reviews and Ratings

Evaluated feedback and appraisals from the clients provide this app a greater insight. Further, regular surveys provide proper ratings to the driver, vehicle, and, surprisingly, the driver's behavior. On the contrary, this feature maintains the users' data and confidential information.

Hence, while building a taxi on-demand app like Uber, include this essential feature to make your platform user-friendly.

5) Schedule Ride

Ensure your app contains this feature to let clients save their history and maintain a backup of their regular rides. Likewise, the same should be facilitated to the users' side and for the driver's side. This helps both parties to check the subtleties of the ride when needed. The driver can check their past payments through this feature. Further, the GPS framework associated with this feature will help the drivers to take the clients to their proper destinations without any hassle.

6) Promo Codes

This feature allows the clients and drivers to leave a rating and review after each ride. Along with this, this feature also provides proper bonuses and coupons to the drivers like vouchers, gift codes, and so on when they receive a high appraisal from any user of the application—similarly, the drivers with low ratings are pushed down.

Why use Our Readymade on-demand Taxi App Like Uber Clone?

With the help of our experts, you can get a less expensive uber app clone application. Our readymade on-demand taxi app, like Uber clone, is a pre-made application, which facilitates business enhancement anywhere and everywhere.

  • Our readymade application helps in your business improvement, thereby helping you to build trust amongst your clients in the market.
  • Similarly, our on-demand taxi uber app clone script will help you build robust software, thereby establishing relationships with the other competitors.
  • The ready-made on-demand taxi application designed by us can help you to offer your clients a ton of features that will force them to pick your application among the others.
  • Through this Uber App Script, you can get your profits enhanced, which will thus help in business up-gradation and development.
Hence, if you wish to build your readymade on-demand taxi app like an Uber clone, then approach us at AIS Technolabs. Our excellent, skilled, and proficient developers will help you with all your needs.


Finally, building an on-demand taxi application like an uber clone is an impressive and productive approach. Having an extremely beautiful UI will help to attract a more significant number of people. For building a taxi booking application like Uber, you should contact a taxi booking organization like us at AIS Technolabs. We assist you with getting your taxi booking application created using the features mentioned above, while incorporating all the functionalities. Above all, the essential requirement for building an application is efficient developers and valuable features, thereby understanding the clients' needs. However, this on-demand business is developing internationally, and more business visionaries are increasingly looking upon this on-demand Uber app Clone development process. Hence, do not sit back; grab this exclusive on-demand taxi application from us today!
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